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Angry Atheist Hates Gods actions ?!?

Apr 2024 25


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    Another educated idiot

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    She wants her to be a victim so bad and it’s not working.

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    That’s far more true of the natives of North America than it is of Africans. And let me ask you, sweatheart, who sold the black people to the white man? Ah yes, other black people. And who abolished slavery in the western world, the white man so read your history before you spewing out your talking points.

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    All of you have turned church into something it's not. My parents made me go church every Sunday Sunday night Wednesday night. Church I went to taught me it's was about trying help others accept them. Not turn church into a platform for hate debates and arguing. I don't go know

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    You talking about Jesus christ arguing but it's all about love and excepting others and they beliefs!

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    It's always a white liberal telling black people how they should feel…sick

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    Can people stop speaking on behalf of other cultures not of their own🤦🏼‍♀️

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    I love how white people always gets offended on behalf of others😂 also fun fact… god is eather dead or hes cruel and like to see people suffer

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    why did this woman feel the need to make such an ignorant biased and uninformed categorization of all white men being precisely the same ? wouldn't that be exactly the same as lumping all white women together including her and when I speak of that I mean even the murdereressess

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    All religious people are brainwashed and indoctrinated into a belief system based on when and where they or their ancestors were born geographically.

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    Christianity was in Africa way before Europe so your point is mute 😂

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    As an athiest, I do not claim this woman. Clearly she has no knowledge of history either 😂

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    She wouldn’t have existed today had it not been for slavery. You only exist because your specific Dad and Mom conceived you at the perfect moment. Had it not been for slavery, none of the descendants bloodlines that are alive here today would exist.

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    Dude literally the only thing I know about my ancestors is the countries they came from. Nothing else

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    Crazy how us white Christian men who absolutely REFUSE to accept anyone who isn’t Christian go and hang out with atheists all the time and accept their beliefs

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    My ancestors do not define my future. Only Jesus Christ can do that✝️

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    It’s crazy how much she advocates for someone who just, doesnt want to be advocated for in this imaginary oppressive scenario.

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    Imagine whitesplaning 😂

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    Doesn’t she realise that Egyptians also took slaves from other countries? Also doesn’t matter what our ancestors did or what happened to them since they’re long gone all that matters now is the present and future

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    Imagine trying to force someone to 'return to their ancestry', as someone who is clearly not of such ancestry, and is the same ethnicity claimed to do all the evil

    This lady is clearly insane

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    U think she knows what area of Europe her family is from? Or has she just had her culture stolen too🤦🏼‍♂️

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    I love these white women that think they didn’t get a free ride 😂😅

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    Another lefty lunatic

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    Haha shes mental,

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    Same woman in all his vids.

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    Shev is so stuid

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    Most of them were bought in the ports sold by who? 😂😂

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    Nope. The young lady has literally been brainwashed. It is a fact that the Bible does condones the same type of slavery that was inflicted on her ancestors by people just like Cliffe (Lev. 25:44-46).
    Watching a black American excuse chattel slavery is one of the sickest effects of religion.

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    Fun fact:Christianity is very popular in africa, something this lady doesnt know.

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    This girl has made a mission or probably even a job (being paid by?) out of this as I’ve seen her in multiple content creators videos (I’m serious, keep your eyes out for those braces in other videos like this) at different places doing this exact same thing on a select few subjects but she targets Christian men.
    She always just shows up there and starts just being a random Karen in all of them and she even tried to take one guys mic, if not more, this chick is a bit angry at something or someone for a very serious reason, for real, and really needs to calm down and live her life and stop trying to dictate and argue with everyone else’s.
    I mean the one in the hat that seems to have braces but in other videos you can see them more clearly.

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    Not even good bait fam.
    Like, yes, idiots expect black people to be more in tune with their heritage for some reason even though in America a lot of them were literally ripped away from it, but also, oh no, she's a Christian and brainwashed, oh no she isn't, she's read a book!
    Bruh. A book about a nonconsenting teenager getting forced to have a child out of wedlock by God because he's God and he can just do that to a woman and that child supposedly being the super awesome God child, who didn't learn to write anything apparently cause why would God actually want to speak directly to his people once he zooted his raised from the dead lich son back up to his waiting bosom? Nah, let his friends write about how awesome he was up to 30 years after they no longer saw hide or hair of him. The whole premise is weird, child writers have made better and certainly less disturbing pieces of literature. Yes, it has some great allegories and stories (a lot are really reminiestent of other older stories cough cough, blasphemy!!), so it's cool if you like it, hell, I like it! But like, bruh, people buying this video and getting all up in arms about it is just weird.

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    As a black man I agree with the white girl. Black people were forced to accept Christianity as their religion and it kept going from generation to generation and now black people will accept anything white people do to us by saying the Bible says we have to forgive

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    These people are called "white knights." They're always the ones who paint themselves as the hero who will step in for other cultures and races that may or may not be oppressed but regardless, they will be saved by none other than…the white knights.

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    a white woman lecturing a black woman on her own history while thinking she has moral high ground is wild

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    Does the white girl know her ancestors and great great grandparents and where they came from and what they did and how they came here. Does she know their oral traditions. If anyone has been brainwashed in this clip its the white girl asking all the questions.

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    Is that Todd Howard?

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    The irony in thinking that you’re helping racism by feeling the need to speak for black people as if they’re children as soon as they don’t agree with your worldview.

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    Activists are just dickheads.

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    This video made me frustrated and sad. Stupid racists.

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    JESUS CHRIST is not a religion. He's GOD in the flesh.

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    Does the angry woman know her tribes language? Does she know the traditions of her people? No, I didn't think so.

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    Wait til’ she realizes Moses lead African slaves (Israelites) out of Egypt.

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    Anytime a white person starts waving a flag for another race, culture or religion, you better watch out. Oppression in one form or another is sure to follow.

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