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After Being Shot She Was Floating In A Tunnel – Near Death Experience

Sep 2023 05
After Being Shot She Was Floating In A Tunnel – Near Death Experience

Near-death experience guest is 809 is Sandy Clark who had a experience after being shot. During her she saw her grandmother on the other side.

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    I loved you and your story big time. So real and honest. Funerals freak me out too. So glad you made it through and helped other people. Big up life!

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    I had 2 NDE'S and share my experience on your page before now is 4 & 22 yrs old. I remember them both experiences like they were yesterday. And when you do go to that realm…I can tell you this much you will never come back the same. You will come back with such Peace, Blissful state of mind and being, and so much Unconditional Love in your heart that you wish you could pass it to everyone so they can feel what you feel😍🥰I can't wait for the day I go back home!!! Sending Lovin' Vibes to Everyone 💕

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    Thank you for sharing Sandy 🤗💕💗 I appreciated your candour and words of wisdom 🙏 thank you for helping people in abusive situations – you are doing Gods 😇 work, all the best 💗

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    You ask the best questions Jeff !! Everything I’d wanna know.

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    Sandy my respect for your suffering in that extremely abusive relation and the abusive way to handle the intent to kill you. I am a surviver of an abusive relation too and I know the feeling of it. Congratulations for everything you have done for others in the same situation.

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    I’m absolutely amazed that this beautiful guest survived and am also surprised that nobody asked HOW Sandy survived this horrifying experience. I’m thinking 🤔 that some NDE’s have messages transmitted to them that they will survive whatever happened to them if they went back and I do think if Sandy went forward into the tunnel and actually contacted her Grandma, she too might have heard something of sort… like, you can stay BUT if you decide to go back you may help many people through (whatever – in this case – law) and if you don’t, your children may (whatever …) if you don’t go back…BUT in this case, Sandy heard her daughter and bypassed that whole part by automatically returning ! So, I think 🤔 that she was supposed to come back to help people as she’s doing, she just didn’t need to be “reminded” as some need to (and in my humble opinion, I think when we’re reminded, it’s a cheat sheet so it may set us back a few points 😉 – nonetheless it’s a heck of a lot better than having to do it all over again 😅!!!) To me, there is no other explanation for her surviving this brutal attack … other than divine intervention!!! I mean – think about it … people die from a simple knife wound and she had several … AND a shot through the head …AND she’s still taking and walking (I think because nothing was mentioned regarding her present state and I’m just concluding this because of what was said and it seems she moves around quite dynamically 😄👍) So, because she decided to come back without having to go through the rest, she was divinely helped!!😊 Also, something else may have happened and she had a memory wipe and through hypnotherapy, she may be able to know more BUT – if she’s on her path and doing what she’s supposed to be doing and it seems she’s doing it really well, I don’t think she needs to know, right Sandy ???!!! 😉👍 Anyhow, if Sandy or anyone would like to know more about how religions came about and “our” story and not “his” story … Look up Paul Wallis’s, Billy Carson’s and Matthew Lacroix’s work. You will be left with no doubts!!! A short NDE story but a huge life lesson for ALL OF US!!! Thanks you two ❤❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻!!! Love ❤️ you ALL dearly!!! 😘😘😘

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    i had a nde once and few days ago smoked salvia and was inbetween the same place i was that time and this reality i saw everything fall apart around me like a scicor was cutting it in vertical lines and then it slided down as in the matrix … but instead of the endless love that i felt with my nde was replaced with the same endless fear … what does this mean? anyone?

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    Thankyou for your heroic story

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    What a strong woman and now her blessing is coming when the Quantum med beds come out very soon

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    I loved her NDE. It was strong and powerful. She is a strong lady. I look forward to that peace and love someday. By the way, God gives us new bodies when we die. Most people that have had NDE experiences find that dead people look like they are in their thirties in Heaven.

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    Wow! What an interesting and strong lady. Short story, short podcast, however clear message. There's life after life/ death and never give up.
    Thanks Sandy and Jeff Mara

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    She needs to get in touch with IANDS. So do I 🙄.

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    I love Sandy!! She is so inspirational. ❤❤

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    Bless you, Sandy. Thank you very much for sharing your extraordinary experiences.

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    That man was powerful and controlling and she didn't get justice because of his connection to politics this is sickning😢
    She is a strong woman God bless her

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    Laws need to be changed because they don't get the yrs they should or even the chair. We support to many criminal's to sitin death row. Were tired of this.!! That's why our jails are overcrowded.!! God said eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth!!.

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    Wow a very believable story. Thank you

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    What an Amazing woman she is and what a courageous woman. Her story is unbelievable and beautiful at the same time. She is definitely meant to be here helping people. She is a true warrior. I enjoyed her story. ❤

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    It's sad that Sandy was a victim of her husband's aggression. However she has made the most of this experience by helping others. Thanks, Sandy, and thank you Jeff.

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    Jeff, what an excellent job you did of interviewing this lady! Thank you for caring enough to really mine the depths of her experience. She said she didn't think she had much to offer, but you didn't let that deter you. Great job!!!

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    I didn’t expect this story to be very gripping as she said it was so brief but man what a powerful testimony! Can’t believe the strength of one small woman 💗

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    My God this amazing strong lady is to admired. Wow ! Blessing s from London🙏🏻♥🙏🏻

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    I love her story. Im just picturing her half dead in terrible shape, looking like a zombie but being like fuck that and jumping up to save the kids. I bet it was terribly traumatic for them. Shes a fighter for sure. I cant believe the guy got off with little to no time.

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    You ask really great questions Jeff! Very in-depth. And you let your awesome quests talk. 💞 She was lovely. 🙏

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    She can read The Bible, i did.

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    Moral of the story…If you're not married, STAY THAT WAY.

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    Never give up. You are always good enough, you are always strong enough. Beautiful message.

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    God bless you Sandy! I'm glad you are alright! Thanks for sharing! Thanks, Jeff and Mara!! ❤

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    Thanks to Jeff and Mara for another fantastic podcast. Big thanks to Sandy for sharing your story with us all 🙏🙏

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    Leamington Ontario is where my family visited many summers. Heinz tomatoe farms were there.. You are very courageous Sandy and no matter how brief your NDE was, trust it was all you needed for your continued journey through this life time. xoxo

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    What a testimony to resilience you are Sandy. It sounds like the Freemasons code protected your abusive ex husband. Yet what is more clear is that you are the triumphant one in taking every opportunity to be an advocate and help others.
    You're an inspiration.

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    Wow Jeff! One of you better podcasts.

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    This made me fell happy, because in my country so many women are murdered like this. I hope all them had this place.

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    It’s sad that he got out …. 😢😢😢😢 he brutally attacked her and they knew dam well he meant to kill her 😢😢😢😢😢🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. I’m sorry she did not receive justice 😢😢😢

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