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The Most Viewed Near Death Experience In History – 3 Years Later

Aug 2023 18

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’s has reached millions and millions of the people. Three years after the initial interview – Scott and Wesly sit down to talk over the new book and why Scott felt inspired to write it.

The series highlights experiences from amazing people to inspire us all to live a better . A where we are focused on what truly matters. Let’s leave this world with no regrets.

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The Most Viewed In History – 3 Years Later


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    God bless you , my man ..and He already has .

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    Millions of lives " affected" not " effected"

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    In the end, only he will know how hollow and silly his claims are.

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    We know that a hypoxic brain is capable of hallucinations. We know that stimulation of the angular gyrus can produce OBEs. We don’t know if his NDE occurred after his brain went offline or before his brain came back online. When a brain goes an extended period of time with a lack of oxygen, neural cells begin to die through apoptosis. Although some brain cell death usually occurs throughout a person’s life, large numbers of brain cells dying simultaneously can result in diminished brain function or brain death. We know the amount of time the brain can survive without oxygen before brain damage occurs will vary from person to person. We know regular training can help increase the body’s efficiency concerning oxygen consumption, allowing the brain to last for more extended periods of time without a fresh oxygen supply. For example, the Guinness World Record of holding your breath is more than 24 minutes.

    We can only conclude that this man had a life altering experience. That’s it.

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    Does anyone believe that the soul does eventually after the body dies? (It takes 24 hours for the body to fully die)

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    I was lucky enough to have had an out of body experience when I was a child so I know all this is true. I have lived by the Guidelines of Problacism ever since. Consequently, I live in total peace and don't suffer from any anxieties or fears. Trust in the universe and be relentless.

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    Don’t here anything about Jesus. What is your belief?

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    Scott’s NDE which he described in a previous video touched my heart. What an amazing man he is – warm, humble and sincere! He must have encouraged so many people with his story about what happens after death and the amazing love of our God. Thank you Scott for coming forward with your story!

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    Is there a link to the video? I’d love to watch it!

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    The mind is a mysterious place isn't it 😂

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    What a crock! Dead is dead so these hallucinations are just that! Don’t believe this crap; listen to God’s word

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    Nothing we don't already know

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    NDE accounts have finally broken through to the wide public: it's taken decades. Hoping that the STEs (spiritually transformative experiences) that occur subsequent to them are shared, as well.

    So many of us have had an array of STEs that we're quiet about simply because they seem impossible. It's about more than continuing consciousness: it's about the connectedness, too.

    It's called many things, but I like the term 'Unified Field'. It's the home where we're always welcome. And we can reach it every day.

    So grateful to Scott for the light he's sharing. Wishing him every blessing.

    Take care, dear ones. We're all in this together.

    And Scott? You've definitely reached this one person.


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    I haven't seen one NDE story without purpose. As I watched this video I went to Amazon and ordered Scott's book in paperback, it's already available in hardcover, which I will probably end up purchasing as well. If you ascribe to the belief of the 'soul contract' and choosing our lives pre birth, this entire scenario was preordained on a slow march to humanity's self awareness of our origins. I think souls like Scott's and the thousands of others who live to tell their stories are done so on purpose and as Scott says 'There are no coincidences'. At 55 I have seen society change in it's attitudes about where we are really from and it's not terra firma. I have been interested in this subject matter since I was a very young human and it wasn't in any religious context. It was in an 'existence' context. I never had any type of 'mentor' or anyone to give me advice on ANYTHING, and quite frankly I don't trust most (not all) humans. Since I have to be here and suicide is out of the question, I have to find answers elsewhere in videos like this one and NDE stories, along with reading as much as I can afford to purchase. NOTHING is better than reading from a book to discover and learn. Videos help, but nothing is better than reading.

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    "The causes of NDEs are complex and not fully known. While many medical and psychological explanations have been offered, they remain speculative and often fall short of explaining the entire phenomenon."
    University of Virginia, Division of Perceptual Studies

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    Needed to hear this today.

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    Well we can clearly see the best place to have an NDE is on the golf course when it's lightning and thundering and No trees around… Could at least get as far from your golf bag full of iron would be a good step in the right direction for starters…

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    Thank you, Scott, for reminding us that life is about love.

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    If only all of us could reach the state of loving only for the sake of love itself; This is truly Godliness!

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    How wonderful that Scott is donating the money from his book to charity. This is the first time I've heard that money isn't important!

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    Wow, great to see him again. 👏 ❤

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    If millions are watched and have big media influence it is bullshit lies /fairy tales most!!lies always goes first and thru big media

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    Thank you lord.

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    Amen brother from your eastern religion. You amaze me.❤

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