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Archangels Showed Me Earth’s Future (NDE) Near Death Experience

Mar 2024 31

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    ❤ WOW absolutely beautiful story!!! The message that caught most with this is man should pray for man!! God is good and we should all pray for our countries and all people of all ethnicities!! Thank you Lord Jesus for all you do, and are going to do!!

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    They laughed hysterically seeing a car flip over until they realised it was their friend.
    What the he'll is wrong with women these days.

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    Beautiful. Testimony. Thank. You. Very. .much. for. Sharing. God. Bless. You. All. ❤

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    What a lovely narrator voice❤

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    Thank you for this amazing miraculous testimony. God bless everyone and to all the people who are serving our country you are very special. Thank you Jesus Christ for opening the eyes of the blind. Amen

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    Thank u Jesus 💓💗💖

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