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Lamar Odom opens up about his near-death experience and ‘overcoming tragedy’ l GMA

Mar 2023 27

The former NBA star also said he feels like he owes the family an apology.

Lamar opens up about his near-death and ‘overcoming tragedy’

Just a few years ago Lamar seemed to have it all with his booming NBA career and marriage to Khloe . But in 2015, ’s world came crashing down after a near-death at a Las Vegas brothel.

In his new memoir, “,” Odom is opening for the first time about the intimate details of his life and battle with .

“It’s not a story just about…the Kardashians, or drugs,” Odom said in an interview with ABC News’ . “It’s really a story of triumph, and overcoming obstacles.”

“And tragedy,” Odom added. “Overcoming tragedy.”

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    I get it, Lamar. I actually liked you and Khloe’s show, even though I’m not a reality TV fan, because I felt y’all were genuine.

    I’ve battled drugs, and I still drink a bit and smoke herb, which makes some people continue to sometimes judge me harshly. But if they knew how far I’ve come (crawling around the floor of my condo for hours looking for meth rocks, taking 20+ milligrams of Xanax a day and the rest of the insane ish that goes with hardcore addiction) they’d feel foolish for being so myopic. Or should, anyway. We’re all on our own journey, and the AA/NA route isn’t for me because I’m not willing to say I have no control over my own life. I feel like that’s putting the burden of my wrong choices on a higher power, and surely that power has better things to do than hold my hand while I figure my life out.

    Good luck to you and may you be blessed with everything that’s for your highest (no pun intended.. lol) good!

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    For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” Jesus Christ, John 3:16-17

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    RELIGION AND NEAR-DEATH… Psychologists who reviewed a range of Phenomena such as Out-of-Body Experiences, Visions of Tunnels of Light or Encounters with Dead Relatives, say they are Tricks of the Mind rather than a Glimpse of the Afterlife. Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Cambridge say that Most of the Experiences can be Explained by a Reaction in the Brain Prompted by a Traumatic and sometimes Harmless Event. The Researchers say that many common Near-Death Experiences are the brain’s Attempt to make Sense of Unusual Sensations and Perceptions Occurring During a Traumatic Event. Out-of-Body Experiences, for example, Happen when there is a Breakdown in the Brain’s Multi-Sensory Processes, and Visions of Tunnels and Bright Lights stem from a Breakdown in the Brain’s Visual System caused by Oxygen Deprivation. The new study also points to the Effects of Noradrenaline, a Hormone released by the Mid-Brain which, when Triggered, may Evoke Positive Emotions, Hallucinations and other Features of the Near-Death Experience. Our brains are flooded with a hallucinogenic, DMT, as we approach the moment of Death. DMT Is a psychedelic chemical our brains produced naturally. So just a small hit to the brain-produced DMT could make our final minutes on Earth a psychedelic adventure. Science uses DMT to produce the same kind of Near-Death Experiences as people have reported. The Scientific Evidence suggests that all Aspects of the Near-Death Experience have a “Biological Basis”. Science has proven Religion and its Teachings to be Wrong and Out Dated. From the Earth being the center of the universe, Earth being Flat, Exorcisms, Salem Witches, and the list Go's on and on. As time moves forward Science continues to Prove that Ancient Teachings are Misinterpreted, and Not True.

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    who cares if he smokes weed judgemental ass lil girl

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    The interviewer sounds very judgmental

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    Deceiving Title….NDE??

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    My man was straight up being interrogated when she was asking about his last time using drugs. Felt like someone's mom asking

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    @3:05 .. the worst interviewer ever🤦🏾‍♂️

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    I thought we were going to hear his story about his NDE. I guess GMA doesn’t think that’s important.

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    People need to start dealing with their problems. Get some therapy, take care of their mental health.

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    Lamar looks Senegalese

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    Being conscious, being present..all the best to you On your healing Journey Lamar.☮️

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    I don't get how this woman has
    Not improved at all
    She's simply awful
    How is that? Rude…ugh
    Sorry.. couldn't stay with the video

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    Soy protein does the same as cocaine use. I have 13 years off of it. Because of soy protein 5 bucks walmart will kick the cravings until u got yourself!

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    Weed n alcohol is sobriety hate to tell u! That doesn't touch a persons level of other junk or even close. Her judgement of him i find extremely offensive. Until you've been there. Don't judge could be alot worse. That's what the prescribe for addiction because those u can get under control much easier. Until you thumped a vein quit judging. Trauma will do that to a person. Get off your High horse. Talking down to him. Thats some crap!

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    If this an American role model? American media is like a prostitution house.

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    He's sweet

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    The continuation of Life is REAL…The Light and Love of Jesus is with Lamar and all of us….always…

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    Tragedy? Your kidding me, this guys a drug addict and he’s responsible for his own actions. No one is to blame but Odom, he hung around losers who did drugs and this is what you get. He’s a loser and has no class.

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    This not a new. Only white people have them that's how we know they're not real just mind tricks.

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    "Cause you've told stories in the past how can i believe you now" wtf?! This interviewer is soo weird😂😂

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    do y’all not know what the kardashians do?? GET OUT WAS ABOUT KANYE.. THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING FUCKED UP.

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    Fuck gma goofy bitch

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    that’s my uncle on my dad side

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    Shit woman she talks like a police i dont like her

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