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Why He No Longer Has Faith After His Near Death Experience | NDE

Mar 2024 08

talks about his ( experience) and how it changed him forever. This is his testimony. A Near-Death Experience or is when someone dies and comes back to life. A Experience () is something that someone never forgets and changes them forever.

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    Click Here to Watch The Full Interview (1 hour 25 minutes additional minutes)

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    So many false NDE-es in comments….allmost got me turn my eyes from this story….awfull

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    I don't believe this guy. I believe others though.

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    People are always looking for God as if God was separate from us because they identify with the illusion of the ego. When you are able to break free of ego the illusion disappears and you then realize that there is nothing but God. Everything is God "Godding". Beyond our illusion is "all knowing". Within the illusion is "all experience". Experience requires the illusion of "not God", the extreme of which we call evil. Everything we experience can only be experienced in relation to it's opposite. Our experience of "up" can only exist in relation to "down". Without down, up ceases to exist. All our experiences work this way, Hot – cold, left – right, love – fear, life – death are just a few examples. Many people struggle to understand why there is so much suffering if God is so loving. It is because suffering is the necessary part of the illusion that allows us to experience compassion and opens the doorway to understanding unconditional love. The illusion is God experiencing itself, The illusion is necessary because "knowing" is not enough. To know everything about ice cream is not the same as the experience of eating ice cream.🙂

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    I’m not coming back if I have a choice

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    If the GOD you speak of during NDE isnt Jesus then its only an irrelevant illusioned dream you had.

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    IMO death is permanent and NDE is not death. It’s a way for satan to trick you into thinking that you will be ok after death without knowing Jesus here on earth.

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    I wonder how NDE is the choice used to describe a TLE 'True Life Experience' ?

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    This is the most complicated description of a NDE I ever heard.

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    These experiences are so familiar to me but not sure why . My Dad when He passed was a big surprise on what I experienced after .

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    So no faith in Jesus? How does the cult of peter work for the rest of the world to function in? i betting that ship doesn't float.

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    Mathew Botsford. Mickey Robinson. Dale Black. Pam Reynolds. Steve Drummond.

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    that was beautiful, thank you🥰

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    Misleading heading. I've heard his story.

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    Thanks for coming back ….. I needed to hear what you said

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    Its true, it would be like believing in the Postman. Im not afraid of dying either it just how I will get there Im frightened of!

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    This! This is IT! I have not died, however I took some magic mushrooms and had a spiritual experience that forever changed me and gave me this knowledge that can't be undone. I was able to go off both of my antidepressants and have been content in my being since then. It was different than his experience, yet exactly the same. Wish I had the words to describe it as lovely as he has.

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    He males no sense. He should have obtained MORE faith, not have it taken away.

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    At first I was confused by the title, but now I get it. He doesn't fave faith (believing without seeing) – because HE HAD SIGHT. No faith is required after the SIGHT. Hopefully I said this right.

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    Nowhere in the Bible does it say it is appointed for humans to die more than once and after that face judgment. Humans die ONCE. They don't die, go to heaven, and come back. An NDE is supposedly NEAR death. These experiences cannot be verified or substantiated, especially from the Bible.

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    The title of this video is misleading… Attention-grabbing click-bait! What this man actually says in the video is that since his near death experience he doesn't believe, now he actually KNOWS that God exists! That should have been expressed in the title of the video…

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    This is so very sad. This is the classic intercepted NDE. This man died as a lost human being, in his sin. He was in outer darkness, and when satan saw that he was due to return, he intercepted this man…giving him a false NDE. The whole point is to give him a false experience so that not only he stays lost and never seeks the source of true salvation, Jesus Christ, but to tell his story so that other lost souls cling to the lies and is put onto the same broad path that leads to hellfire and damnation. Satan is the ultimate counterfeiter and copies everything that God does, even though he doesn't hold a candle to what God can do. So, do yourselves a favor, check any NDE, OBE, or anything else that occurs to you or someone your listening to against the truth…God's word. Read the Bible so that you can get the truth of just how satan truly works, then you can protect yourselves and those you care about. This experience is classic new age nonsense. When you meet Jesus Christ, you know it. This man has said nothing of the sort. Key words to look out for: divine, universe, the self. If you come out of a NDE, OBE, or other related supernatural experience without the truth about Jesus Christ, it was a lie. Come to almighty God, in the name of Jesus Christ, and ask Him to please show you the truth. He will because He does love you. This was a lie

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    STOP being the Anti-Christians….YOU LOSE….UGLY DEEDS, Ugly Words for UGLY People….The Adepts of the Priests of BAAL + queen JEZEBEL i.e. the TALMUDISTS….WATCH OUT….STOP Discouraging the People of GODs ELOHIM (plural gods) The Holy TRINITY…..The BIBLE wins every time against Reprobates, Revels, to the Highest Script of God(s)…According to Isaiah 48:16 the Word for the (Holy) Spirit is SHE mis-translated on purpose as "IT"…Jesus said I have many things to reveal to you but you cannot receive them now".

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    I've known the other side from visions when praying intensely and my life was saved from being mowed down on a highway. I was lifted into the air, my legs wheeling until a red convertible whooshed by inches away. So I know our reality is not what people want you to believe. We just know.

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    After my NDE I have had the same affect about Religion that I believe is Man Made. The Love experience I had also. I choose to come back. I understand the difference between here and there.

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    I hear these stories so often and they sound so beautiful. I wish I could experience something like it. I was near death and didn't experience anything and my Dad had a near death and didn't experience a thing either. I'm a non believer and my Dad is a believer. Maybe only some people experience something like this and it's not for others?

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    There's a sucker born every minute… don't be one of them.

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    As far as I got, he certainly seems genuine enough, at least in his own mind.
    What he offers doesn't resonate with what I know, or what I think / believe …
    … which doesn't mean that either of us is right, or wrong, or merely partly so.

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    ill never understand people wanting to climb rocks that could potentially kill them.Just dont get it seems senseless

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    "… place of timelessness …" I know what he's saying. I've been there twice, once when a Z-boat I was in overturned in the surf at the Tokelau islands, and once when meditating years later. Just the once on each occasion, I could never do it again. It was not only inexplicable, it also played merry hell with my perception of time at the time (ouch).
    And I'm still an atheist.

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    I love the triggered religious people in here.
    Sucks doesn’t it?
    When someone doesn’t “believe” the way you do or their NDE is not what you want it to be.
    People are so incredibly selfish.
    Even other peoples stories and life experiences should cater to them and be exactly how they want it to be.
    It’s not your story to tell.

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    This guys sounds goofy …
    … and he makes sense.
    The very way he's groping for words adds credibility; how do you, how can you … describe the indescribable?
    And "soul" is a very loaded word; but how else can he describe his experience, especially to people who have no experience of such things?
    That blows it for "God" then … unless the bastard is a total sadist. (Pulls the wings off flies, does He? Wotever turns you on, Mr God, Sir …)
    Reminds me of the old teacher with the strap or cane "This, John, hurts ME more than you …" WHACK! etc
    Freewill, predestination, and God's omniscience … any contradictions in that lot, do you think?
    Nice, Mr God, but don't give up the day job.

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    Sounds soooo crazy like the devil persuaded him to do a nde to have ppl not believing in them…just saying!!!

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    Apparently, you do not know where you are going. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ is the true God and savior of all humanity. I prayed for you, oh, God. I hope God will have mercy on your soul. I don't know what you had or where you went, but it's but it truly.
    Was Not from god, because if it was, you would know a hundred percent in you're spirit that It was from god because that's the mark that he will leave with you

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    It’s hard to be in this fallen world, but we should feel honored to be in God’s army… we have to ask Him what to do daily, so He can send Heaven through us to this realm.

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    Fascinating. but why are we so afraid to die? I know we are afraid of pain but many of us are afraid to die.

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    Faith and Belief no longer apply following direct experience.

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