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Near Death Experience Surprising Report of Peace in God’s Presence – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Jun 2023 21

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    That little kid’s parents should download this video. Their child is world famous now! (I’m listening in Japan.)😂❤
    Just joking! It’s wonderful that little children are being brought to Mass!😊👍

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    26 now, but when I was 11, I was hit by a car crossing my street and was wrecked. I remember how the whole world was sinking. I couldn’t imagine things anymore only things that happened and experiences I had. I was so anxious because I couldn’t wake up. I made up memories that I was just really tired and needed rest and my mother would wake me soon for school. Never happened. As darkness crept in I went to sleep and awoke with a beautiful sky over me, with the most humble, peaceful, and silly person I ever experienced. Just looking there and smiling back at me. I wasn’t strong in faith then. But the person had the image of my grandfather who was not present for my accident. But I experienced true shalom with this person, like waves of peace crashing on my shore. After some time He winked spoke a bit, and bent back away and walked backwards away never breaking eye contact with me. I still felt at peace, but it cut back to black. Licked my teeth and realized I had none left haha. The huge crowd my accident drew I couldn’t hear but kept trying to stand, still couldn’t see a thing, but I heard my mothers voice cry out.

    “G you are f****d up from a car hitting you stay down the police will be here soon to take you to the hospital.” Someone put a blanket on me because I was cold.

    It took me some time but I realized eventually that this was my first encounter with God. He is so just and loving you cannot fathom it. I took a car to the brain and lost only my teeth. The neurosurgeons at John’s Hopkins said it was a miracle I didn’t receive any brain damage. God is with you, he provides, he loves to love. Trust in Him.

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    God Bless

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    Do you still have restictions in Canada or what; why are there so few people in the bench? Your church ought to be full! I love your homolies. Thanks father for share all your videos with the world.

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    How lovely to hear those words of His, akin to Jesus being baptised in the River Jordan, right?

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    Pray for my son Mark, he has cancer.

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    It takes a man with strong faith to believe that he will one day be rich and successful and at the same time wealth is not for everyone. I can say that I am rich and even if I wasn’t rich I would still be happy. If you plan on making YouTube videos take away the mindset of wanting to make money. I always tell people to document, don’t create. If YouTube doesn’t work for you try other things like crypto, NFT, Stocks and so on. If you need assistance in that I can help mail me. Bottom line, keep up that high faith,,

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    My brothers and sisters in Christ, a little over 2weeks ago I had a heart attach at work, and told I had died, my co-workers performed CPR on me along with police and and first responders I had a triple bypass done on me so I'm still in need of prayers
    🙏❤️🙏 Thank you

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    Amen Fr Goring 🙏✝️🌹Amen 🙏✝️🕊❤️‍🔥🌹🙏Thank You …Peace Be With You Brother 🙏✝️🌹

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    Father, please stop using the “Bobby Brown” microphone. It looks horrible

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    🙌🏼 HALLELUJAH 🙌🏼 AMEN 🙌🏼
    👑 VIVA CHRISTO REY 👑 ❤️✌🏼🦋

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    Just perfect ❤️🙏🏼😢❤️

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    The most distressing te in our lives lives is when our guardian angels have to leave no infants want them to go god is taken from us when humans vow to god to do the guardians job ,and they may never know their guardians again until they die, those who have been betrayed by the church may regain their guardians again special dispensation by god because the vow takers broke their vow to god ,those people are the saints. I know this to be true ,the church does not.

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    Awesome true teaching. Thank you😀🙏🏻!

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    Thank you for meeting me at my level! God bless Fr Mark.

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    Amen…Ty Dear Fr. Goring for reminding us of these Heavenly gifts from GOD, the Father. VIVA CRISTO REY!!! 😇🙏📿💒🤍

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    True repentance can bring you overwhelming happiness and a very strong urge to be with the Father in heaven it allows you to realize just how meaningless your attachments on Earth are. Always have God in your life you are naked without him

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    Did I hear a crying child in the background?

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    What a beautiful homily. It was short and sweet, but packed a punch. I will definitely share it with my friends/family who need to hear this and understand the tender, loving heart of Jesus and of God♥️
    I'm intrigued by NDE's and I truly believe the people's experiences about meeting God or Jesus 🙏
    Thank you Fr. Mark for your wisdom and may God protect you always🙏💕

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    Besides he's probably mad at me about something 🤣 so true ! Great homily ! thank you so much for posting this🙏🙏
    We might be surprised when we see a great looking young man who will be God but will absolutely be royalty far more awesome than any earthy royalty but still be Abba! In the next life when we see him face to face💜
    Prayers for you Fr. Mark🙏🙏

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    My near death was completely peaceful even as utter chaos and violence was all around me. God the Father made Himself known and asked me, 2x, "Are you ready?"

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    I love this so much. I’m horribly awkward and afraid… so this was a balm to my soul. Thank you.

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    Please pray an additional holy Rosary to your current daily one, for the intentions of our Blessed Mother. Thank you.

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    Isn't it about time for you and your buddy Taylor Marshall to make another video about climate change? How about showing some footage of Hurricane Ian in Florida while you chortle with laughter..

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    If you're making it to Heaven with your lies about global warming and your material cooperation with evil, then so is everyone else.

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    Was this inspired by the book God the Father?

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    It’s not easy to follow the path of God without his help, please help us virgen mother,Viva. Cristo Rey

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    Beautiful sermon! 🎚🎚🎚

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you ever so much for this homily Fr Mark Goring!
    The story, too long, events too extensive, to relay all of what occurred here in this spot…but this is what occurred with/for me: I was victim to a very serious vehicular accident, I was hit by a truck at high speed. The moment before impact of the truck, Jesus Christ was sitting at my right side (I was on the passenger side of a VW Bug and the impact was my right). Immediately, He was next to me (kind of like my buffer of impact) with His arm around me. He said “It is alright, we will be okay.” And then the truck hit. He never left being at my right side (many more stories about this). He stayed with me through my Miraculous (essentially impossible) recovery. He laid with me and held me. Together we held hands and walked and talked through beautiful surroundings. We were always side by side. He was (is) my best friend. As I got better, He was right there at my side less and less and I would give anything to have that incredible closeness back again. So…
    My whole point of thanking Fr Mark and so grateful for this homily is this…
    God is good, awesome, incomprehensible glory, but I do not see myself falling on my face when I am graced with seeing Him again.
    I am going to run to Him, throw my arms around Him, crying and telling Him how much I missed Him, how much I missed really, physically hugging Him, holding each other, walking and talking, being best friends.
    I have been feeling like maybe I was disrespectful because I felt that way. But Fr Mark very ably confirmed that my feelings, my emotions, my wanting for that closeness again…that is something He (our Savior) wants also.
    I will probably end up living as long as Methuselah, but my longing for that embrace just becomes stronger and I pray it always will.
    Thank you, God bless you, God bless us all!

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    I don't have any meaning of a god at all. I find the concept fanciful.

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    My Lord and my God

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    Thanks father mark for a great sermon on how to communicate to people and making them feel at ease.The same way the holy spirit guides us when we are at peace with God let us have good Christian values. God bless.

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    Oh Yeah, Hallelujah!!

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    God bless you Father Mark! Viva Cristo Rei! From Brazil… Today's Brazilian Election for President, Our Lady of Aparecida pray for us!

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    For the Immaculate Heart Triumph 

    "Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death."

    "Make and distribute my green scapular as soon as possible, if given with confidence, there will be a great number of sinners converted, especially those souls who do not possess the true religion. They will receive many graces, to help them in finding and keeping the one true faith. Those who die wearing my sacramental green garment will be given a peaceful and happy death, and shall not suffer the eternal fires of hell.

    Furthermore, I shall Bless on Earth, every heart who makes my green scapular wear it or spreads devotion to it, for it is My Immaculate Heart, therefore treat it with profound honor and respect. In addition, all who wear or keep about themselves my green scapular badge, are agents of my Immaculate Heart. Hence the evil one is powerless to harm those souls who clothe themselves in my love."

    BRIEF BENEFITS – Green Scapular compared to the other Sacramentals
    – No enrollment needed just a simple blessing from a priest for any soul to benefit
    – One can give away to anyone in and outside the faith… even hidden from the individual and also please say the prayer.
    – Help a souls eternity especially those who are obstinate to keep it hopeful for everyone
    – Great blessing if worn in regards to wearing it but not a prerequisite to obtaining grace
    – When you feel your voice is not heard or one worries in regards to their eternity… heaven gives us hope for them in this sacramental
    – additional benefit: add Both Style Miraculous Medals for the purpose to give strength and signal graces to help souls when worn.

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    On Jan 18, 2001 I tripped and fell injuring a old injury from the military.. that day I as the Dr said “disintegrated 3 vertebrae, C-2,3,4 ( right under my brain stem ), tore my C-3 Spinal Cord & C-2,3,4 Spinal Cord was completely disfigured & heavily damaged’…. Without me aware the first night, which I was not supposed to survive, my breathing had stopped 7 times along with other complications….

    As the small hospital I was originally at did not identify the injury, I was transported to a major hospital the next morning…. There the Dr had a frank conversation with me several days later, because I did not have immediate surgery the swelling had to rescind before actual surgery could happen…. He said he couldn’t believe I made it so far but no quarentee I would last till then either.

    But I already knew I was on the edge of death and was completely at ease and hoped I was going to heaven then.

    8 months later when with a walker he stated everything about me was a complete miracle from heaven and by no means should’ve survived or not been 100% quadriplegic…

    Though I do have quadriplegia, my daily prayer includes … every breath, every step and every day is your gift of LOVINGKINDNESS that I offer back to you

    I was told my work wasn’t done yet but whenever it is God already has a job for me in heaven


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    ❤😊oh wow what a beautiful 😍 wonderful Temple of God 🙏🏻thank you Father Mark ❤😊love your Preaching and your love 💗 for God Almighty 😊

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    Amen🙏🏻Fr. Mark. When my earthly father died of a heart attack at the age of 52 and I was 28, the eldest of 7 children, I was so devastated. I sought my heavenly Father and I found Him. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    All I can say Father is Amen

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    Yes my favorite quote from your night prayer Mark 1.11

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    Another wonderful God The Father explanation by Fr. Mark.

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    “We were made to commune with God” this is a gift the modern culture has forsaken yet hungers for

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    Old Testament people knew only God's Law that when broken means death! We know God the Father through the Grace of Jesus Christ!

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    An actress from Hong Kong, Jacqueline Law, testified her encounter with Jesus in a vision when she was suffering from pancreatic cancer. For years, she had depression from a scuba diving accident which led her to have serious hearing problem. She could no longer be an actress and had to switch career selling beauty products. Later, she found out she had pancreatic cancer and suffered great pain.

    At the urge of her close Christian friends, she started going to Church and learned how to pray. During a prayer session in Dec 2006, she had a vision of a beautiful place and saw a cloud of bright light approaching her. She described the light as warming and peaceful but was so bright that she could not see clearly what was in the light. Then she saw a figure of a person that shines like the sun. The person walked slowly toward her and started to dim the brightness so that she could see his face clearly. The person was Jesus Christ, who dressed with austere clothing. He gave her a hug like a lover and whispered to her ear, saying, "I love you and desire your love.. Remember this feeling that you have at the moment.. No matter what happens, I am with you. And whatever that is about to happen, it would stab me before it hurts you." Her heart was totally dissolved by Jesus who embraced her.

    She shared this experience with her friends and the people at different Churches. Many people were touched by her testimony and all of the co-workers at her work place were converted. She later passed away peacefully with her husband by her side in 2012. Her story teaches us that Jesus embraces each one of us and desires our love, and is always with us no matter what happens.

    Have a blessed Sunday.

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    Thank you, Father!

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    Thank you fr Mark God bless you 🙏 Lord 🕊️ thank you for taking care of me and my family daily 🙏 father son holyspirit Amen 🙏🕊️✝️💟🛐❤️

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    Just think of the most adorable, kind man, that is also nice to look at that just makes you go "awww" he's so cute." Especially when he's interacting with his children….
    That's God…

    He is mighty and all powerful…. and completely sweet, adorable, and playful. God's Humor is the best… Father Mark is right… Once you really start getting closer… The devotion and respect does not go away… even as your Love and Closeness grow. Get Closer to Father…and you will see what I do… All the GOOD things about Humanity… God Has them.

    Think about it this way… If your adorable child told you they loved you, but backed away in fear every time you tried to get closer on a Fatherly level…. Wouldn't that break your heart a little? … Let's make God smile. He has so little to smile about these days.

    Viva Cristo Rey! All Glory to God!

    P.S. Fellas if a Lady calls you Cute… its a Good Thing… that means you got something special not all guys do. 😀💖

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    In the background of Fr speaking…the beautiful little voices singing, the baby choir , 💕

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    A wise person doesn't listen to bullshit
    A word from the wise
    Call no priest father
    Call no pope the holy father because the pope isn't God or Jesus

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