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Is Christianity the White Man's Religion? || Truths, Truths and Half Truths

Feb 2023 15
Many Africans (and other Blacks) don't believe that Christianity is for them. Reason? They believe that the Christian faith was brought to Africa by the white man who used it as one of his weapons of colonisation. Join the conversation and learn how the Christian faith was in Africa long before the arrival of the missionaries, and how it is as much ours (Africans) as it is for other cultures. ▶️ Hang out with us after service! ▶️ Join our iGroups source

Is Christianity The White Man’s Religion?

Feb 2023 12
'Is Christianity The White Man’s Religion?' in this video you will learn the African connections to the gospel of Jesus. Be blessed as always…SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE Free EBook: Understanding the Love of God Contact Pastor Gideon's office WhatsApp: +233243545685 Facebook: --- Partner with us to expand our reach and Quality of Production --- You can Support the ministry one time here (Christ Amazing Love Family) or be a partner here Zeepay / Wave / Tap tap Send / Momo / Ghana (+233) 0243545685 Name: Christ Amazing Love Family, if you have any challenge Whatsapp +233243545685 for assistance STAY BLESSED IN......

All Kenyan Counties that practice Indigenous African Religion Today

Jan 2023 07
African indigenous religions are still alive in the whole of Kenya, and this data shows the total population of Kenyans in all the counties who still practice their indigenous religions as per their cultural traditions and heritage that have been passed down from their ancestors in thousands and thousands of years. It is incredible that despite the push to shift to modern religions brought by the colonial rulers, mainly Christianity and islam, there are people who have managed to resist this movement and have kept their ancient traditions very intact. As more people go to church every Sunday and every......

Joshua Maponga & his view on christianity & colonialism

Oct 2022 12
Watch Original the original video here: Joshua Maponga is at a crossroads, after 33 years in Christian ministry, he has found himself in a place where he can't find satisfying answers to his questions. His questions stem from a life o dedication to his calling but some things remain a history. He says God gave us brains to think and questions are a sign of a functioning brain. In this interview, he tries to explain where he stands with the Bible. source

Wasn't Christianity in Africa a Result of Colonialism?

Oct 2022 02
There's a persistent idea that Christianity came to Africa with colonialism. But the true origin of the African Church is found much further back in history #Colonialism #AfricanChristianity #ChristianHistory ____________________________________________________________ TOPICS COVERED: - Christianity Was in Africa Before Colonialism (0:08) - Colonial Missionaries & Their Attitudes in 18th & 19th Centuries (0:20) - Looking Further Back in African Christian History (0:55) - 1) Christianity Originated in The Middle East (1:03) - 2) Christianity Came To Africa In The 1st Century (1:10) - 3) Several Early Church Fathers Were African (1:40) ____________________________________________________________ TOP QUOTES: "There had been Christian activity in Africa......

A History of Christianity in Africa

Sep 2022 10
A History of Christianity in Africa: From Antiquity to the Present. #HistoryVille Join this channel to become a member: Get Ayomide Akinbode's latest historical novels on Amazon: and Okadabooks: Subscribe to HistoryVille: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit our website for interesting historical articles: TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Intro 01:10 How Christianity Came to Africa 04:32 Factors that led to the spread of Christianity in Africa 07:56 African Independent Churches 09:44 The Persecutions of Christians in Africa 11:37 The Impact of Missionaries on African Christianity 13:07 The Present State of Christianity in Africa 14:44 Next Video......

Top Religion Population in Africa 1900 – 2100 | Religion Population Growth | Data Player

Sep 2022 05
There are only two major religion in Africa that is Christianity and Islam so basically Abrahamic religion is followed all over Africa and there are very very few followers of other religions.#topreligioninafrica #dataplayer #topreligion Support by Subscribe Thank! You! Related Titles Religion in Africa 1900 - 2100 statistics Islam in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Christianity in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Ahmadiyya in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Atheism in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Hinduism in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Judaism in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Traditional African Religion in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics What......