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He Died, Went to Hell, Saw Hitler & What Comes Next Will Shock You – Part one Ep. 9

May 2024 08
He Died, Went to Hell, Saw Hitler & What Comes Next Will Shock You – Part one Ep. 9

Bryan Melvin, a self-described “militant atheist,” died from a contaminated drink that caused cholera. At first he heard a wonderful sound and a voice from someone who he instantly knew as God. But God told Bryan that he could not enter Heaven for reasons explained in this video. Instead, God sent Bryan to a place that the inhabitants initially described as “paradise.” But this wasn’t paradise, it was hell, and the deception of a homey veneer was soon exposed as a place so horrific that the mere mention of its surroundings could evoke terrible thoughts. Beings tried to devour Bryan as they clawed at him, but there was something Jesus had instructed Bryan to do in order to prevent his ultimate destruction. He viewed those who had been condemned to hell, people from the past – abusers, killers, even a preacher – and then he saw one of the most reviled persons in all of history, Adolf Hitler. What Bryan saw will shock you. But Bryan’s story ends with redemption, and hope. Watch this video and realize not only the horrors of hell, but the saving Grace of Jesus in offering tremendous hope to everyone who heeds the call of God’s Holy Spirit.
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    People are gullible and delusional.

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    I’m not bible trained but I do believe in Jesus Christ and I do believe that he has given us this great opportunity called life with light and warmth and I pray to him every night before I go to sleep amen 🙏

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    Sooo could Hitler have been redeemed and saved right before he died? You didn't answer that….

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    The overwhelming majority of NDE's that have been documented have either made no indication that there's a "Hell" or have flat out denied it, entirely. If we're to take one this NDE says as truth, than the others should be taken as truth, dismissing this.

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    If preachers are going to hell what more can be said about the common Christian.

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    I don't wanna go to that bad place I wanna go to heaven I'm not saying I suffered a lot as a child but I had a terrible brutal childhood and I used that as a reason but I could still suffer I know what suffering felt like when I was 5 and getting beat and kicked I hope that won't happen won't happen to me anymore I wanna go to heaven I want Jesus to save me I don't even know what church to go to or what bible to buy I'm gonna learn

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    How can Hitler already be in hell but the judgment day didnt come yet? Do you people try to learn or just follow like sheeps?

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    It seems strange a Brave Soldier who fought so hard for his people be there?.

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    Hitler also deceived the Jewish people, promising them that he was taking them to "paradise." Little did they know they were being sent to their deaths.

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    Most people that have near death experience, always experience nothing but abundance of love and caring and it’s just beautiful and there’s no such thing as hell. Everybody is forgiven no matter what so I don’t think there’s any hell I think hell is a thing that men use against people to control them.

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    Ok this guy is full of shit!! 💩

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    I think this one is real!

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    I wish there were time stamps! It's so long!

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    What a 'loving' God who created this hell for anyone who is not threatened into believing.

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    I am in freaking deep rabbit hole. Thanks UFOS…

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    Well I be God damned

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    It is appointed unto man once to die then comes to judgment. This man did not die and go to hell. This is not a new revelation in which if it did happen it would be and should be added as scripture. This is from his own vain imagination. There is a heaven and there is a hell and when you die you either go to heaven or you go to hell. So we need to rightly divide the word of Truth the scriptures. Because our Doctrine does not teach us that we can die and go to heaven and we'll go to hell and come back

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    Terribly sad that biblel bashes put the fear into its followers! God is within us and without us. S/he (no gender) does not judge. In your life review you judge yourself. I do not follow religion, for it controls people and prevents them from know who they really are! Christianity is an illusion made up by the council of Nicaea/Romans and the nefarious Jesuits! One encounters by their own mind creation and by the indoctrinations they have received throughout their lives. You put yourself in Hell because bible followers are indoctrinated to believe in Hell !!!

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    Father Lord God forgive me of my Tongue, my Ways and my Actions in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth your only begotten son Amen!

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    Constantine/roman catholic belief is no diffference, their ultimate goal is people control
    Save by Grace, faith in Jesus is from the Holy spirit,
    Satan demonizing the fallen race, he can not snatched genuine believer from The BEGGOTEN Son.

  23. #23

    And God hates amputees and young children with cancer and leukemia for some reason.

  24. #24

    God is a “he”?!

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    Thank you I also smelti satin an his hands trying to get hold of my daughter lying in bed asleep next to me all t upI could do as I was frozen in bed couldn’t move, alli could do in my mind was call out to my Father in Jesus name in Jesus blood,To me it seemed the tug of war in my mind, I was so exhausted in my mind trying to save my daughter. After this putrid battle in my bedroom door appeared and ,enormous,light, the whole bedroom was lit up,an enormous golden figure an Angel or Father Our Lord created a huge dome over my and daughters bed I could hear the dome sealing,I could move and grab my daughter feel in deep sleep. The sheets were totallly wet when I told my mother to check the bed in am. The battle and fear was horrific,till Jesus came. Thank you Father for rescuing us

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    If he "visited" hell, it means he's going right back there when he later dies for real. Have fun, Bryan boy.

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    He speak too fast. Some understand some can,t catch his saying

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    This man went to hell and saw Hitler 😂😂😂 yall in these comments believe anything this page is making money 😂😂😂

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    The butcher of Prague is in Hell. Good to know!

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