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Apr 2024 03

I had to finish getting the rest of the stuff for the kids for Easter so I asked my husband if you’d like to spend the day with me it was very nice we went and got coffee and breakfast then headed to the store. It has been so cold up here that he didn’t want to work outside so I asked if he’d like to come with me. My husband is pretty good about ideas for the boys and so I was super excited to pick up the Pickleball equipment that we are going to add to our full size basketball court in the side yard.

We went to one of our local restaurants that buys are eggs, they have the best breakfast, hands-down. Then we took you for a little ride around where we live and then off to Meijer. I didn’t eat a lot. I just had to top off my pantry a little bit in our fridge because I was heading out of town for the week and wanted to make sure that there was enough food for the rest of the family while I was gone.

My husband works so hard in the summer in the farm and with our masonry that any chance I get to spend the day with him I’m definitely going to take it. So when he’s laid off in the winter, we get to do a lot of things together, sometimes we get to do too many things together 😂😂 but I don’t mind because I don’t get to see him much during the working months.

So thank you for joining us on our mid monthly grocery haul and then some make sure to subscribe and like to our family page and check out our other social media platforms:

Make sure to subscribe and like to our family page and check it, or other social media platforms:


Facebook is one of my favorite Platforms because I get to share lots of pictures of our family and what we are doing and our traditions are any special events. I also like to blog just how I’m feeling, and maybe I’m struggling, and I just want to share some thoughts with everyone.



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    Nothing beats olive oil. Lol I’m a true Italian 😂😂😂😂 PS love that sweater!

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    Just curious if you take advantage of the flash foods? I learned about them from Rene' from Little Village Homestead

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    I made your cookie recipe using pastry flour this past weekend. Huge fail….I would not recommend wasting the butter making cookies with this pastry flour.

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    I was hoping the husband would speak up and be the voice of reason.😂🤣❤

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    Your husband is hilarious!😂😂

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    Hey where you at

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    Prayers for you all.

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    How many dozen eggs do you collect daily?

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    Sorry to here you tumor hope all goes well

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    We get bug bands at Walmart they seem to work it's like a spiral bracelet that is infused with bug stuff we wear them as bracelets or anklets tried them for 1st time a few years ago and that year I had no bug bites. They are like $1 a piece come in many colors and last I think 8 or 12 hrs

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    Thanks for sharing. My husband is good in the grocery store with me.

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    I read comments on videos – some critics mention name brands – money no object etc- I’m 62 I worked my whole life – from 14 under the table on- hubby also – if we want name brand coffee and toilet paper we earned that- too many years of buying generic – so there is that – why do people always have to be critical

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    You have really pretty hand writing. I love the thought and care you put in to your kids for Easter. Especially for the older ones

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    In Champaign, Illinois, we have a dome where basketball is played, as well as many concerts each year.

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    Dear Mrs Alma. I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. Well send prayers for you and your family.

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    My mum uses Yardleys lavender body spray as a bug repellant as shes allergic to horse fly bites and we also live in an area thats bad for ticks and this spray works a treat.

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    Hey I’m from Wyoming and I’m not 100% sure but I think Sheridan Wyoming has wood Dome

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    It’s still snowing in March that’s amazing to me Ik alot of places it’s still snowing or either still snow in certain states and city’s neee York has snow Detroit has snow like there’s snow everywhere and North Carolina hasn’t had snow in 4 years in my area

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    What degree did Robert get? What degree did your husband get? What degree did mama Bell get? It would be cool to talk about how college was for all three of them.

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    Hi Heather and Luke. Thank you for showing us around your area. I'll never get back to America because of my health and I live in my home country New Zealand in the middle of the ocean. I love seeing what you can get in American shops because we don't have the large range of items. You and your family are very entertaining, down to earth, genuine and lovable. 😊❤

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    When is Izzy next cooking video

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    Enjoying this video like always Mrs. Bell!!!
    Heads up on Panera Bread if you haven’t heard yet; they have stopped using antibiotic free meats and are no longer baking the breads etc in-house

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    Fun fact, my friends husband helped build the Yooper Dome ❤

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    We give one egg for Easter that is it.

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    Maybe the girls would want to play pickleball too.

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    ⁉️⁉️⁉️ mosquitos can find me 5 miles away. I use dryer sheets. I put them in my hats, on my shoes and even hang the around campsite and my swimming pool. They are cheap and don't have to put stuff on skin of which I am allergic to most stuff. I use Bounce 3x xl pet hair ones. …..it is worth a try.

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    Saving a $1.25 a bag on the chicken would make having to slice it up worth it for me.

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    Exactly how my dad would shop for a gift. I always enjoy what he gives me, it's always an interesting choice.

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    Happy Happy Easter Beautiful Bells~

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    Love watching your videos I love in Gladstone across street from lake Michigan so feel like we are neighbors

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    I was scrambling to bring in golf stuff for my boys who are 23 and 26. Its funny. I love your videos. Happy Easter

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    never knew there r so many diff types of tea

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    really cool daddy Bell Luke is joining u for grocery haul

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    Pen in the bun kind of grocery haul!

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    I would like your smoothie recipe for the smooth with coconut water please.

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    Outstanding grocery haul video 🙌👏🏻🫶🏼👏🏻🫶🏼
    The sunset live,which I watched back on,was truly magnificent

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    Maybe for the boys you should’ve just got them sunscreen since they’re out doing job and going to the beach

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