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An Angel Told Me “Everything Will Be Fine” | Near Death Experience | NDE

Sep 2023 08

Millions of people have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their stories. If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    I believe it was a angel. I had a experience where i saw a angel come in sit on my bed. I freaked the nurses out. Because i ask them what was the lady on my bed going to do to me. And they said what woman? I said she had a nice smile . …

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    I notice most people go into darkness first. I don’t think she went to hell. She just didn’t have the full experience like most people or she just doesn’t remember.

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    Do these people know how their going to die because of their NDE. If they know and believe that this body is nothing but a host how far does the belief travel in the mind., 🤔☘️

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    I think she was on her way to heaven but got sucked back into her body.

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    Great story. The narrator spoke like a droid. Made it hard to push through.

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    I don't think you were on your way to hell. I think it wasn't your time that's all so you were in the "void". The right doctor and medical team at the right time can keep mishaps from happening. I am so glad that everything turned out better and that you are feeling fine.

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    Hi heaven awaits. I am so glad to still be able to hear these stories. I believe Lisa saw a glimpse of hell on earth. Once you completely let go of everything and become one with the creator life is beautiful. We are here on earth to help each other out and to love one another ..especially to love complete strangers. I believe we have many guides guiding us along the way. Some of the guides are in our physical life and some of the guides are on the other side. It is a blessing to hear stories like these because we will one day experience it for ourselves.

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    Little old lady Angel definitely. Hell no , but I do believe that Lisa(?) was at a crossroads as her spirit was strong enough to remain solidly on this plane. In so doing she essentially stayed put. I wouldn't worry , however if you feel you need to re-examine your self go to prayer and ask Jesus , Yeshua Elohim for guidance. Remember that LOVE for one another is the Core of everything.

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    The angel gave her the reassurance needed for her brief Journey. It wasn't her time.

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    Most people in healthcare don't know what they are doing and they often don't care. It does not surprise me.

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    I believe is the medication that made you hallucinate when your brain is not getting enough oxygen you start to hallucinate.

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    I really wish Drs would listen 👂 too their patients 😔 I have experienced this most of my life. Not being Heard and treated like I didn't know my own body 👁️
    Always listen to your intuitions – gut feeling's.
    Thank You 😊 Jen.

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    This is horrifying because it’s too common that docs are super ignorant. I hear Thai stuff daily and it’s infuriating we shouldn’t have to fight for medical care.

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    I really get annoyed when someone tries to tell nurses and doctors how they feel, like something is seriously wrong, but they just pat them and say you're fine. It's nothing to worry about.
    Only YOU can feel what your body is going through, and when it feels off and scary, you are treated like an over exaggerating child. Some people need to get off their high horse and truly listen and care about a person in their care.

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    📌Friends, I hope this helps someone who needs to hear it💜
    According to many Near-Death Experiences, we come here to learn about love experientially and to apply what we learn.
    A soul cannot do that in the ethereal realm because everything is perfect there. To understand the light (love), one must experience darkness; one cannot truly know what a thing is until it has been contrasted with its opposite. I believe we choose to come here, and sometimes not just to learn, but to help others (to teach).

    Heaven is home, but once we've enjoyed basking for eons in perfect heavenly bliss, we might look forward to a new challenge/adventure in this amazing universe. I think the soul takes on these 'lives' just as we opt to read books or watch movies — sometimes a comedy, other times a drama or thriller etc., — but all for the sole purpose of learning to love. So please don't fear the process; God knows what He's doing. Don't be a backseat driver! 😊

    However, I do believe that it's imperative that we learn to love (mercy, compassion, forgiveness, kindness, fortitude, equanimity, etc.), otherwise, experiences and even lives may repeat until we do so. Understandably, God always gives precedence to the soul over the body. Once we've overcome all our challenges, I doubt we'll come here too often, if at all.

    I believe that an important thing to remember is the 'golden thread' that seems to run through most NDEs; namely, we are a part of God (His children), we're eternal, we're loved beyond measure, and we come here to learn to love. Thank goodness it's designed in such a way as to always feel like the first time!

    Strive to be the best version of yourself in thought, word, and deed, and you may be surprised by the abundance of blessings that come your way. Give it a try and see for yourself!

    I wish you the very best in life! 💜

    "To find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better… To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."
    —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Narration is over dramatic- hard to listen to

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    You went into the void, full complete detachment. That’s the true nature of reality… Nothing. Before there was anything there was nothing. I’ve been there myself and I can relate to your experience Lisa. The Tibetan monks meditate everyday attempting to reach that level of enlightenment and they achieve this by detachment from the physical they won’t sleep, eat, drink for days maybe even more time than that but anyway the void is the truth. Life is but a dream…

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    I think it’s absolutely horrible how the medical profession is these days. I have had 16 surgeries in my lifetime and plenty of horrible experiences! Why don’t they listen to their patients! Thank God for His mercy and love!!

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    Isn’t it amazing how the medical profession has gone to hell in a handbasket in such short time. Why why ignore the obvious why not care what happened to compassion? Do they not teach bedside manner? I’m just a simple cosmetologist, but I have cried with my people in the chair. I’ve hugged people and kids in my chair. I have listened. I have loved a lot of people that sit in my chair and I make a lot less money. I love these stories it’s the people that are around to take an oath not to harm and end up doing it anyway.

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    It doesn't surprise me that doctors messed up. I've never trusted doctors anyway. I always question their diagnosis and you should too. Thank you Jen – great narration.

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    Of course a nurse had to tell the doctors that you are retaining fluid. There are some good docs but there are some bad ones. I am a nurse and the doctor should have taken you back to surgery for the bleeding way before this happened. Sad that the nurses now days don't have the critical thinking process. So sorry you had to go through this

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    Thank you. Want to share something weird. Feels like I have seen this one before. And I just watched two from another channel, which I also feel like I've seen before. Is this happening to others? Are there NDEs that one person shares with multiple YouTube channels? Are we entering a new time where experiences are fluid and can be created? Possibly some combination of the above as well. 🙂

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    I believe Lisa was met by either an angel or a spirit in the form of non threatening and comfort to bring her the peace she needed. Don’t think she was “gone” long enough to experience the light.

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    Aww she's beautiful ❤️ I love her hair, it's so pretty. Hugs from Scotland ❤🌷🌻

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