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He Died Twice For Forty Minutes | Near Death Experience | NDE

May 2024 18

Millions of people have had Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Artist here 👨‍🎨

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    Beautiful NDE. You should write a book, as others have said. Thank. For sharing. God bless you.

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    Praying for you. Beautiful!!
    Thank you.

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    I give you some good advice except Jesus Christ as you'll learn savior repent of your sin read The Bible and find a true church that preaches the true word of God that is my advice don't look to psychics or else you'll end up maybe in h***

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    I listen to you every night. I think I've listened almost all of these NDEs. I love your voice. I've been listening for many months. Thank you for doing this Lee. You are very much appreciated.

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    I'm a nurse and I can tell you when someone is flat-lined, they are dead…dead…dead. He was dead during his experience. So, I believe he is telling the truth.

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    You've a good choice for narrating.

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    God bless your soul my lovely xxx

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    I would have loved to draw for him but I don't know how to…😁
    I think he needs JESUS(the only truth, the only way, and the only life)He is the one that understands every situation and that can help unconditionally .Note that going to JESUS IS not equal to going to religion …
    Stay blessed!

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    Jesus I trust in you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

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    I’ve now have listened and watched over 500 near death videos from over 12 different channels, one of those is from Europe and has to be translator. I’ve listened to Dr Bruce Greyson, Dr Eben Alexander and many many others. This is a typical NDE. I can say without a doubt that the afterlife is not what we have been taught. The colors and sounds never before experienced, the floating, communicate through telepathy, the 360’ vision. Seeing God, Jesus, spiritual guides, passed relatives and pets. Most being told it’s not your time, others having a choice. We come here to learn and evolve, sometimes through hard and difficult times and experiences that we couldn’t have on the other side, we had to come here and without our memories so not to interfere with our learning. Then we go back with lessons learned, and maybe even come back. It is the most difficult place to exist in the universe. There is much more but I’ll cut this off here. I’ll continue to listen. As a personally type as a INFJ, these stories fed my soul. Thanks Lee.-Tim M.

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    Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus ❤️
    Too be absent from the body is to be present with the lord

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    Amazing story thank you 🙏

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    I hope you find your artist I am an artist but I don’t feel qualified prayers that you will find someone. Not once did I think you were preaching I certainly know what it’s like to be preached at and thank you for sharingYour story.

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    I only pray that you do not seek mediums or psychics. You went to heaven. Pray for protection against the liar and his demons before meditating with God. Be still and you will hear His voice. His is the only truth and the only Word you need.

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    ❤thanks for sharing ❤

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    ..I became exhausted reading through all the comments to see if anyone had volunteered for his request to have the NDE he experienced painted/sketched – in any case, visually portrayed. Could someone please inform me of this – as I am more than happy to volunteer. Cheers everyone!

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    Lee, I really appreciate your unbiased narration. I love to hear stories of the soul's continuance beyond human body. Thank you!

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    I received the Holy Spirit many years ago. Believe me, He is real! Since that experience, my relationship with him was a slow and progressive process. Boy, has life been interesting since this happened!I get skeptical comments from those who try to explain the experience away. But I couldn't care less if I'm believed or not. I know it happened. Whether or not I'm believed doesn't take away that experience. We love you, brother!

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    Dannian Brinkley wrote a book saved by The light. You should read that one if you have not. He had ESP or whatever you want to call it knowledge of stuff after his and it kept on getting stronger and stronger just like yours. I hope you maybe look him up he's in an organization that helps people that have had ndes. I know it's not easy that's why he started it I think I might be wrong of who started it but I know that it's there for you guys

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    I hope you can read a book by Betty Edie!! It's called embraced by the light what a wonderful nde she had! She didn't remember everything right away either. I think it's supposed to be like that human brains can only handle so much at a time. But her story is so good I hope you write a book because I will read it. In this negative world we live in with the politics and everything else we all need that and you had your experiences so that you could come back and tell about it that's why everybody has them I believe.

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    My mother had a near-death experience. And I've always believed in them from the core of my being ever since I was born I think. You had a wonderful NDE!

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    Thank you for your channel Leigh, it has helped me in very dark times. When I feel myself go into a dark place due to health issues, I tell my husband and kids I need "to go listen to Leigh." It truly comforts me and brings me such an incredible amount of peace.

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    I'm interested in the art challenge.

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    Leigh, do you have any updates on the man who narrates “Beyond Death?” He has not been heard from in three (3) months after a very serious operation! Is he okay? ❤️🙏💕🌈 Thank you, and appreciate you! ❤️🙏💕🌈

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    Peaceful, PEACE

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    Thank you for doing these.

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    Yeah you know they're real when you want it painted and arent going to justify to anyone

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    Oh and its not chemical. I had Dreams aAFTER coming home & GOD was in them ALL!

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    Ok, my near death experience was different. With a 111 fever & Encephalitis (Brain Infection) In the ICU for days I walked around what I now know was the Garden of Eden w/GODs hand on my left shoulder. I saw the mansion, sat with GOD in it and Heard his voice though he never Spoke!

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    Speak you're truth !

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    Wonderful and beautiful! And thank you for the videos of the pretty birds! 🙂

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    Meeting friends, grandfather, saints are confessed before His Father and the angels (Matthew 10:32).

    " 'Are you sure it was Abraham that you saw?' "

    'Oh, indeed! I know him well.'

    'Then,' I replied, 'I shall be quite glad to see him, for as you know, his name was a household word among us on earth. Will you please tell me which he is, for there are so many saints in shining garments coming and going. I greatly admired his faith that never staggered, and his obedience to go where his eye could not see. How precious to us were the words concerning him. "Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness" (Gal.3:6).

    " 'I do not see him as present,' said grandfather, 'but he was among that group yonder that is coming along the bank of the river. . . for I see he (Abraham) has gone to welcome a company of new arrivals, who have just crossed the river (of death to life). I see by his movements he intends to conduct this company to the City, where they will be introduced to the Lord Himself.' "

    " 'But grandfather, if we go on to the City presently will I see you again?' "

    " 'Oh, yes.' said he, 'I shall be there quite often and we shall have much opportunity of talking on all past events, as well as what is before you. I have many things I wish to say to you. After you have been recognised by our Lord Jesus and confessed before His Father and the angels (Luke 12:8) you will then have abundant liberty to go as you will. I have just come from the throne itself and have left many that you will recognise when you are there. Your dear mother, who has been gone from you for more than fifty years is aware that you have entered the portals of the heavenly Kingdom. She would have come with me at this time for she is very anxious to see you; but she was detained on some very important matters for her Lord. No doubt she will meet you ere you arrive at the City gate; but just now I must hasten on for there is an old friend with whom I was a playmate in earth, who has just arrived. We were bound together like David and Jonathan. When I left the earthly shores, he took it very hard, and now for many years he has been very lonely. He has just been carried by the angels into our glory, and I am going now to give him my welcome and bring him to this great company.' "

    "I watched my old grandfather as we used to call him in the earth. He walked off so gracefully or rather bouncing like a young man. He used to be old and decrepit; but now his youth is renewed like the eagles, and every expression of his face was joy."

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    Anyone that doesn’t understand has a lot to learn. And usually they’re running away from truth and if they would just remember that they are so having a physical experience I’d be better off and so would be. Blessings to you and your family Namaste

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    Lee I believe that this person is Genuine. Thank You for your continued readings.

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    Thank you for the birds too

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    Hey Leigh, Thanks for showing birds in this one. Many people on your channel report seeing all kinds of birds when they are passing through a meadow or peaceful place in their NDE. Keep up the good work. I feel encouraged by your channel. It's the only one I listen to everyday.

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    Such a beautiful story I would love to hear more stories. Truly truly amazing

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    Thanks so much❤

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    And God breathe his Spirit into us. God I'd eternal, why wouldn't HIS Spirit be? "Consciousness", I believe, is actually God's Spirit.

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    I am impressed that he had two experiences and details which make you wonder

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    No doubt this experience was real. Thank you for the detailed description. The entire story was a pleasure to hear.

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    This has happened to me so many times I live in the spirit world now.I now have stigmta.Can enter my angel self touch some people through the astral plan and distance does not matter.I have seen heaven and some times can show others

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    Look for more answers in the Bible. Start in the first book of the New Testament. The Book of Matthew. Read and re-read.

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    Thank you for sharing your NDE experiences and your absolutely right about others being negative and what happened to you,you have no reason to lie why would you do that to make you look crazy cuz that's what people tend to think when people like you have these amazing experiences I appreciate you coming forward and sharing what you could remember I will be waiting to hear from you again somewhere on YouTube with more of your memory when you find them / figure them out people like you have changed the way I see things that's for sure and most of all it validates my own experiences once again thank you for sharing I wish you peace of mind and a healthier 2023

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    I thought he was great but just the time he was dead should prove God was with him.

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    Thanks again for another great narration!! I really like the guy's attitude about people questioning him or trying to convince him of some "logical explanation" lol since I don't believe anyone NEEDS to prove anything.
    If someone is sharing their experience, it's that simple- sharing it. It reminds me of yesterday's video from James. When he pretty much said the same thing!!
    Thanks again Leigh!!
    BTW either I'm going crazy or have you been doing some voice commercials on YouTube? I swear I've heard a couple of them on a few other channels I subscribe to, over the past week!!

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    Leigh I enjoy all your narration of the stories, I also enjoy all the infomercials that you do! Thank you so much, you have a great speaking voice ❤️

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