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Exploring The Avengers-Themed Tomorrowland in Hong Kong Disneyland!

May 2024 30
Exploring The Avengers-Themed Tomorrowland in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Today is our last day at and we are exploring Tomorrowland! Have you ever wondered what if rethemed Tomorrowland instead of A Bugs Land as ? This weird alternate multiverse exists at !

Their Buzz Lightyear ride has been reimagined as an : Nano Battle! attraction and their Star Tours has been rethemed as an Iron Man Experience ride. There’s even an interactive meet and greet with Iron Man himself and the story for all three attractions connects just like the movies do.

And we’ll end the night back at the Hollywood Hotel at The Archivisit, an amazing Marvel-themed bar which is decorated with prop replicas from the films and has themed drinks and desserts honoring our favorite Avengers. Come with us on this adventure.

00:00 Back at Disneyland
01:46 Breakfast on Main Street – Duffy Ring, Mickey Ring & Taro Milk Tea
04:37 Tomorrowland
05:11 Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle!
13:02 Iron Man Tech Showcase meet and greet
14:39 Stark Expo Merchandise Store
15:35 Black Widow meet and greet
16:21 Starliner Diner – Hulk Double Beef Burger, Fried Chicken Basket & The Wasp’s Secret drink
19:55 Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain
20:59 The Iron Man Experience ride
32:52 Lina Belle Ice Cream Bar
34:30 Orbitron
35:40 Bar at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

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  1. #1

    So weird and nostalgic hearing the old Main Street USA loop playing

  2. #2
  3. #3

    Have to say loved how the Spider man ride in Hollywood is interactive. Oh, do people come up and try to bother you while filming?

  4. #4

    That looks like a fun park that is on my list of places to visit.

  5. #5

    How weird that Arnim Zola was the villain in both of the Marvel rides

  6. #6

    Is it just me or are the prices kinda insane??

  7. #7

    Kitra!!! All your Thor comments 🤣🤣

  8. #8

    I recently discovered your channel watching the Galactic Starcruiser videos and have since watched many more. Really enjoying seeing the overseas parks compared to what we get here in USA. That Lost World dinosaur ride was amazing!
    You two are so genuine and a pleasure to watch. Keep up the great videos!
    On a side note, $17 American for an ice cream bar is a tad pricey. It’d better be some darn good quality ice cream; I’m talking Cold Stone Creamery thickness and flavor.

  9. #9

    are the rides in english??,

  10. #10

    25:06 nice that they added the world of frozen to the animation (look carefully since you fly by it quickly)

  11. #11

    im pretty sure star tours never existed at this park because i know the iron man experience ride opened in 2017

  12. #12

    Omg all the innuendos!… do it again 😂

  13. #13

    Sausage roll!!! A British institution, I’d guess that’s an influence hang over from the days when Hong Kong was under British control ( only ended in 1999)

  14. #14

    besides the Goose the cat and the Loki Aligator do you guys know if they sell the Throg Shoulder magnetic plush? I'm going later in the month and I really want the Throg I saw it being sold online and I'm wondering if I should buy it ahead so I get to go around with him

  15. #15

    Oh. My. God. The Archivist is meant for me since… I was trained as an archivist lol. I need to go!!

  16. #16

    The Linabell ice cream bar should be $60HKD?

  17. #17

    Such cute ears, great choice. Did you ever do a showcase of your ears during COVID while filming at home? Those desserts looks so good! There is something about a themed restaurant that's so much fun. You are spot on how it looks like it should be somewhere on Disney property and would be packed.

  18. #18

    I’m surprised on how popular marvel is at Hong Kong…that green burger and the spicy lava cake were the most delicious things I’ve seen 🤤

  19. #19

    OMG the chip and dale eears are perfection!!!

  20. #20

    Fun video😊😊

  21. #21

    $17.89 for a LinaBell Ice Cream bar?!?! Is that a typo?!?!? 😮

  22. #22

    Kitra who is your favorite avenger and why? Peter same question!

  23. #23

    Love sausage rolls. We have them here in Australia

  24. #24

    Your new to my YouTube list I enjoyed your Hong Kong visit videos

  25. #25

    Was the Mjolnir edible?

  26. #26

    Steve Rogers definitely can and does drink.
    He doesn't drink alcohol often; it has no effect on him, since the experiment that made him the Super Soldier.

  27. #27

    We need an upgraded tomorrowland in CA 😢….over seas disney’s look epic!!! So happy we can travel and see through your lens!! ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

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