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He Is Given A Choice To Stay Or Leave | Near Death Experience | NDE

Nov 2023 17

Millions of people have had Near Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    That is a hard decision, especially when you can stay or go back not too many people get that opportunity, well only the one's God wants to tell how and why they came back and that's to testify that Heaven and Hell exist., I don't think a soul has to be almost an angel to make it into Heavrn but keep God's commandments and be nice.Always and my daughters favorite quote stay humble.

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    So heaven is good with Sodomites? The Bible doesn’t support this perverted sin. Respectfully, you should choose your NDE better. Thank you God for opening my eyes and realized how misleading these videos are!
    Do not be fooled people, the devil is a big DECEIVER!

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    Having recently lost my beloved 🐶 it’s heartwarming to hear when pets are in NDEs.

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    This is not the word of GOD in the Bible.

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    Thank you for this NDE. I just can't understand how some people can cope / live with so many problems and diseases. Admirable. I sometimes find even smaller issues hard enough to exist with.

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    if I had a choice no way im coming back tbh

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    Loved this NDE. God always Heals.
    And He will always stand by you
    Lee, I Love the music that plays in the background. And the different scenes that are being shown are appsultly beautiful!.
    Please do not change it.
    Thank you

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    Are these stories written by ChatGPT?

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    مررت بتجربه روحيه مع المسيح رغم اني لست مسيحيه بل من خلفيه مسلمه ولكني احب الجميع وكلنا واحد نعم المسيح حقيقي ومليئ بالمحبه بارككم الله انصحكم بالتامل والبحث عن الروح للاستناره ♥️

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    Thanks for your wonderful story. God Bless. Billy

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    God loves you as he does all of us. I bet you look forward to being with one and
    only God almighty

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    I’m glad you mentioned his dog. My dog died last week and I am heart broken.
    I have covid right now and I’ve been very sick the last two days. I’m so tired and feeling very emotional about my beautiful precious dog. I can’t wait to see him again

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    Thank you for sharing your NDE it's an amazing story and how wonderful it is to hear your suffering gracefully just like Jesus did and asks us to do well you must have something special waiting for you when it is your time thank you again

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    Good grief! I am so very sorry you suffered so. Yet, you were given many gifts. Still I hate you suffer so. Bless you dear one.

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    No one answered -why do we have to suffer here ?

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    This very important scripture comes to mind. Revelation 12:9 " And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceived the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."
    We can't rely on people, even on those who love us for guidance when it comes to our soul. Jesus said what does it profit us if we gain the whole world and lose our soul. Our standard of truth is the Bible where God Himself is speaking. His Word will judge us in the last day. This world is filled with deception, enticing us to do things which God is opposed to. TV, friends, family cannot be relied on to steer us to the Heavenly Kingdom. Only Jesus is the way. We need to deny ourselves and make our choices according to the guidelines in the Bible.

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    Good evening family xoxo

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    I have a friend that her daughter just found out she had incurable cancer she? Just became a nurse not to long ago she's only 21 years old I Truly believe in miracles so my believe she will be cured at least that's what I pray for if she doesn't I know without doubt she will be with our heavenly father out of pain but I am asking if everyone could pray for her her name is Naomi I truly believe in miracles so let's keep praying please let everyone you know to pray PLEASE spread her name and pray God Bless you everyone And truly thank you

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    He felt no judgment for who we was. Thanks Leigh for your eclectic and inclusive mindset 😇

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    Love ur channel Leigh. I have been listening for almost a year. But, I would like to bring up the elephant 🐘 in the room. In the bible it speaks about men cannot lie down with men. If so, they would not inherent the kingdom of heaven. This is a bit confusing. I am not here to bash anyone's story but just looking for understanding. Am I missing something?

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    Hey Leigh, have you done a narration for a channel called Logical NDE? I just had one come across my you tube suggestions. I clicked on it, it is your voice but speaking faster than normal. Makes me think your voice was hacked.

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    no one after them here would want to be here this is HELL

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    Dang if the ad before this story stole your voice!! God this angers me! Blessings y’all

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    If God gave me the choice to stay or go, well I love you all but I'm gone.

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    For most of my life I have prayed that I would get a choice to leave and I knew 100% that I would take it. In listening to many NDE's I am starting to feel different about that choice. In today's NDE, at the time he was to make the choice, he was shown how peaceful and loving the other side was, right there, right now, waiting for him. He was also given the knowledge that he had much left to do. It was his choice. Normally, I would say, take heaven, no question. But, when experiencing that peace and knowing it is there when your life here is done, then I think maybe finishing the job here and learning the lessons we are supposed to learn (whatever they may be?) That, is God's plan! I am now thinking maybe it is best to finish the job here as best we, or I can, as I agreed to do, and graduate from this life to go on back to heaven, successfully completing what God set me/us out here to do. When we "KNOW" without doubt or hesitation, that the peace and love IS THERE waiting for us when we return, it should make this life much easier to get through. Keeping that thought front and center, re-focus our thinking, Focusing on God, will get us through and get us through with peace in our souls right now, right here, today. ❤😊

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    Hmm. Evil will say/do anything to get you to hell……that’s all I’ll say…..

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    Wow, what great courage and determination to live life to the fullest extent even while the body and mind experience so much pain and trauma on a daily basis. There is now the biggest growth of AIDs than the world has ever experienced previously, most of which have not been diagnosed yet (silent). This gentleman's testimony will give great HOPE and COURAGE to so many. I'm glad he stayed, and I salute his heroism and strength!

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    Glad to see your Injury better, Mr. Lee. Don't overdo it, take care!

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    This was a wonderful nde I enjoyed it very much it made me feel very calm and that there's so much love for us in the hereafter

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    Peace is the biggest blessing that God can ever give us. I am really glad you have found that. Amen.

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    Another beautiful experience!! While I'm not a gay person, I've never believed that people who were, would be doomed to hell. From what I've been told by several gay people, the didn't choose this, just as straight people don't choose who they're attracted to. I believe a person is born the way they are, for whatever reason.
    Thanks for another great video Leigh 😊❤️

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    Is that Patrick Smith?

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    This soulful, loving Gay man suffering with very severe , lifelong illnesses courageously chose life on earth amidst the visible love of his friends, parents, ex partner & dog. His NDE took him to the light of heaven- but his ‘team’ lovingly prevented his entry.
    I was annoyed that they moved so he was unable to see the heavenly light. His Dad on earth was the ‘speaker’& his Dad did not say if Jesus told them to block it all. He did affirm he had a choice to ENTER if ‘he was tired’. This noble guy express his freshness, whole body without illness & a pure desire too grow and be a part of expanding things humanity through the profound energies coursing through him. Just lovely🌈🌟🌎

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