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Activist dies from Heart Attack : Discovers We are All One (Near-Death Experience)

Sep 2023 04

*David Williamson* shares the story of his Near-Death Experience, dying of a heart attack brought on by hypertension after years of intense activism in support of his community. During his encounter on the Other Side he was able to realize that we are All One while experiencing himself as a glowing orb of light and learning that no experience in this life is ever lost or wasted. David shares how the Experience transformed the way he views life and how it changed the way he relates to other people.

“We are creating our next life in this moment, with our attention” – David

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Where we explore the meaning and purpose of Near-Death Experiences in the modern age. We write about the intersection of spirituality, life-after death, comparative religion, philosophy, depth psychology, modern culture, and most of all how we can stay connected to the truth that Life doesn’t end when we die.

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    Beautiful Man— Beautiful Experience and Message… thank you my brother!

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    This is probably the most detailed articulate NDE story I’ve heard so far? and I’ve already heard hundreds by now, and. As a huge fan of physicist, philosopher, Bernardo Kastrup. This is exactly what he predicts happens when you die?

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    David, thank you for your story.

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    Wow!! So inspirational & powerful at t the same time. I strongly believe they'd something more beyond this life. God is amazing, all the time. Thanks for sharing your amazing and the messages us earthly souls needed to hear. Many blessings to all staying prayed up for us all.💙😢🙏🙌💙

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    What a beautiful clear speaker

  6. #6

    Really happy for this guy..

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    I am so sorry that there is still ignorance and ungodly people like the KKK affecting the lives of black people. It is despicable. We are ALL brothers & sisters and no, I didn't need to have an NDE to know this. God bless this gentleman for his testimony ❤

  9. #9

    I like the way you think.

  10. #10

    The KKK is barely active in America anymore. It's a far left myth.

  11. #11

    in conclusion one hit of dmt could have prevented the death and yealded the same results

  12. #12

    Hate is from the devil. Only God Almighty can give us a heart transplant no matter the colour of our skin. Hate will destroy you. Love will liberate you.❤

  13. #13

    he reminds me of tyrese gibson

  14. #14

    Near death experience is not the same as being dead🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. #15

    Did you practice any type of meditation before this experience ?

  16. #16

    I’ve been asking people for years, “how different would the world be if we found out that we are all the same being? How would we treat one another then?

  17. #17

    Wth ever… Tell that to the racist and see how it flies… I'm gd on if you don't like me I don't like you keep it moving life… There's ppl who will hate you for your skin color and that's their issue .. we ain't all the same at all

  18. #18

    The physical, psychological, spiritual pain and anguish is impossible to overcome.

  19. #19

    One of the most eloquently spoken NDE's i have heard, thankyou for sharing this.

  20. #20

    So maybe the void isn't the void but everything that we are missing maybe that's what black holes are? Maybe there a sign of God or whatever this forces name truly is in space?

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    Saved to watch many many times❤

  23. #23

    Loved everything you said and how well you said it, beautiful.
    Been there, had a very similar experience in 2002 and since that I’m experiencing so much more. It hasn’t stopped, it just gets better. ❤️❤️❤️

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    I figured that out at 20 without a NDE. Just meditate. Kinda fucked me up cause I had a spiritual awakening at such a young age while people decades older than me still hadn’t figured out. Made me almost become a pariah.

  26. #26

    He is truly a good person.

  27. #27

    I agree, David. Love is everything and infinite.

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    14:50 dude be speaking straight up truth. I love these NDE things but this is the most cogent I've seen yet, freaking amazing.

  29. #29

    NDE's are simply dreams you have when your body stops for a short period of time, nothing more, they're literally you experiencing you, there is no "afterlife", and if there is, this is not it!

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    Man you were delivered. One of these days you will get or know the truth and what happened to you, your experiences out of body

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    What a beautiful story. You are so correct hate gets u nowhere. Be at peace and u will be happier. U have a lovely voice

  32. #32

    That man is Jesus

  33. #33

    An angel who was holding her face.

  34. #34

    Love this 😀 ❤️

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    Beautiful NDE. Very soulful. Great speaking voice, this man should be making movies.. Great voice and really stunning looks… be perfect on a big screen.

  36. #36

    “Activist Dies Of a Heart Attack: Discovers Bolshevik Universality Propaganda.”

  37. #37

    Anger can bring on disease like cancer.

  38. #38

    I need something to make sense of this madness, my mom called four times after she passed, but the pain of this world is still overwhelming! When I see the helpless and powerless destroyed. The pain we experience is real, make it make sense.

  39. #39

    Everything that is wrong with the world stemmed from a lie. The biggest lie is that we are separate. Your thoughts are not you.

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