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Welcome to Camagu (Neosi Healing Institute Media) ft Mkhulu Manzolwandle

Mar 2023 24
Sharing light, sharing insight. A channel that takes its viewers on a journey that aims to educate and ignite growth in those who want to discover the significance of ancestors, African cultural practises, spirituality and identity. In this episode, we speak to Mkhulu Manzolwandle who introduces us to the Camagu (Neosi Healing Institute Media) Youtube channel and walks us through the kind of content the channel will offer its viewers. We also learn about his upbringing and how African culture, spirituality and Christianity have mediated his lived experience. Production by Thingo Mthombeni Please like, comment and subscribe :) Contact us:......

Totems in African Spirituality

Mar 2023 13
In this teaching, Gogo Khanyakude unpacks the history of totemism in African spirituality. The extended version of this episode is also available for members, and includes the following topics: - How To Find Your Totems - Rainmaking in African History - Malopo Spiritual Practise (Defining & Unpacking) - Malopo Languages (Can anyone be initiated the Malopo way?) - Defining the Bantu Spirituality - Ukufemba vs. Mediumship. What is the difference? Become an AfroSavvy Member: source

Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi | Ubungoma | African Spirituality | The Difference Between Intelligence & Wisdom

Jan 2023 21
African spirituality is often misunderstood and othered. Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi opens up about her process of initiation, becoming a spiritual teacher and healer. Furthermore, she has a candid and in-depth conversation about healers that are using their gifts to cause mayhem. #UPstandingCitizens #UnpopularOpinion #UnpopularOpinion_Za Visit Gogo's website here Subscribe to Unpopular Opinion: Follow Unpopular Opinion: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok: Spotify: The Unpopular Opinion premiere airs weekly on Thursdays at 10:00 (CAT) on YouTube. source

Dreams: What are dreams and what do they mean?

Nov 2022 01
On #EzaseNdumbeni today I discuss dreams and what they mean. Please leave your comments below and share your experiences with dreams. Dreams are a tell all book about your life if you know where to look. if you are shown an item or shown you doing a certian and specific action, then buy them and do the action! if you can listen to learn then you will grow personally, spiritually and in giant leaps. watch this video to learn how to communicate with your ancestors to open the lines communication. Phahla: TEXT:+27798642894 for bookings or enquiries. Skype: Refiloe Lerumo Moyo......