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Sharon Stone on Her Near-Death Experience: “I Felt Peaceful” | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

Jul 2023 06

In 2001, famed actress Stone had the worst headache of her life. The pain was so severe, says, that she felt as if she had been shot in the head. Later, doctors discovered that had experienced a stroke. During this traumatic time, she had an MRI and remembers seeing a and getting a glimpse into the afterlife. Watch as Sharon recalls her much-reported brush with death. For more on , visit

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Sharon Stone on Her Near-Death Experience: “I Felt Peaceful” | | OWN


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    Sharon– As per, described, by
    Ernest HEMINGWAY


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    The fact she said it had been so long ago and she had a difficult time remembering makes me a skeptic.

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    Look up: Bryan Melvin's near death experience where he saw demon that he called "lizard breath"

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    False doctrine

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    Sharon Stone’s near death experience was she stumbled into a Walmart.

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    Of all the near death experience testimonials I've heard, I really believe Sharon's testimony. No extreme dramatics, just facts.

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    Now every one of these stories I've ever heard they all said they remembered every detail as if it just happened but this chick is saying hers is not as clear because it was a while since. Don't believe this one.

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    Eye opening for sure.

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    That women was being truthful thank you!

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    It would be really awesome If there was a heaven. I just struggle with trully beleiving in a place I’ve never seen proof of. I’ll try my best to beleive though. At least it makes me feel good

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    Fifty years ago, when I was just fifteen, (Now 65) …I died from an intense and instant asthma attack and fell to the bathroom floor of our home. As I rose above my body, the house appeared to be glass, I could see through all three floors like an x-ray. There was the blackness some have called the tunnel….I was fully aware and conscious, even lucent one might say. Then there appeared a Light behind me in the distance which quickly grew brighter as it were pulling me toward it like gravity. There was no fear. The place in the Light was the most wonderful place I had ever known. I had a new body made of energy it seemed, one which did not have asthma, or any other ailment, and did not age. I did not want to go back. I did not want to return. ….Then I saw my Mother weeping without control, my lifeless body in her arms, I was shown, revealed, seemingly as if in telepathy, and without human words, that she would never recover from this death of her son. I saw her remaining life destroyed and decimated because of my leaving. …And the Light said: " You must go back. You cannot leave your Mother in this way at this time. For she birthed you, and she will not survive this event. " Yet the decision to return was mine to make….and so I responded immediately…I will go back now, for I am able to see her agony. Upon thinking that, I returned, flew, was sucked back immediately to my body on Earth, I began to breath, as my Mother frantically squeezed the asthmatic nebulizer into my mouth for breathing, and found myself back on the bathroom floor, my Mother's face above me, conscious once more. Before all this happened and before I returned, I watched her travel up two staircases from the Kitchen below, where she had heard the thump of my body falling on the bathroom floor above, I watched this from the top of our house roof…like glass I could see through the roof and floors, and watched her run to my attic bedroom to get my asthmatic nebulizer, and then return to me lying on the bathroom floor as I was able to look back to the Earth, and with a single thought of "Where am I? ..was able to turn and see the Light, back and forth, in this new body I found myself in, which seemed to look just like my physical body, except that it was not physical, and my new body was able to penetrate physical objects like the house itself…. The Light could only be best described as "Unconditional Love." It was a Light of the Past…the Present…and the Future, all three, in a single beam of focused Light. There is so much more I experienced while bathed in that Light of Love on the other side. Too much to write here really. . . Then as I returned to my Mother…I heard these words delivered crystal clear to my mind from the Light, as if they were the whole point of this experience happening. " You are loved. You are not judged. Do not judge others, and you will not be judged." …My life was transformed 50 years ago at age 15. Not a single day of my life has passed since that time, that I do not recall this experience in some manner. I am not able to look at death in the same manner as others who have not had this experience, because the experience taught me that there is no death when we depart Earth. ….. My Mother is gone now. And many years later after my event, I was called to her bedside from far outside of town at precisely 11 PM the night before Easter morning, and I was told in an urgent vision to go to my Mother's bed side immediately, that this would be her last night on earth. She was in the last stages of cancer. I left immediately in a panic, and drove the hour trip in darkness to her hospital bed arriving there just after Midnight…She was alone, and there she died in my arms as the vision had foretold. And so Mom was with ME when I died at age 15… …This time around I was with HER …when SHE died at 76. …And just as the voice had directed me to her bedside in the middle of the night…I was given another directive just 30 seconds before she died…the words appeared in my head..and they were to be delivered to her specifically in this manner… they were to be delivered directly and quietly to her, and with great soothing and calm, to her ear. I was directed NOT to cry when I delivered the words to her lest she sense this, and pull back from leaving. …" Follow the Light Ma" …These were the words I whispered with great calm and control in her ear. ..and then again just once more I was directed, to whisper to her .."Follow the Light"… she drew her last breath, and immediately left the body.. and departed, and I was able to actually see her spirit rise up and fly away into that Great Light which now appeared on the ceiling above her hospital bed. It was the very SAME Light I had seen at age 15 when I died in her presence on the bathroom floor. .There just are no human words that can describe The Light. . No human language that can do it justice. No human utterance that can relay its depth or can describe the experience of the "New body." This Light is the place from which we all originated, it is the place we all return to. It is home.

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    She was so different after her medical crises, beyond such brain damage. Glad she made it back to share. ❤️🙏💞

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    Can't stand or watch arrogant devil oprah

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    She is beautiful. I love her with short hair

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    God IS LOVE … we all go home from where we come from… we are God's children.

  18. #18

    A.D. 2022 !!!

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    Teach y’all great mystery I see my soul while I yet live it’s a body of light

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    NDE is not death! It is only near death! So, all this woman is saying here, is a big fat lie from the devil himself. This is in no way biblical. Nobody comes back from death. Once dead, always dead! The decision to believe in Jesus Christ, go in Heaven, is made in this life only. Not after you die! This is a lie from the father of lie, Satan.

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    @Zero Ounce  I wanted to ask something… My grandmother recently passed to another world and I was so close to her like Sooo much that I can't say in words…. I am still not believing what had happened… She was 77 years young… Before her last day continuously 8 days she was sleeping a lot not speking also… So I am worried that is there anything she wanted to tell, was there anything in her heart… And really she meet her parents and relatives after her dying, is she in safe place and she is loved… Please answer my questions please..

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    I praise Jesus. You are my savior

  24. #24

    Yep overdosed on pills at 16 same thing totally utopia feeling was surreal.

  25. #25

    HE sent you back to tell everyone about your experience. AND to be with your son.

  26. #26

    She never mentioned the Lord Jesus Christ, so it sounds like she went into the Astral Plane (Demonic Realm). It's very common. Demons can affect what we feel and hear. Some people even have audio experiences that don't match the visual. Demons are masters of deception.

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    For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” Jesus Christ, John 3:16-17

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    It's a near death…not death ..There is either heaven or hell..We must know Jesus..and have him as our Lord in our lives..Otherwise it's just deception during a NDE…Scripture tells us Satan can transform himself into light..a deception..

    Any all is good..all is well..no need to be saved and have accepted Jesus work on the cross as the only way for salvation..is deception!!

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    One of the beautiful, strong, and an incredible women i have seen.
    Best actress, a fighter and an inspiration to many.
    Beautiful soul.
    Best wishes Sharon😊

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    Jesus Gives Eternal Life

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    There are also people who reported bad experiences of spending time in hell during an NDE, so I wouldn’t take it for granted – especially as some of the negative experiences begin with seeing apparently friendly beings which appear pleasant to begin with, until they have led you to where they want you that is…

  32. #32

    Boy is she lousy at explaining it. Vague

  33. #33

    Yes it's peaceful. I didn't see anyone I was just walking towards a light.

  34. #34

    And this woman has the iq of 160…

  35. #35

    Just lost my Dad in January. I truly hope I see him again, I miss him so much. These experiences give me hope. Thank you!

  36. #36

    I think she’s full of it and not speaking the truth because when you experience the unconditionally love on the other side you come back a totally different person with no hate in your heart and you see life differently and have the understanding of life. Years after this supposedly happen to her she comes out and trashes our President with unloving words. That doesn’t sound like a person who experienced God!

  37. #37

    Only way to have eternal peace is through salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and repentance.The “white light” only last until cause casts you to hell..

  38. #38

    She is beautiful

  39. #39

    Similar with my alien experience..

  40. #40

    Thank you for sharing..I know there are a lot of people hurting too…Please know however, the continuation of Life is REAL indeed. We have Hope on this earth, for the Light and Love of Jesus who does await us after crossing over…nothing to fear.

  41. #41

    It seems like she's lying.

  42. #42

    I read once, that “death is like when you are holding your breathe at the bottom of a swimming pool and you are swimming up to the surface for that fresh breathe of air and you finally break through.” It’s like that.

  43. #43

    She's telling the truth

  44. #44

    if you are not born again then death would be a very fearful thing because you are about to go to hell and be forever lost and away from God. the only way to be born again is to confess your sins to God and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior

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    Does anyone realize that the patriarchal system installed a fear of death as punishment? We are realizing that death is a sacred experience. It's a mystery, as is birth – a sacred mystery. And that's fine, do we know who designs the flowers? Or the magic of the bees? And it's fine to not have certainly but to respect and honor creation without trying to control and harness everything for our benefit. But to learn we are magic too and to trust the process. Don't be afraid, you will not be abandoned when you die. Shame on the systems who try to convince us otherwise..

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    I know this happens to many people…But I just don't believe her at all!!! Sorry not sorry 😏

  47. #47

    My grandma once woke me up at 3 am… I saw her in my dream and she told me that I have to contact her sister. I woke up and started looking for a way to contact her. I found her granddaughter on facebook and asked if she has her number. She said that her grandma is turning 93 this day and it's nice that I remembered… I didn't. Some months later I saw my grandma and her sister together. They were extremely happy smiling to one another. At one point grandma said "we are together again".I called her number to check… It was true. Her son revealed she just died. Few weeks ago my other grandma showed me my cousin holding a baby and told me she will have a baby girl. Few weeks later I get a call that my cousin expects a baby girl.

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    doesnt sound convincing

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