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Elizabeth Taylor's Near-Death Experience | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Oct 2022 11
Elizabeth Taylor's Near-Death Experience | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

In 1992, Hollywood icon told about a near-death experience she had had 30 years before. For more on , visit

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’s Near-Death Experience | The | Winfrey Network


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  1. #1

    I wish I could be as extra as Elizabeth Taylor. She’s amazing.

  2. #2

    She was so beautiful….and classy

  3. #3

    I’ve been going through a crisis of what is the meaning of life. These always help. Maybe our lives mean something 😊

  4. #4

    Man these are wild. It’s impossible all these people made this up. And if it’s not real I don’t understand why your brain would lie to you like this

  5. #5

    All NDE are not from the Lord. Beware

  6. #6
  7. #7

    NDE is not death! It is only near death! So, all this woman is saying here, is a big fat lie from the devil himself. This is in no way biblical. Nobody comes back from death. Once dead, always dead! The decision to believe in Jesus Christ, go in Heaven, is made in this life only. Not after you die! This is a lie from the father of lie, Satan.

  8. #8

    I like when Oprah says how do you know it wasn't just a dream? And she says, "I don't!" Fabulous.

  9. #9

    She's so beautiful

  10. #10

    People not everyone is going to Heaven and their is a Hell. You must ask God into your heart and follow the 10 commandments. The devil will deceive you! Like this women is doing!

  11. #11

    She was so beautiful and talented!! I was born in 1970 I had not seen a !ot of her movies but recently I came across Cleopatra and watched it!! WOW!! Absolutely amazing, she was spectacular in that movie. No one else could have done that the way she did. I am so glad I was alive and saw such a legend like her alive, even if it was just for awhile. I cant stand how Richard Burton treated her! She did not deserve that.
    He never deserved her. She was truly a kind, elegant, beautiful lady who deserved the best.

  12. #12

    I believe that those who have have spent millions of hours of work time hoaxing near death experiences have also deliberately and falsely back dated them into history. Histroy, archaeology and the history of organised religions and many other subjects have all been falsified in order to create a false reality for us. Now is our time to expose these false realities and to expose the truth so that we can all think and logically and rationally from now on. Demonic possession and the extra-terresterial presence and religious apparations are all hoaxes. Please accept that. The intelligence services and others have nothing whatsoever to do all day other than think up hoaxes and put them into operation in order to confuse their fellow men and women for the simple reason that those who believe in the supernatural are easily frightened and by that means they are easily controllable. Anyone who believes in those and many other hoaxes are holding us all back from being a world of men and women who think logically and rationally. I am not saying that there isn't an afterlife. I am simply stating that I am in the 'dont know' category and every one else in the world should be in the 'dont know' category because nobody knows. No one can know if there is an afterlife or not. Most people in my country now have neural lace in their brains and this neural lace is connected by a neural link to a centralized computer system so that data such as visions, voices, sensations, forced muscle movement and immobilizations of muscles can be downloaded into their brains and this is sometimes used to lock them in a virtual reality hold where all of their five senses comes under external remote control simultaneously and places them in a virtual heaven or else a virtual hell. While that is occurring their brains are simultaneously entrained into a state of either extreme joy or extreme fear. When I was a child back in the nineteen sixties no one had ever heard of near death experiences. They are a very recent invention. Near death experiences are simply virtual reality experiences being wirelessly transmitted to the human brain from a computerized central location.

  13. #13

    National Velvet. Ohhhh… Elizabeth. I became pregnant and decided if I had a boy, his name would be Taylor and if a girl, Elizabeth. I have a Taylor.

  14. #14

    I just ugly cried hearing Liz say she saw Mike Todd & that she wanted to stay with him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  15. #15

    The era of big hair

  16. #16

    e.t. must be the woman discussed by rabbis asking: a woman had 8 husbands: when in uranos which one will be her husband!!!

  17. #17

    Her eyes are grey. Only time I've ever seen them purple is when people used a certain filter.

  18. #18

    Watching the news in 1979 . they said sadly she DIED put down she it dead. she dies again in 2011.

  19. #19

    It's more real than this life.

  20. #20

    I believe her.

  21. #21

    Not many have experienced this phenomenon. My uncle had a heart transplant years ago. He was clinically dead when they removed his heart. Yet he recalls nothing of the surgery or remembers seeing nothing during that experience.

  22. #22

    Her parents were born in the town I live in. Born and raised here. I think her grandparents lived here for a long time.

  23. #23

    I wish I cld have seen Elizabeth Taylor, just once, she was the most beautiful woman ever to be in the movies.

  24. #24

    Taylor was just the ultimate beauty rest in piece Liz 💕

  25. #25

    S0 how in the world did she read her own obituary when they never pronounced her dead or made funeral arrangements …. 🙄🙄 she probably never left her bed

  26. #26


  27. #27

    Those first two minutes made me cry.

  28. #28

    If anyone has had a near death experience and is interested in telling their story, I am planning to start NDE interviews on my channel- respond to this message and I'll send you my contact info and we can set up a little chat!-Take care everyone!

  29. #29

    These awful women….. There is no light without JESUS CHRIST! NDE's that don't line up with the Bible are demonic deceptions! Please accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior before it's too late!!! Read the Bible, listen to real theologians like Dr. John Ankerberg and his guests

  30. #30

    I remember the newspaper saying she had died…

  31. #31

    Thank you for sharing..I know there are a lot of people hurting too…Please know however, the continuation of Life is REAL indeed. We have Hope on this earth, for the Light and Love of Jesus who does await us after crossing over…nothing to fear.

  32. #32

    Elisabeth died, a few yrs ago, so she is with Todd now & happy in Heaven or on the over side, what people that are not too religious call it.

  33. #33

    Oprah looks dirty when side by side with Liz.

  34. #34

    My mom had the same experience as her

  35. #35

    Great testimony! Thank you.

  36. #36

    Love this beautiful lady .. such an icon x💖💖🥰🥰

  37. #37

    I never heard this until now. Much more respect for her!

  38. #38
  39. #39

    Elizabeth Taylor 4Ever💜💫

  40. #40

    She is my beauty icon 😍😍😍😍😍

  41. #41

    Wow Liz Taylor looks amazing for her age. She was beautiful when she was very young. Her eyes were mesmoring.

  42. #42

    I hope she’s with Mike Todd now. He’s the one she always truly loved.

  43. #43

    Even through she passed away, she was one of the most successful and powerful women ahead of her time. 🙂

  44. #44

    There is heaven. My mum had a near death experience and said almost the same thing.

  45. #45

    …..I need her jacket.

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