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Camera Reveals What They Found

May 2024 09
Camera Reveals What They Found

Welcome to the eerie world of Dread Captures, a channel, where the woods hold secrets and the unknown lurks in the shadows. Our cameras, strategically placed in the most secluded corners of the wilderness, have captured on cam the most chilling scares and strange things on you’ve ever seen.
Immerse yourself in a collection of that unveil the and the unexplainable. From scary encounters in the dead of night to the most cryptic creatures caught on camera, our footage is not for the faint of heart.
Delve into the depths of the unknown with our “Captured on Trail Cam” series, showcasing a range of from around the internet, including those caught on security cam, caught on ring cam, and, of course, our specialized trail cameras.

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In this video we explore some very creepy and strange captures on trail cams.

Dread Captures is dedicated to bringing you strange and weird encounters caught on . We post new every week so make sure to subscribe!

Weird and strange things happen all the time, but sometimes they’re captured on camera for the world to see. That’s what Dread Captures is all about. Videos of strange and weird encounters that have been caught on .

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  1. #1

    The black car (Cooper) does not appear to have a driver before the car stops in front of the silver car.

  2. #2

    That video from russia-how do you know its the real deal? And what all is happening in that part of the world?
    That unmanned vehical-some ghost got bored,went on a joyride.
    Nothing mysterious about the black car-it was lower in height so it was hidden by the other car.
    The coyote and the dumpster got me upset so I had to stop watching.Please no animal abuse/distress segments.

  3. #3

    42:06. This is definitely a spirit that has an issue with Roger. Oh dear Roger, you owe a Dead person an apology.

  4. #4

    What's going on with the referees eyes? Hello my name is Shauntel and I watch you practically every evening before bed usually and I just want to say thank you for what you do I love your videos I love what you show the world freaks me out a lot but it is what it is right!? I have some photos of a ghost of several ghosts that show up showed up in my house a couple of times a few times and I'll be sending those in as well as some interesting eclipse videos and ironically the day before yesterday the sun looks strange so I started recording it and I got some cool stuff on that too I'll be sending them as soon as I can thank you and God bless everyone! The time is now be the best you can be and hope that we can turn this world around one person at a time thank you and again God bless everyone!

  5. #5

    Most videos here are over exagerated or faked.

  6. #6

    The man who fell , the sq stone raised up an that med size rock sprang forward I can see it move

  7. #7

    When we consider all the nukes we've played with in the past 100 years, I'm not really surprised at all the mutations that can be seen, especially at Chernobyl

  8. #8

    Re puma and Dash. This is an excellent example of a reason NOT to have a doggie door! If Dash could have gotten out to chase THAT intruder, he'd have been doorDashgone.

  9. #9

    It's not a pet duck

  10. #10

    That weird creature is an art piece in an exhibit

  11. #11

    Add escape from a lab and not country

  12. #12

    Lincoln, your the man!

  13. #13

    They cut the film in a clever way for the black car to appear out of the blue!!

  14. #14

    Dogs have spirits just like humans! We have energy all around us!!!!!

  15. #15

    This is just to let you know, Calgary is in the Province of Alberta, not Ontario.

  16. #16

    lol, a sheep sneaking up on that girl… is kinda hilarious.

  17. #17

    I don't think it looks like an airplane at all – that lady's video could be faked, but I think her response is brilliant. She made a mockery of the people criticizing her, and I think that's just classy. I like that lady.

  18. #18

    It kinda bugs me when people scoff at the notion of something being "divine" – even if you have reason to not believe, you definitely DON'T know for sure and it seems like a very poor bet – to assume such a thing is impossible (usually, they take the lack of proof, as proof to the contrary – seldom the case, there's just as much or little "proof" of both sides – it's literally taking quite possibly one of the worst gambles you could ever take – if you were right, you gain absolutely nothing. If you're WRONG… well… I think that's the one bet I would want to lose least of all.

    When people talk about stuff like that, a lot of people take offense and say "I don't believe in your religion!" etc – lol, and they totally miss the point. The specific religion or faith is not the point. Whatever religion you might hate, they aren't the only ones who believe in a being greater than themselves. I'm not saying they're all created equally, I sincerely do not believe that to be the case, but…

    Of course you can believe what you want, but if you're taking the suggestion of divinity as some kind of affront, you're showing some seriously concerning insecurity and lack of judgment. I have had multiple people to do this to me – which I suppose is the entire reason I decide to make comments like these, most of the time. People have this knee-jerk reaction to the topic, and I find that incredibly sad – and I have to wonder… are they really just extremely full of themselves?

  19. #19

    That homeowner is a real OG. He's like "get away from my dog, trash" and he put the Coyote exactly where it belongs.

  20. #20

    Cats are actually incredible creatures. They're hyper intelligent too, though I find a lot of animals to be that way – when you live with one for 18+ years like I did, you start to notice them emulating you – the human – and learning from you, and then dealing with certain things differently over time. They're very adaptable, their reflexes are frankly amazing (lol, well, most of them… got some clumsy fur balls out there..) and they're also adorable, and if they take to you they're also just the best companions to have around the home.

    …unless they decide they do not want to be a great companion to you – sometimes they just like to do things in front of you, to get a reaction – like knock things over while making eye contact with you. I mean, it's hilarious, and that's part of why I love them – because they're little troublemakers and it's almost always 100% intentional, to basically tease the human. When they get older it only gets more intentional too, haha. I love 'em.

  21. #21

    My cat that was run over and died made an appearance the next day in our kitchen. It was seen by 3 family members.

  22. #22

    I think I already come and I'm this one's but I think the snake bit it. And that's why I got dropped.

  23. #23

    I see that Larry, Daryl and his other brother Daryl really went all out with their Dads Gillie suites and the running wax mask poured directly onto their faces for affect this past Halloween. Trouble is, they like it so much because of it’s individuality, that they have been reluctant to take them off until the next need for a costume party.
    What I enjoyed the most about this video is the way that Lincoln throws out common sense and adult entilect in favor of pure speculation and jumping into the paranormal as soon as someone uses a double exposure at a much lower resolution and at double speed then slowed down, and of course it is filmed in low light and the “ghost” wears white or light gray so that when it is filmed at twice the normal speed but played back at normal speed, it creates the appearance of translucence and a subject that leaves an ethereal streak like smoke in a general shape of the subject or the costume for the “take’.
    Still stuffing juvenile horror stories to make us respond to the stupid statements because it generates revenue. Here is a media that makes money from poor productions as well as good for the first time in our artistic history. Before the Internet, most negative criticality venues were shut down. Now we have a new form of brainwashing by the elite NWO supporters to go with their Marxist college educations that has stripped critical thinking and replaced it with criminal thinking because Marxism’s method of success is the internal rot and the inability to see the true problems of society and ignore the abject failure of socialism and recognizing that it is simply another form of tyrannical slavery.

  24. #24

    I tried to listen to you Lincoln but just can't do it. I think you need to try harder to be another Mrballen bc you're lousy at explaining trail cam shots. You have to be dreads brother-in-law to be still on his channel

  25. #25

    Those 3 humanoids look to me like they could be a clan of Bigfoots. The middle one looks like an elder. The one to the left could be a female Bigfoot. I can't really make out the one to the right. I have something to tell you about when I went hustling today. I'll talk to you when I talk to you.

  26. #26

    At 30 minutes the blurry image. He says the camera is 10 ft. Off the ground. So he say. If you ask me since it's so blurry. You shouldn't of even shown if. But that's just me.

  27. #27

    53:23 someone is blowing a death whistle, used a lot in ghost hunting.

  28. #28

    48:56 Stop back tracking, don't worry about what people think. Great shot of a UFO, leaving the Moons atmosphere.

  29. #29

    43:57 humans in Gilly suits. They are for hiding in the woods while hunting or hiding when at war.

  30. #30

    42:23 Someone tied a string from the step to the rock. When he lifts his left foot, he trips on the string. It was a coincidence that it went under his foot. Lol.

  31. #31

    Definitely a bunch of videos that I seen on other channels. I like Lincoln I just wish they would put in work and not just grab videos to fill up a 30 minute slot.

  32. #32

    I'm a 100%, ptsd service connected Army vet. 6 yrs ago I got my 1st ever dog. (I'm 59). He is a chihuahua/jrt mix. Chihuahua head🤷‍♂️👍. I wanted a chihuahua. Neighbors had 1 that took up with me in the days I didn't want anyone nor anything.

    I'm 101% sure I'd give my life for my service dog, Chase. HE has dug me out of the deep pit I was in, 6 years ago. I owe him my life.

    IF something, anything is after Chase, it OR I will cease to be.

    The man, dog & Coyote are probably just like me.

  33. #33

    Frig dog wad brilliant

  34. #34

    The gardener tripped on the string line that the stone was on as it was connected to that step. That's what moved the stone as you can see his boot catch on it. This isn't supernatural.

  35. #35

    its so funny to me when natives beliefs are poo pooed, yer they only lived for 100s of generations in the woods NOT cities even in a community the woods skirts it on all sides, these peoples know whats in their own woods/forests 100%

  36. #36

    i though you were leaving the obvious fakes for chills, not today

  37. #37

    Face behind the voice, these guys are now showing their faces I was shocked how much older they are on several channels

  38. #38

    Addicted man and demon-dog behind him that's a little different than a monkey on your back. Don't think I'm taking this lightly because I was fighting with something similar and was addicted for a very long time and always will be. But found the power not to use anymore.

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