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The Senegalese Island That's a Magnet for Paedophiles

Oct 2022 19
Paradise for Paedophiles (1998): The Senegalese island of Goree is, by all accounts, paradise. The UNESCO World Heritage Site with a dark history of slaving has recently been blighted by a new problem: it has become a haven for paedophilia. Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: 16-year old Aly has been propositioned for sex since he was a young boy. He's been tempted by the offers - in return for sex he could perhaps get passage to the West, live his dream of being a rap star and get a record deal. It sounds easy. But the psychologist who runs......

Religions in Africa before Islam | African Traditional Religion and Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity

Aug 2022 31
Learn about the religious situation on the African continent before the arrival of Islam. This is part of a series on how Islam spread to sub Saharan Africa. Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe. The contents of this video and researched and examined but if you had a problem with the video, or found something to be incorrect, please send me a message, rather than reporting it. If you want to contribute subtitles for this video: #Africa #History #Religion #Islam #Ethiopian source