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Ancestral cloths. Masela a badimo.

Dec 2022 25
On #EzaseNdumbeni today, i discuss ancestral cloths and all their different meanings and for whom are they worn. Please leave your comments below and share with us which of these signs you are currently experiencing. Ancestral cloths are very significant and hold great meaning to those who wear and keep them. the animal prints we find ourselves wearing and drawn to may be a direct link to your ancestors, totems and surnames. They can also bring healing especially for the ancestors that occupies your body seeking it. They cpme is differents desings and colours each special and specific to culture,......

Ukuhlola – Ancestral Reading

Nov 2022 10
On #EzaseNdumbeni today, I discuss ukuhlola and its importance and a bit of background information around it. Please leave your comments below on an experience that led you to hlola. Ukuhlola (ancestral reading) provide alot of imformation about ones life, as imformative as they are, it is very much lead by dreams. Dreams set a tone and fill you in on what is going on generally in your life. ukuhlola reveals details and largely solutions to the issues presented. #EzaseNdumbeni series is realeased fortnightly on a Friday. WATCH: Learn how DREAMS play a role in receiving messages from your guides:......

Dreams: What are dreams and what do they mean?

Nov 2022 01
On #EzaseNdumbeni today I discuss dreams and what they mean. Please leave your comments below and share your experiences with dreams. Dreams are a tell all book about your life if you know where to look. if you are shown an item or shown you doing a certian and specific action, then buy them and do the action! if you can listen to learn then you will grow personally, spiritually and in giant leaps. watch this video to learn how to communicate with your ancestors to open the lines communication. Phahla: TEXT:+27798642894 for bookings or enquiries. Skype: Refiloe Lerumo Moyo......

How To Phahla – Part 2

Sep 2022 04
The Who, What, When, Why and How or ukuphahla - communicating with your ancestors. Please leave your comments below and share your experiences with ukuphahla. www.lesedik.co.za Text:+27798642894 for bookings or enquiries. Skype: Refiloe Lerumo Moyo Twitter and Facebook Page: GogoMoyoSpeaks source