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Dr Llaila Afrika (We Are Different)

Jul 2024 02
Dr Llaila Afrika (We Are Different)


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    Thank, God for Dr. Afrika.

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    One  of  the BEST lectures that was not only  insightful, but also Spiritual.

    Melanin is DNA……and is predominantly Carbon = (which Carbon is 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, 6 protons).

    Melanin is also referred to as "Chaos".

    Foods that have colour, support Melanin, as well as its production.

    Melanin and the substance found in the stars, are ONE and the same ("Stardust"). it is the same 'carbonic' constitution found in the stars and cosmic systems. other people (Caucasians), do not have the neuro-melanin, that is solely associated with a Black person, allowing one to be in tuned with the cosmic realm.

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    thet. why black are kidnepped

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    I Love being BLACK ✊✊✊

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    Dr. afrikka…..I would like to know what are the ranges for lab work of someone who has more melantonin in there skin

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    Wealth of knowledge.

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    how can we get freedom?

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    chemical key to great blackness

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    very enlighten information.

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    interesting, nice info….

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    wow- learn something every daythank you

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    Love this video!

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