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Forensic Detective Dies ; Came Back With Proof & Message Of Afterlife That Would Shock You NDE

May 2024 02
Forensic Detective Dies ; Came Back With Proof & Message Of Afterlife That Would Shock You NDE

Forensic Detective Dies ; Came Back With Proof & Message Of Afterlife That Would Shock You

Randy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Master of Forensics Science Degree. He spent 20 years in the United States Air Force as a Security Policeman and as a Special Agent in the Office of Special Investigations. He retired in 1992. From the Air Force Randy started teaching at the collegiate level, entering as an adjunct instructor and working his way to Department Chair and finally as the college campus Director. He retired (again) in 2014 and moved to Florida in 2015.

In March 2020, Randy caught the COVID-19 virus and spent six weeks in the hospital. Three and a half weeks were spent in a medically induced coma, on a ventilator, on dialysis and finally on an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine. With Randy’s heart beginning to fail, he was given a 3% chance of surviving but ECMO and convalescent plasma ultimately saved his life.

While in the coma, Randy experienced three near-death experiences. He traveled twice through a dark tunnel. His first trip exited into a beautiful building resembling a great hall and his second into a magnificent city. Twice he was pulled off a vast white staircase by a man with a white goatee/beard. He was privileged with the ability to see several deceased relatives and was honored when an unknown deceased veteran chose him to deliver a message to his granddaughter. Randy was able to validate this experience by locating the granddaughter and passing her grandfather’s message to her.

Randy married his high school sweetheart in 1972. They have three marvelous daughters, three grandchildren,

Some People dismiss experiences () as dreams or the hallucinations of a dying brain, people generally do not have the same kinds of hallucinations. In contrast, the descriptions of near-death experiences are remarkably consistent across culture and time. Many people do think when they do had their Experience, they saw , out of body experience, angels, , met jesus, afterlife and e.t.c..

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    WOW, thank you for sharing your experience. You're absolutely right, covid saved your life.

    I believe in Heaven and hell, I believe we are here only for a short time even if we live a long earthy life, & I always have believed, but I myself am afraid of dying, not because I'm a mean person I'm just an average man that grew up in a Baptist Church worked my whole life to support my family but like a lot of others get frustrated at times & might let words slip out that normally don't.
    I'm just more afraid of dying because even on my best of days I know I'm not worthy to stand with Jesus, my best isn't good enough in my eyes to stand with Jesus.
    Again thank you for sharing your experience, it gives people like me hope.

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    Yeah im fucking sure they put Americans flags in heaven for him makes perfect sense

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    Randy. I just want to say that I believe you 100%, I believe physical death is not the end wholeheartedly.

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    Thank you…

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    Thanks to technology now we can share so much from people we don't know..so so much we were and r not aware of…really amazing

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    Lost the momentum when he saw American flags in his vision. He mostly like experienced a deep dream. He probably took the Covid vaccine and caught Covid. That experimental vaccine caused his physical problem to begin with. The vaccine is now known to cause blood clotting.

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    Sounds like DMT but proofs he was given….. strange as hell….

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    Thank you Randy for this unbelievable experience. God is wonderful.

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    I wish Biden could have this NDE.

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    Subconscious mind is a powerful thing what you believe you will receive

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    Thank you for sharing this with us ❤

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    All this talk about God,which God? every religion has it`s own God,religion is there to control the masses nohing else.

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    Wonderful story…thank you for sharing your experience.God bless Us All

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    The symptoms sound more like the result of the vaccine rather than C0VID to me. And I have a degree in what matters.

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    I’ve heard many NDE seeing loved ones who passed and always seeming to ignore the NDE person. It’s almost rude and leaves the NDE feeling some type of way about it. I always wondered why they would act like they didn’t know you 🤔 it’s bizarre…

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    Reading a lot of the comments I surmise I am the only one in the comment section that believes the NDE is not based in any reality at all. Having listened to so many of these garbage stories makes me believe that people are looking for hope in these stories. Because they all seem very subjective and everyone has completely different experiences you can surmise they are dreams. Dreams can seem very real and people want them to be real so it causes them to believe in them strongly.

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    I've listened to many NDE testimonies. I don't believe even 1 of them. The main reason I don't believe them is they are all pretty much all different. They are not consistent at all and you would expect them to be consistent. There are even atheist's that have these experiences and they will talk about some spirit they meet and all this baloney about light. I believe these are pretty much people having dreams. Some even have NDEs about Hell and those ones are drastically different which makes no sense. They usually reflect what people today believe about Hell where there are demons torturing people. All of this is so wrong. In fact no one goes to Hell when they die. Hell is the lake of fire mentioned in Revelation and this happens after the end of this age is over and not before. Hell is not a torture chamber

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    Have had covid 3 times. Prednisone prescription really made it much more bearable. Works fantastic.

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    5:58 the grass is always greener on the other side 🙂

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    There is no other name given among men under heaven whereby we MUST be saved. That name is Jesus. I absolutely reject the term this man used, “whatever FORM he, God, may take for you” that’s God. 100% No! If these testimonies do not use the NAME OF JESUS, it is counterfeit. A little leaven, leaven’s the WHOLE lump. Jesus is the ONLY way, truth, and life. Even with many of these NDE that do not elevate Jesus, they certainly prove there is life after death.

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