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Penny Wittbrodt: A Near Death Experience: ‘There’s Something Bigger Going On’

Jul 2023 20

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In August 2012, nurse Penny Wittbrodt was rushed to the emergency room after the mysterious onset of severe respiratory distress. Her husband raced to the hospital and within minutes, stood and helplessly watched as she stopped breathing and was placed on life support in a medically induced coma. Over the next two and a half years that scene inexplicably replayed itself 18 times. Penny shares the story of her Near-Death Experiences.

Penny can be seen in Craig McMahon’s documentary, Life to Afterlife: Death and Back 2.

0:00 Intro
1:25 Life prior to the near death experience (NDE)
6:28 Penny’s definition of a near death experience
7:32 Events that led to the near death experience
19:00 The astral body and the void
31:26 The light
52:00 Judgment of others
1:11:22 Live to your fullest potential


Penny was invited to write a chapter for Dr. Penny Sartori’s book, The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

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    People who are falling for this woman's story need to see what she's really all about. The NDE is a bait and switch – her entire platform is pushing crazy Alex Jones conspiracy garbage.

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    Penny, since you know God personally, can you tell me if i'm going to Heaven?

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    definitely agree 100% with Penny on the rebuke of Evolution and support of ID. The Human skeleton for example, the frame that supports the body is a work of astounding artistry. as an Artist, i can tell you that. to think it just appeared by unguided process is laughably absurd

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    I think God wants to reach us through human agents. He works in very strange ways

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    I have heard, watched and read hundreds of NDE experiences and there is something about Penny's story that I really connect with and love hearing again and again. Her story alone has strengthened my faith in God and made me not afraid to die. Thank you for this meaningful interview!

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    I've heard Penny's story several times. I never get tired of it. I truly believe her experience.

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