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Dr. Llaila Afrika – Let Food Be Thy Medicine | Exposes Toxic European Culture (Full Video)

Feb 2023 03
Openupyourmind101/ 2016 Dr Llaila O Afrika shares his knowledge, wisdom, advice and educates us on the true (black man's) roots of african history and (food) culture. And exposes the destructive and damaging european and western culture that we have been taught to use and adopt. Misleading us from the origins of africa consequently making us sick and unhealthy. Dr. Afrika shares insight on herbs, if cooking food is beneficial or harmful, the importance of buying and eating organic raw food. Our denatured senses and the science of taste in the human body, cleansing cycles in the human body. Bipolarity of......


Dec 2022 26
#machiavelli #theprincefamily THE FIRST MAN WHO SEPARATED RELIGION AND POLITICS | MACHIAVELLI POLITICAL THOUGHT #politics #machiavelli #top10 #africa Nicholas Machiavelli's Thoughts about religion and Politics! The prince, Book of Machiavelli. The first man to differentiate religion and politics. Machiavelli has had a dreadful reputation throughout his life. To be "Machiavellian" in cunning means to be completely untrustworthy. Machiavel is a classic villain in European play who is often mistaken for Satan. Old Nick is, in fact, Old Niccolo—Niccolo Machiavelli, Secretary of State and diplomat for the Florentine government from 1469 to 1527, author of the Discourses on Livy, a History......

What is Happening to Christianity? Insights from Africa

Oct 2022 18
Christianity’s centre of gravity has shifted to the Global South. Prosperity churches, 'born again' politicians, prophets, healers and exorcists are now typical expressions of Christianity worldwide. What do these changes mean for our understanding of the world’s largest religion, in particular with regard to secularism, politics, and international development? Drawing on examples from Africa, the lecture shows how these movements challenge established notions of Christian doctrine and institutional order, and how contemporary Christianity reflects the wider fragmentations and imbalances of the modern world. A lecture by Dr Jörg Haustein The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from......

The Oldest Religion On Earth & Evolutionary Theory

Sep 2022 01
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