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Atheist Woman Dies; Learns About Energy, Darkness And Our Authentic Self (NDE)

Oct 2023 04

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Barbara and her was a key subject in Ken Ring’s two books: Heading Toward Omega and
Lessons From the Light. She worked with Bruce Greyson for 6 years in the 1980s. In his book After he said, “Her Life Review is the Prototype for Life Reviews.” Enjoy Barbara’s account on her tour of the other side.




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    anyone else experience a completely black void with no one? all i felt was being shoved back by the top on my chest/shoulder area

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    Great story, also a plug for her books

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    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience ❤

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    Just be careful of which spirit is guiding you because there are dark spirits as well that will mislead you.

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    Such a nice person 😊

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    Ha ha ha she couldn’t help not promoting her books 👃 👏

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    I love but also hate these stories. I hate that there is no justice for the abused. It’s just like okay I get it. But how in the world does that make it right. Must be nice for the spirit world to look upon earth completely detached from all of the suffering we endure here

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    I'm a medium and when I was watching this, before you said anything about your "bubby" I knew there was a female passed loved one in your life who was significant in your life (I think I thought "grandmother") from the angel on the top of the Christmas tree. You're also of mostly all Jewish descent.

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    So even the word "abused" is censored now? really?

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    We are energy spirits we transform from one life to another we dont need christian bs!my 2nd spinal surgery ended in a coma for 3half days due to it being my hydrocephlaus day i didnt tell the drs so surgery wouldnt be cancelled! This was in 2013!ive struggled with memory for 10 years! I talked to god during my coma who told me concentrate on ur energy! My experience solidified my pagan beliefs! Confirmed my belief in god but not a belief in jesus! I saw my fur baby whod passed 4 mths earlier he still visits me! I woke up in icu the experience has made me a lot calmer!i usually dont share my experiences as most dont understand!

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    God’s love is beyond words.

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    I really appreciate how positive and life-affirming all these accounts of people's experiences are, which is why I'm going to try and watch every one of them on this channel.

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    It’s amazing that there’s people who still deny this stuff. How could she just make that up? To many stories to not be real

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    Did she say Bruce Grayson? My husband that just died his name was Bruce and our 10 year old son's name is Grayson. I have chills.

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    I like the NDEs told by atheists and scientists. No mixing in their previous beliefs with the experience, just the facts.

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    it makes me so sad that all of these NDE-ers are being bamboozled by the ARCHONS and think they are going to heaven when it is not the case. PLEASE PEOPLE – when you cross over, leave the earth and head towards the stars. in the center will be a way out of the matrix. head for that center and avoid the tunnel at all costs! that will take you to the real heaven.

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    It's surprising what you can remember, even if just snapshots. I had an image of being in my crib, looking out through the bars, pinned down on my stomach, under a rubberized blanket with snaps and a neck hole to immobilize me

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    "I wasn't being a mother to my children or a wife to my husband." When do you hear that today?

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    Thank you! ❤❤❤

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    Why was the word abused muted? Strange. I didn’t realize it was a dirty word or a racial slur of some sort. I always thought it meant to be subjected to harmful or improper treatment. Maybe it’s definition got changed like so many words and it’s associated with white supremacy now? Lol

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    at 11:30 in this video there seems to be some kind of movement up over her head as she speaks, like a light passing by, anyone else notice it?

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    I love the memory of being with your grandmother who guides you and guards you while you learn to make gefilte fish. The boiling pot where the fish go seems a lot like the dark energy vortex you met during your NDE. Grandmas make great spirit guides!

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    did you write a book on the moody blues barbara?

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    You are such a lovely woman and I enjoyed your story very much ❤

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    i find it ironic that those who come CLOSEST to death are those who believe in the afterlife the most. scientists will claim they know NDEs are a brain process, yet if any of those scientists had an NDE themselves, they would change their mind.

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    it is so amazing hearing people describe this "force" feeling bc my dad, who passed last year, visited me in a dream once and i was able to kiss his forehead and when i kissed it, i felt this super strong energy force wrap around me, its a feeling i will NEVER forget. It felt like i touched a little bit of heaven, i instantly began crying and telling him how much i miss him then the "dream" ended. What an incredible experience that was.

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    Where do you think you were when you were having this nde experience? I mean in another dimension that is around us but we cannot see? Or I have no clue on how to even guess this

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    The moment she understood why her mother did what she did is divine. Bless her. Bless them both.

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    Very interesting 💕 Stay blessed⭐️

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