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1 to 3 Unorthodoxy & a Near Death Experience

Apr 2024 03

and elm removal. Yeah, I fucked up, believe me, I know.


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    You'd of been dead as a door knob son

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    Well that's why we wear safety gear, it's the unexpected incident, yes we could say you should have done xyz but in the end this is reality glad your ok for sure could have been much wirse.

    Thanks for sharing and your honesty it's what helps others in the trade learn because we all learn everyday.

    Now for the record I was a pro faller feller here in Ireland, I wasn't a climber I done a few but not many it takes a lot more skill and knowledge to vlimb.

    Respect from Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

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    that slow mo did it… ow.

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    This guy rocks that was a nasty hit I’m glad you’re okay

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    Just have to learn from our mistakes and count our blessings trees can be unpredictable we all have done stupid stuff not thinking or even over thinking

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    Looks like you got a orb up in the sky

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    Nice Tip tie redirect

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    I feel like the guys on the ground took too many wraps they could have went a lot of that run right to the ground and had full control he must be a newer ground guy

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    Subbed because humble.

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    What happened to the rigging line on the butt end? If it didn’t go slack it seems like it would’ve been fairly balanced, or was it there to prevent the butt from swinging down like a pendulum? Were you using two separate rigging lines and rig points? Besides this video, I hope you’re doing well Human!

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    Mistakes happen and your mistakes are deadly. However you clearly are a professional and that a art in your trade, please becarful and thanks for sharing we all learned how dangerous your job is, and I do have more respect for all you guys 👍

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    You are to be here on earth cause that would of killed anyone else….your a good man and trees are not mad at ya either …you have 8 more lives my freind.

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    Found this channel not that long ago and love it so much man, you’re an awesome guy and I’m glad you walked away from that one okay. My only question tho is; it almost looks as if the rope on the tip was held too tight for too long, if your rope guy would’ve let it run a little bit more wouldn’t that have helped?

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    2:31 I was just thinking of a Hammer and Sickle tattoo!

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    Damn. I cannot climb more that 30 feet.

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    Thank you for sharing this.

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    My jaw dropped when I saw this one, what an outstanding lesson for all who stop by. Thank you for posting this, I admire your honesty.

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    I hope you went and brought a lottery ticket after that bud. Jeez one lucky geezer. Been in the game 18 years u had few close calls myself. Even the best make mistakes.

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    Someone to not letting your rope run at all

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    Nooooo my rigga! That made me sick to my stomach. I would say the tree gods saved you but no way, that should have been your last day but you must be a tank bc that would have killed an average man. Be safe my rigga! 🙏

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    We all make mistakes. My first and only bad one so far cost me a couple hundred stitches and about 150 staples. Saw kicked up, didn’t have a brake on it. All my saws since then do. Hit me in the chest and skipped to my shoulder. Where it stopped on shoulder was the worst. Glad I got my head out of the way. Lost a lot of blood, full recovery. That was a mistake I learned from. I was 22, a rookie with a saw back then trying to save money cutting me some firewood. I still heat with wood, but the boss lady goes with me now, or makes the daughter baby sit me. I also take a good med kit with tourniquets as well. Even have the Apple Watch that will call EMS if I fall and don’t respond.

    Love your videos brother!! Keep doin what you do!!

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    Luckily it didn't hit you in the neck, that had a lot force

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    you are the guy that when i go at the bar and see you i look at the floor lol

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    what kind of fence is that lol cheap as fuck

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    Good God man that was a friggin SCARY one. I SAID HOLYF@C# Thank you for sharing. Keep alive brother!

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    You shared education. You may save someone a much worse outcome.

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    god bless you for selflessly sharing this for others to learn from. You are a total bad ass too man. anyone can have a bad day… but after seeing this.. I will be a little more critical of my rigging.

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    I hope that you got on your knees and thanked GOD for keeping you alive through that. 🙏 As climbers we’ve all made bad moves and had close calls but we learn from each and every one of them. Climb safe and GOD bless brother. 🙏😇

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    Good training video. This is what happens when a climber gets tired and dehydrated. We get greedy, and make mistakes.

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    Corey, I hope you see this. I chose this vid to try to bring you to a better reality. My friend, I understand you are experiencing difficult times, but I want to remind you of your successes. This vid had a deadly occurrence that you worked through, you had the skills to overcome, and dealt with it with professionalship. Those days are NOT over, unless you fall away. Look at the way you handled the adversity, that can be achieved again, IF, your head is in the right place! I implore you to remember the challenges that have brought you here, and ignore the many that try to hurt you mentally. We are the few that can perform at this level, the same as gifted athletes, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TALENT! Stay grounded until you're right mentally, then come back with a vengeance! I have utter faith in you. ~MM

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    This was the first vid I seen of you and knew you had potential, that's when I subbed. I had so much anger for you with this vid because I knew you were better. You STILL take to large of cuts, and eventually it WILL bite you, but you refuse to listen, I can't change your mind. Since then you've become a very skilled climber, though since your fall you over tie in/over rig, taking too much time, but I'll never fault you for safety. Corey, EVERY job site depends on YOU to keep everyone safe, you've come so damn far, start to tighten up with the size of your larger cuts, and realize what your ropes can handle consistently. I'm proud of your accomplishments, and what advise you may have taken, and hope it's helped you. Be safe, brother.

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    Keep Safe, Human…..thanks for this video, we learned something from that situation.

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    holy shit glad ur ok

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    Broski that's one of the closest calls I've ever seen
    Could've been the death of you easy
    Happy you were fine man, thanks for uploading

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    What helmet is that

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    Hey Corey, what kind of hardhead do you wear? I’ve seen something from Kask, but. Can’t find it. Especially your black and white ones look great!

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    Has anyone noticed the Communist tatoo on his side.

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    Thank you for sharing, that could have had a very different outcome. Very relieved that you were ok. Commend you for sharing.

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    Hey ,good thing you are alive and without serious injury.you "human" are a good person.i know this because God fucking loves you! I climb big ass dangerous trees everyday so trust me I know how close you were to being gone,most the world watching might not fully understand just how close you were to meeting your maker.that is one of the craziest near death videos I have ever seen on you tube.wow human,just remember that there is always tomorrow.slow down and take it in two pieces next time .of course you know that already.be careful man,because there isn't going to be many more of them chances in your profession.good luck .

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    Glad you are OK!

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    They didn't even move their trampoline? ffs. did they think you were going to come in and chop it off at the base and remove it by chopper? Cheesus.

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    Watched over by Venus.

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    I won't bust your balls bro. But you know…Thanks for your honesty.It seems we have reached a time in America when telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

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