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Mormon Polygamy: Leaving the Cult⎜WHY STORIES?⎜(Documentary)

Oct 2022 27
Would you leave your family and friends behind to discover a whole new world? More than 16 million people in the world belong to the Mormonist religion. One of its groups, known as The Latter Day Saints Church, used to practice polygamy in the 19th century, and back then was involved in crimes against humanity in the US. But in a specific community in the country, a fundamentalist group still practices polygamy, and practitioners are forced to obey their master’s orders - even when it involves child and sexual abuse. That is the reason why director Tyler Measom and producer......

Africa: Paper gods (full documentary)

Sep 2022 10
African people are deeply religious. There are few things in their lives outside the realm of the sacrity. However, it is not easy to find an orthodox idea of God. Muslims, Christians and animists...three different looks between man and divinity, so mixed that it is difficult to find cults that are not influenced between each other. In Africa...gods, spirits and fetishes are accommodated to the whims of man. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE here for more amazing docs!: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: source