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Present! – Amy Call’s Near-Death Experience

Jul 2023 17
Present! –  Amy Call’s Near-Death Experience

talks to (International Association for Near-Death Studies) about her remarkable near-death experience in 2003. This program was aired on 15 .


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    I can't get enough of these NDE's. Sometimes they are the only thing that makes this crazy world make sense. Thank you for sharing yours with us Amy. Just curious, you must have been LDS. Everything you discribed about your religion was totally my LDS experience: only true religion, large families, trying to be perfect, etc. I also left my church (LDS) because once you have had your own brushes with the divine, religion doesn't fit any more. Mine was not in the form of a NDE, but an encounter with the divine just the same. It changed my life.

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    Amy I have literally listened to your story over a 100 times in the last few years every time when I feel it is all too much I listen to your experience it is so healing to listen too. You are a pure beautiful soul. I have looked to see if you have written a book I do know there is so much more and at the same time this is so packed with knowledge and beautiful messages Thank you for what you have given all of us this video always gives me so much peace and hope and the courage to keep going. 🙏♥️

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    Exceptional presentation. This woman is a gift.

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    After 32 years of meditation my body has evolved to a place where it is intolerant of GMO products.I break out in a rash when I consume ANY GMO grain products.
    Ms Call calls these genetically modified food stuffs toxic barriers to our spiritual development.

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    Psychotropic drug experience.

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    I would caution people who take from experiences like this that nothing we do on earth matters, because we will simply be forgiven for all of it.
    That is not true. What we do here MATTERS. Sitting idly by and doing nothing or excusing evil will have consequences for all involved.
    Mercy cannot rob justice.

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    What you describe is very much like what I experienced when an angel of a young woman came to me in the spring of 2020. Very few words were spoken, but a wealth of non-verbal communication happened. This woman gave me her name and I have since found her obituary and who she was in life.
    Like you said, it is hard to describe this event in plain English to people because the way knowledge is transmitted on the other side doesn't transmit so clearly here.

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    You aren't wearing a wedding ring on your left hand… but rather the thumb ring… did you husband divorce you because of your NDE or did you leave him?

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    Thank you for sharing. ❤

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    The food has been out of its pure state for years. Processed food, sugars, artificial flavors, that's why so many people have sickness.

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    Does she have a book? I would love to read it. Her talk was absolutely fascinating. Thank you.

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    I've watched thousands of NDE stories and this is one of my all time favorites. Thank you.

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    Wow wow wow beautiful

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    Still my absolute favorite NDE from someone who serves God! ✨✨✨

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    such a beautiful testimony absolutely incredible,does this AMy woman here have a personal page or channel on here to subscribe to anybody please.

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    Craziest thing about this story is how certain I am that Mrs Call is telling the truth.

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    Quando o Espiritismo foi fundado por Allan Kardec e Espíritos superiores, as igrejas católica e protestante foram contra, consideraram uma religião demoníaca, disseram que os Espíritos não existem e continuaram pregando que corpos que não existem mais vão ressuscitar, mas hoje as Near-Death Experience revelam que somos Espíritos, almas imortais; que continuamos vivendo após a morte; que os Espíritos existem. A VERDADE SEMPRE APARECE.

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    Naya's corner of the universe♥️

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    So i want to know after listening to all of this how should i proceed with my life i am still young and i want to be free the matrix
    Who can answer this questions that i have?

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    Love this… so grateful she shared! Continued blessings!

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    Thank you ❤️

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    amein does AMy have a social media page or a email address we can contact her on posibly anybody??God bless Amy shine his face upon here always and keep her safe always :)im almost have way through this video its truly amazing so far luv it

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    This sounds more like she was on a pharmaceutical trip….

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    Profound coward, and strangely, identical Twin.. I’ve risked so much, and strangely, it doesn’t mean so much at all.. it is ok.. be one.. be yourself…. I have no worry regarding you, my Beloved Twin.. we will be one some day in the flesh…. Blame a THOUSAND things that prevents me from you…. When you actually have the “Balls” I’ll be here waiting.. maybe I will be as well…. Or maybe not… maybe never again.. it is ok…. I find safety…. Sanctuary, that way…. Look for am”creep” to,crucify an blame things,on

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    Ok another one

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    Dear KMVT, Can you please activate the CC (close caption) for this video? There should be a way through the video settings, and that would help those with accessibility needs and English as second language to understand the video better through is transcript. Thanks!

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    Thank you so much. I really need this speech! Deeply gratitude that you share your nde to people.

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    This lady is pure class. Honest, humble with sincerity and integrity.
    Inspiring and endearing in equal measure.

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    Her insight about tainted foods obviously has to do with food . products.

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    Right! No religion…Just keep the Holy Commandments of God….pray and love. 🙏❤🙏

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