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I Died And Felt Absolute Peace | Near Death Experience | NDE

Nov 2023 20

Millions of people have had (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    These videos are therapy for me.. I just left an 8 year abusive relationship in which I still want to be part of.. I just want to love and be loved but I have horrible codependency. I am so broken and feeling absolutely ripped apart 2 months later. I watch every kind of NDE video and read about them all the time. I beg out loud to the universe to give me guidance or God to speak to me. I deal with heavy suicidal thoughts. I am 36. I have a son and it makes me ashamed to say I have these thoughts. I know thoughts are powerful. I just so distraught. I can't deal with this. I just wanted a family of my own but I can't hold a job, my music is going nowhere and I am losing hope.

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    I really like your new voice!

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    Beautiful NDE, thank you for the great narration Leigh

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    Very nice short NDE.. nice peaceful snow pictures…. welcome back, Leigh and i hope to hear Jen's narrations again as well

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    The cigarette part was funny because I’m a former smoker. I woke up one morning and my lower abdomen felt off. I chalked it up to menstrual stuff getting really to happen. I went to work and it was getting worse so I asked to leave early. I walked home and had to rest on the bench. This was SoCal and it was a particularly warm day. When I got home, the first thing I did was light a cigarette. It made me so nauseous that I couldn’t stop vomiting. Turns out I had appendicitis and the surgeon told me if I would’ve waited a little bit longer, my appendix would burst. It seems that smokers think a cigarette will fix anything that ails you. So I can relate to him. I didn’t think it was ha ha funny, but funny in the way that smokers think.

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    Has this story been told before? I feel like I've heard it

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    BYou sound well Leigh

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    Lee, thank you so much for continuing these NDE narrations. I listen to them every night and the stories give me peace. Thank you also Jen. ❤❤

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    Thanks Lee for all you do and your channel does give me hope! I also love Jen glad she's apart of your channel I love both your voices so peaceful ❤

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    This one was really well composed and thought out. Interesting too…

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    Very beautiful voice and experience 👍

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    Sounding more and more the original Leigh's voice today!

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    Thank you for all you do to share these experiences. It does bring hope.

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    What I love about listening to these beautiful experiences are they “no longer fear death”! It’s very soothing to me as I have tended to 2 family members on their journey to death and Heaven. It’s a great gift to have been allowed to be their caregivers. They were both at peace and comfortable with their deaths. I miss my Dad and my Sister very much, but that’s the selfishness of being a human, I guess?? Blessings to you all. And Leigh you are sounding stronger with every passing day!! Praise Be To God!

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    I remember at 14 when my appendix ruptured, I died they said. All I remember was the most amazing peace I have ever felt! I could see them working on me and I was trying to tell them to stop and leave me alone, I was fine. They ignored me

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    Wonderful account of a beautiful and peace experience!

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    Thanks! Continue Good Health Sir, God Bless.

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    Welcome back Sir.. I hope you continue to improve.. A warm hug to you.. Love/Light..

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    I miss your normal voice 😢

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    Thanks a lot. Tears again

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    Good afternoon brother and sister jen❤

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    Thanks Leigh! Hope you are feeling stronger with each passing day. Wishing you and Jen a Blessed Weekend as well as all those who follow your channel. ❤🙏

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    Thank you Lee. I look forward to these videos. They truly do give a glimmer of hope.

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    Leigh, you’re sounding more like yourself every day!

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    I enjoyed listening to this NDE!

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    Leigh, first I wanna say you're either getting better or I'm getting usdta your new voice lol! Second, this was a great experience and like he said, not rushing to get there, but can't wait! ❤️✨️🙏

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    I love that the authors soul "knew" his physical body was dying yet he was able to stay calm and it was like God granted him "moment's" before he physically died to tell his son and wife that he loved them.
    Unfortunately alot of people don't get those moment's before they pass, which is why its so important to tell those around you that you love them every chance you have! ❤
    Big hugs everyone! The weekend is just about here! I hope y'all have a safe and blessed weekend!~Christy

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    Lee, I just wanted to let you know that your voice is amazing! I hope nobody is hating on your new voice. I know how people can be on here. I'm not trying to hit on you but to be quite blunt it's very sexy. Nice and deep. I love what you do and I love your channel it's fantastic!

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    They say no one has ever seen God in his full Glory. Exodus 33:22 23. It has been said that his glory is like looking into the sun with 10x the brightness. You would not live. Im not sure. I think there was a lady in the 70's who was allowed to see him in full Glory. What an honor that would be. Again those may not have come back to speak of it…

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    Nice channel 🎉

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    Really good story. It sounded like he's been thru the "wash, rinse, repeat" cycle a few times – the way he just "knew" what to say to the people around him. Hope he quit smoking. I used to smoke cigarettes (and other stuff). of all the various addictions I've picked up in this lifetime, to quit smoking was the most difficult. I still have a few (addictions) – like coffee, but I have no intention of giving that up.

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    The most well written NDE presentation I've heard, and also Leigh's welcome return.

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    I was helped by the man saying that although he did not want to leave his family, he was at peace. That is the only problem I have with dying; I do not want to leave my family. Thank you, Leigh, and I pray that you are gaining in strength, vitality and radiant health. Amen.

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    This NDE was the humble simplicity of life. This man was a treasure to his family, to the community and it would appear to God. I know of the ‘sinners prayer’ but I don’t know the prayer he mentioned. I have so much appreciation for this man . I love that the nde’s create a tapestry of human existence. I’m a people watcher from my earliest memory . The lives that we live are so precious.Thanks.♥️

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