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May 2023 12

What alligator pepper forbids and spiritual benefits of alligator pepper #spiritualbenefitsofalligatorpepper #alligatorpepper


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    Gud night my beautiful sister pls can u also make, a video on how to use it to cleanse ur self from spirit spouse with alligator pepper pls. Thanks

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    Hello sis pls can u make a video on how to use it to protect your home? Thanks.

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    Is there any specific time to use aligator papper maybe morning, afternoon, or night. Or anytime

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    How can I use alligator pepper to open my ways and also to talk to someone by writing and the person will obey.

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    You said after using it to pray for yourself u can swallow it.other teachers on this topic always advise that we throw away. Am confused on this part.

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    How do I dispose of the pod after removing tje seeds?

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    You’re amazing thank you so much

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    Can a woman use alligator pepper for prayers during menstruation?

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    Thank you for this great teaching. Can I still give the alligator pepper to my baby who is almost 3 years old?

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    Thank you very much… 👏

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    Can you use it to pray unbehave of someone

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    Good evening,I hope you are fine? Thanks for your letting me know the spiritual uses of alligator pepper.
    Please can I use alligator pepper to prepare pomade for protection and can alligator pepper protect me from ancestral powers and idols attacks?

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    Good morning,can I use alligator pepper to make different prayers in a day?i mean so many type of different type of prayers for one day?

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    Hi how are you doing, how many alligator pepper can I use for blessing someone else

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    Good to no this 🙏 Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing

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    I love your intro🤩 Thanks doctor

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    Wonderful explanation thanks for sharing

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    Hmm! What a wonderful teaching
    I never knew Aligator pepper is this powerful.

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    Very nice. More of spiritual teachings

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    Nice teaching dear

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