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BACKONFIGG w/ B.O.B. Addresses the Industry, Talks Family, Religion, New Music, and More

Jun 2024 29
BACKONFIGG w/ B.O.B. Addresses the Industry, Talks Family, Religion, New Music, and More

w/ B.O.B. Addresses the Industry, Talks Family, Religion, New Music, and More

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BACKONFIGG EP:192 w/ B.o.B Timestamps

0:00 – Introduction to the podcast
3:00 – B.o.B on taking a break from music after years of success; recalls his first time in LA
7:41 – B.o.B on joining the music industry at 17 and being a major success
11:03 – Embracing the duality of success and rebellion
15:29 – B.o.B on the importance of being mentally and spiritually wealthy
24:02 – Reflecting on industry pressures and staying true
25:06 – B.o.B on if he hate his the ‘Airplanes’ song
28:08 – B.o.B on if his awakening moments affected his career
41:00 – Importance of reflecting what’s in your heart
43:27 – B.o.B on the importance of maintaining a relationship with his fans
46:30 – Understanding and dealing with anxiety
52:18 – B.o.B on being lowkey; not caring about the glory
56:24 – B.o.B on what he hates what people ask him during interviews; asking about his head tattoo
1:02:11 – B.o.B speaks on the Kendrick & Drake beef
1:06:11 – Exploring rap artists crossing into country music
1:07:46 – Kendrick Lamar challenging music industry norms
1:13:36 – B.o.B on growing up in a religious household; his pops being a preacher
1:22:21 – B.o.B on getting his first major label record placement at 15 years old
1:28:03 – B.o.B on if Eminem asked for his help in the studio
1:29:50 – B.o.B on taking photos with fan who touched him inappropriately
1:38:26 – Plugging upcoming album “SpaceTime” dropping August 16th
1:40:32 – B.o.B on ending the mixtape series; feels that it’s the right time to close that chapter
1:49:22 – Reflecting on the golden era of hip hop; the mixtape movement
1:51:20 – The journey of creating “Mi Psycho” and long-term success
1:53:00 – Manifesting dreams and getting signed by Eminem

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  1. #1

    B.o.b's non pop songs are lit. Hes top 10 from his generation imo (09-2020) check out his new black and elements series guys

  2. #2

    Great interview!! Shout out to BOF x B.O.B

  3. #3

    Left him hangin daaamn 🤣 58:18

  4. #4

    If those are the LV forces Im judging the fit different 🤝🏾

  5. #5

    🔥🔥🔥Interview! Shoutout B.O.B and Shirley. Trell and Keem duo is always a w💪🏿💯🍊🍊🍊🍊📍📍📍📍

  6. #6

    This random af i fw it

  7. #7

    Keen & rell are haters dawg ahaha

  8. #8

    No ghetto arguments this what we need

  9. #9

    That super chat saying to ask "Bobby Green" a question had me rollin'. WTF? Not sure if they were trolling because it looked serious as hell.

  10. #10

    B.O.B x BOF 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  11. #11

    When TRELL is around real superstars he elevates

  12. #12

    Bob look like bro from the oyster hut

  13. #13

    Damn havent seen bob in a minute where he been at 😂

  14. #14

    He not even smoking, this ngga just playing with the weed smoke lol 💨

  15. #15

    Keem definitely was needed for this. He keep things moving and had enough knowledge to make it entertaining without having to hear Trell just keep repeating his famous phrases

  16. #16

    This eps 🔥🔥 lik BOB fit BOB is wat Smac wants to b he has real plaques real been world wide famous

  17. #17

    we gotta get my boy smac name spelled right in the intro eventually lol

  18. #18
  19. #19

    Keem is his auntie twin. Trell to. Bitch made . Damn

  20. #20

    Wooooooo bof and bob

  21. #21

    Interviews Mr.16 can’t get

  22. #22

    Bring rich trapper on bof

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