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Teen Overcomes Anorexia After Near Death Experience

Sep 2022 19
Teen Overcomes Anorexia After Near Death Experience

Teen Overcomes After
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A former anorexic who starved herself to just five stone has told how an obsession with left her at death’s door. Pretty restricted herself to as little as 200 calories a day in an attempt to resemble her idol, Miranda Kerr. But her desire to look like the controversially lingerie models left her in hospital after her heart rate dropped to a dangerously low level. Christie, now 18, from New South Wales, Australia, was once a talented long-distance runner and competed in the state and Sydney regionals. But eventually she became too weak to even walk and she even collapsed on one occasion after attempting a slow jog. Now Christie is on the road to recovery, and after gaining two stone feels she is ready to share her message to support other people struggling from an .

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    I’m glad she’s better and now healthy I’m proud of her

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    looks like shes missing an arm shes so skinny, and thats after recovery?

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    This wasn't a near-deaths experience! Clickbait?

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    I can tell you from someone who has struggled with an ED.
    I damaged my body , in later years I found this out. Not that it would do any good to tell someone who is really into their disease this, because you just do not listen when you're in that state of mind. However, if I can get through to just one person .
    You cannot expect to do so much abuse to your body and expect it to perfectly recover.
    There is help ,there is amazing help! This requires giving up the control and placing it in a professionals hands, DO IT ! trust this help..🙏
    The body dysmorphia may always be there , but get out of your own head and go help another person, or an animal. I firmly believe an imbalance in the brain of certain chemicals can also be at fault, so there are medications that can help stabilize that again. If you're not one to take meds , a good naturopath can get you on the right path with treatments ( example ; acupuncture ) supplements and herbs and such. Take care , stay outa ya head dahhhlings , life isn't so bad , it's all about perspective 😘

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    Brave girl, glad she got the help she deserved. But one gentle request to the producers of the show: please stop using the term "Near Death Experience." This term, an NDE, means something very specific, and should not be used loosely. A better, less confusing, title for it would have been "Teen Overcomes Anorexia After Nearly Dying." Small change to the wording, big different is perceived meaning.

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    It NEVER truly goes away. They just don't. You learn how to work thru them and be healthy but its an anxiety and body image mental disorder and its really difficult to control. Mine began at 18 and I stopped at 25 but it raised its ugly head again at 68. Wrh…

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    Still too stick thin. She may develop osteoporosis or heart attack b4 she's 40. Some models are naturally thin. Good thing it's popular that young women have women athletes as role models now who have muscles on them who aren't stick thin

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    I’m pro ana

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    She still looks extremely thin to me.

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    Wonder how she is today? 7 years on. My Daughter's friend had that and she is 36 now and still painfully thin and when she is stressed she goes thinner. Its a life long battle unfortunately.

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    Now she's a steroid,preo workout junkie doing the obsessed bulk gain thing.

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    she still looks fairly underweight here

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    The main reason Victoria Secret models look like they do is genetics! You can't get that through diet and exercise. Learn to love yourself 💕

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    This is Bill’s wife Debbie. I began having a weight disorder when I began ballet. At 54, I still obsess somewhat about my weight but I’m better then I was. You realize these models don’t look like their photos. Their photos are really touched up and they wear lots of makeup. You are a gorgeous girl and I’m so glad you are better 🙏❤️🙏

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    Remember this is the result of some emotional issue she has probably somebody body shaming her remember people don't do that that's ridiculous I mean if everybody looked the same this world would be pretty boring

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    I love her hair

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    Wow girl I’m so proud of you you gained so much weight I’m having problems today

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    Oh well. U almost list ur life trying to be someone else.

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    The only disease that can be cured with a sandwich

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    If women only realized how unattractive this is. Real men like real women, with shape, with curves!

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