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Present! – Barbara Bartolome’s Near-Death Experience

Jul 2023 19

Barbara Bartolome talks about her near-death experience, the reluctance of doctors to accept the phenomenon, and the peace of mind it can give to those who are open to it.This program was aired on KMVT15 Community Media.


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    This is what I learned, only the highest is here

    Do Not 🚫 bank on anyone but yourself because in the end that is all you have left. Even the most closest to you on your own death bed! would say "I wish it was me but not you". But when you ask them to trade the position, you would see their response. ✓

    There is no such thing as unconditional love as long as you remain in the human form. Someone so compassionate and full of love is not yet or capable to give you unconditional love. So if you want unconditional love? You must work on yourself while yet! You must remain in the human body. ✓

    Most Near Death Experiences are fake!. Don't believe in everything what you hear. You only hear what you want to hear and rest goes into the gutter. Most Experiencers only do it to, either, 1, to expand their finances, or further their religion ☯️ or to get fame. Raymond Kinman and Dianne Sherman from California are those culprits. I personally had brush off with them and they are hypocrite and filth of the universe! who even didn't leave Sacred alone but wanted to use it for materialistic gain. Look them up on YouTube and be aware of these demons. ✓

    Most Near Death experiences tell you God is unconditional love ❤️. If that was the case then why God "all omniscient and all omnipresent" would let 7 million Jews die in a gas chamber? to whom, 4 millions of them were women and children?. Light 🕯️ a candle under your own ASS! and find out the truth personally. Period.
    God is not unconditional love by any means!.
    2, Eternity Love those who go in accord with eternity. People who really had legitimate Near Death experiences were called again to give them a glimpse of what unconditional love is and also as a warning ⚠️ sign that if you don't get yourself straight? this is Not 🚫 you would ever experience, Ever!. It's a promise. ✓

    Eternity Love those who go in accord with eternity. People who really had legitimate Near Death experiences were called again to give them a glimpse of what unconditional love is and also as a warning ⚠️ sign that if you don't get yourself straight? this is Not 🚫 you would ever experience, Ever!. It's a promise. ✓

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    The similarities between these NDEs can not be denied. Its a glimpse into the truth of this world.

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    Doctors and nurses disgust me!

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    Most doctors and mostly scientists, do not believe in life after death, and most not all, do not even believe in God. Just saying. 🤷 I know we have a spirit inside our human bodies, I left mine twice. 🙏❤️✝️

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    I’m 44 and have never had anything remotely like a transcendental experience in my life. But I find this woman to be extremely credible. It’s impossible for me to just dismiss what she’s saying.

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    The universe, other people, the world, God ..allllll are "Self"-imposed hallucinations. Only one thing ( infinite awareness" exists. There. IS. NO. SECOND. THING. 🤭
    Thats the core/crux of whats usually termed hinduism.
    This of course, being laughably radical in terms of conventional "reality", these teachings are always contained in texts called "rahasyas". Rahasya= secret.
    Oops i let the cat out of the bag.
    Oh wait. Im the cat and im the bag. So are you

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    How can someone that has never died (whatever that means) possibly know that they are "near death"?

    Death can only mean the cessation of all experience –If it is to mean anything at all and self-evidently impossible to detect whether one is "near" the cessation of all experience because no one can have an experience of no experience whatsoever, so so-called near death experience is meaningless gibberish – it can be nothing but meaningless gibberish

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    I think that was Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

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    I suffered a NDE after complications I wasn't suppose to make it half a day and I lasted 13 days. I saw beautiful green grass and trees i didn't see a light but after I recovered I could feel things, see things spirits and know what gonna happen before it does. Has anyone else get gifts? I saw a video by a guy who's been researching NDE for almost 50 yrs and 98% NDE claim they have some kind of gifts I've seen like 30 videos and they claim the same.

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    Hell was a creation of the Roman Church. We can experience negative NDE experiences but they are only temporary. I am one of them that had these negative experiences of being in the void.

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    massive lawsuit?

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    Bad sound you need to turn it up

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    I wish I could have an experience like this a lucid dream something to give some clarity as to what happens afterwards

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    Ego's are really hard to deal with… to realize we have one impostering as us in a way… really just messing up our whole life simply because we arent taught how to be happy, how to follow your dreams , aspirations, interests.. not be trained to seek wealth… abundance flourishes when we naturally flourish. I experienced enlightenment which was similar in many ways to near death experiences as far as feeling of infinite peace love comfort, and being one with all the universe through that understanding all the universe. I spent most of the next decade in that state until i got type one diabetes and severe nueropathic pain. Severe enough for me to realize suicide was a valid, logical, reasonable choice and it was like a dark cloud came over. Since then i am still enlightened, still connect to the totality and see so much many just cant see and wont believe when you try to tell them. In fact when first enlightened i spent much time communicating and "walking with entities that felt like christ, buddha, lao tsu, and others ascended beings, i mentioned i wanted to stay here and they said i could but would have to go off into the world and leave everything from the past behind me and then it would be a straight forward or easier process. But i wanted to "come back" or rather stay and tell others what i did, how i did it, how we can all do it, how easy it is… for me it took a day and a half, not continuous of reading a book i had wanted to read, it was eckhart tolles the power of now. Anyhow i was told i could do that but it would be very hard but i just had to save my family and friends and all i could from the misery of the veil of delusion, ego etc etc etc… and instead experience enlightenment. It is wonderful, humanity has to evolve to it, and the veil of delusion that causes all the corruption, suffering etc also exist… we call it just reality for.we know nothing else.

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    Yet another yank who experienced NDE. What is with these people.Let me guess she met God and her life changed forever.

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    My NDE was short and sweet, and happened after a terrible car accident. God told me I was close to “seeing” the Truth. I thought it odd He didn’t say close to “knowing” the Truth. No words were actually spoken, it was all telepathic. I then asked Him if that meant I got to come home? This beautiful experience immediately went away. I suppose I should have asked another question. There’s no doubt this was the most beautiful feeling of peace and love throughout every cell of my being.

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    Jesus or Buddha? No, only Jesus. The only way. I'm sorry if this hurts feelings. Buddhists are good people, but all of us are sinners in need of The Savior. Come to Christ, He is the way, The Truth, and The Life.

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    Moral of the story: avoid the Indusrial medical complex as much as possible. They may be more worried about who’s winning the televised singing competition than they are your life!

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    "Wet suit"

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    The fact that the Neuro Surgeon had that reaction sickens me. What an idiot. Someone who has no belief in an afterlife should not be working on people. Why would he care ?

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    That hospital staff sounds awful. The two men at the beginning weren’t paying attention to a patient. The doctor loudly said he didn’t believe her. Then staff wouldn’t speak to her during her stay.

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    When I was 18 years of age, my bf & I were in the countryside. It was my car but he was driving it. I sat in the front seat. The car started skidding on a gravelly/sandy tract. I told him to slow down, as he was already going slow anyway. The car suddenly picked up speed, wildly swerved all over the narrow lane & was headed for over the cliff. It was a bottomless drop down. I knew we were about to die as the car was out of control. I saw what was coming & thought this is it. I put my arms over my face & screamed. Then a miracle happened. The car stopped by itself. I couldn't comprehend that we were still in the car – alive. I jumped out & told him to do the same. We looked at the front wheels. They were right on the edge of the cliff. I nearly died of fright, thinking this is just impossible. He said he will reverse the car, which I said no to. I said just leave it. He managed to reverse the car. We drove home after that. I never told my family what happened that day. I didn't want them to worry every time I took my car. To this day, I'm convinced a Guardian Angel held that car back from going over the cliff. How could it suddenly take off fast, heading over the cliff, then just as suddenly stop? I still think about that day, all those years ago.

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    Is it true? What does the Bible say? REPENT. JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS. But read what the Bible tells you how to get to heaven. Read Matthew 7, 24 and 25 and Romans. See Lion of Judah and Time Square Church. REPENT. Jesus loves you.

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    That presence beside you was your guardian angel!

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    Has anyone had this experience during very deep meditation? The exact thing happened to me but not in the setting of a NDE. This is an amazing video.

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