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Dr. Llaila Afrika – Exposes Truth on Soy, Salt & Sugars | Details of Bad & Good Foods (Clip)

Jan 2023 01

Openupyourmind101Dr Llaila O Afrika 2016 exposing the truth of unhealthy foods and Problems with eating too much commercial Soy products which is damaging to a persons health. The side affects from the over consumption of the same foods. The issues of white flour, rice, sugar and salt, isolating food substances or chemical from plant consequently creates a drug. The miseducation of black people and the health risks of fried greasy foods causing high blood pressure, strokes and heart problems, obesity. The importance of returning to naturally grown and earth foods. Shares information on which foods to eat. Understanding the original flavor of foods without using additives by eating foods in their natural state. The problems adding condiments to our food makes it difficult for our human body to identify and digest the particles of nutritional value.

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    Soy is plastic invented by George Washington Carver prime example is vegetable oils and birth control pills, pasteurized milk and cheese, protein powder, baby formula, baby foods, is in everything

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    Let's learn from both teaches, from Dr Afrika and Dr Sebi.
    We take from them the information from both teachers what works for us.

    Rest In Power to both Master Teachers.. 🙏🏾 ✊🏾

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    Let's learn from both teaches, from Dr Afrika and Dr Sebi.
    We take from them the information from both teachers what works for us.

    Rest In Power to both Master Teachers.. 🙏🏾 ✊🏾

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    AMAZING ! Llaila Africa is like my Oracle when it comes to this subject. I don't eat cauliflower, nor broccoli though. Not too sure if they are natural or hybrids.

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    But the chemicals found in our body are found in our body and 2nd, the sugar and chemicals are found in tbe fruits we eat though so i

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    Is he a Dr sebi grasshopper

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    I'm addicted to spinach. I blend with water and drink it throughout the day.

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    im getting overwhelmed with this. I just dnt kbw what eat anymore 😥

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    This guy books and material should be in all hbcu. He should stay booked all year round.

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    Lord have mercy but its so hard

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    So sea salt is table salt.??

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    All's we gotta do is……STOP Eating!

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    Use himalayan sea salt…

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    This message was not only good it was mind-blowing

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    Rice has arsenic so they say

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    Ditch the grains which only birds are adapted to eat because they dont have teeth and dont destroy this plant baby; same with legumes; a little bit of "green fruit" is OK but tough on GI (cellulose) and a bit taxing on pancreas (insulin). Fruit is our homosapien food. Fruit sugar requires no insulin, gets taken straight to cells to make ATP with Oxygen which is the fuel for cells. Fruit contains everything we need, including amino-acids, fatty acids, omegas, vitamins and minerals. Forget the protein myth, we make our proteine! From amino-acids. If you need a scientist to tell you your body requirements, something's off. Just go to what would attract you in the wild: green stuff? Mmh i think not for the most part; animals? Would rather cuddle them or fear them bigger ones; grains, legumes, nuts? Mmh hard to get at and undigestable ( for good reason) Cooked food is addicting, raw is not! Try it! No discomfort either and clean easy poop 🙂 If you need to cook it, its not intended for you and you are not adapted to it!
    Think simple and with your senses and your heart.
    Peace and infinite Love <3

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    Guys do your own research guys just to make sure the info that you receive has merit.

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    Japanese have been eating tofu for over 1500 years a soy patty

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    What classifies these foods as fruits when we've been taught they are vegetables?

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    Dr Afrika seems to okay the consumption of broccoli. Broccoli is man-made, it doesn't come from nature.

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    I listen to him and Dr.Sebi.Along with other Holistic Healers.

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    i miss Sebi😣

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    Instead of reading and using your better judgment people just find the one thing they think is wrong and beat it dead

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    what the heck cauliflower is white it has no substance, word from dr sebi!

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    Preach brother

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    "it's nothing wrong with the soy" WTF it's more than 95% gmo and soy has estrogen mimicking compounds and ITS GENETICALLY MODIFIED. How does the DR not mention this

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    Loving this video

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    So you mean to tell me I can't eat my peanut butter cookies that has soy listed as the last ingredient ?…

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    love Dr. Afrika-   he is the only dr. I  listen to- and I am a vegan- as of three months and loving it- I make cheese, pancakes, hot wings, cake, everything from vegetables and fruit!  looking good and feeling good-!

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    My people don't know how to listen.

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