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He Was PUSHED BY AN ENTITY During His Near Death Experience

Mar 2023 18

Near-death experience podcast 734 is Kevin Jeffers who had a NDE experience as well as encountered many unexplained experiences and phenomena that have expanded to include consciousness shifting, soul retrieval, past life recovery, energetic healing, and soul travel.

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    Can we all just agree that we do not need to seek knowledge from others and just be. Clearly every experience is unique for every individual. It’s like fingerprints — no two the same. We just have to create our own afterlife right now.

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    I feel that his interpretation does not have a creator but “creators” (but who created the “creators”?) since he did not experience the light of the creator. As he himself said, he did not feel the love and he was disappointed. God , the creator, seems to be the essence of love which is in all of us and in all of the creation, that is what we are made of. A piece of the divine ❤

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    Wow, loved this one! Kevin is the best. Chocked full of information and such an intelligent and loving message!
    As always, thank you to Jeff and his trusty partner Mara for all the hard work!

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    This guy acts inconsequent, here he says he was met with shame and no love at the Light. In another interview he was pushed by the same spirit “with love and compassion”. Is he looking for attention or what’s up?

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    Not a very convincing story and not an NDE.

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    38:05 "I don't want to come back, I really don't want to come back …" The spiritual guide known as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, can assist with this matter.

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    I wonder why he didn't want to be asked about black aliens… FR

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    I'm sorry, but at 12:11 he lost me.. My son was murdered. How do I know he's not wondering around not knowing where he is? That's truly a scary thought and will be with me all day. I hope someone can explain maybe something I missed. Edit: and not just my son, but all the school shootings, etc. I'm sure if their parents hear this, it would scare them also. According to you… they have to know to ask for help??? I'm totally freaked out by this. In the beginning I was interested in purchasing his book, but after that statement…no way.

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    He has such a amazing and strong personality. And of course, his lovely and warm voice shows that he really is able to do soul retrieval.

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    This guy doesn't look 70. Maybe 50?

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    26:00 the Being asked him “what are you doing Here?”. I was asked the same question and it made me feel like ‘oh oh am I trespassing?’ But I loved the love so much I decided to override that feeling of ‘oh oh’ and talk to the Being. That turned out to be a good choice.

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    At 22:38 This place is weird, it doesn’t express Spirit. Thank God another human who sees the lack of spirit in our current social consciousness. Having one’s eyes open in this world often brings feelings of depression but that’s just “something” trying to stop the spread of seeing.

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    Mr. Jeffers, thanks for your testimony, very interesting.
    Kudos on another amazing video interview, Mr. Jeff. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

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    I know someone who says she was pushed off her chair while sitting at her desk and found herself in this lifetime. Apparently her job was sorting out lives for others but someone pushed her off her chair and into the one she currently has. She wasn't impressed. Go figure.

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    Love all your interviews!

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    Drhu purhit had Dr Bruce Greyson on his podcast
    Would you consider asking him on your show? Hes a psychiatrist studying NDEs

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    I think the originators are all reincarnated here on earth Now! They are the architects of this reality before time. and I also believe that because they agreed to come here in the beginning and experience the separation from God that they have to be the ones to close this Saga.. The alpha and the omega. We are at the end. These messages activate their alarm clocks inside the subconscious mind. when you referred to people pulling people out in a sense your testimony is here to pull people out of this dream.

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    I agree with alot of what he says. Except yes there is ONE CREATOR. Thanks Jeff!

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    If souls are created in the likeness of the creator God, then souls are already perfect love and awareness? There should be no need to incarnate into human form to learn lessons and to increase spiritual awareness? Reincarnation into human form to experience lifetime after lifetime is a trap for the soul?

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    Children who die unexpectedly get “lost” and don’t get any help from anyone, not even an angel, unless they ask for help? That’s really hard to believe.

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    Children who die unexpectedly get “lost” and don’t get any help from anyone, not even an angel, unless they ask for help? That’s really hard to believe.

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    Children who die unexpectedly get “lost” and don’t get any help from anyone, not even an angel, unless they ask for help? That’s really hard to believe.

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    Criing yelling screaming. Like lol HELL!
    And you are missing out on the PERSONAL Relationship that Jesus Christ offers us.. Aka God. Who is omnipotent, omnipresent etc etc. And REAL. So they as he states. Could encompass the Trinity. But haven't had as a government so to speak so yes there are individuals who are part of that Mary being one of them I mean come on you guys read the Bible with all their it's the problem is you got this preconceived notion like he said of some guy with a beard good gravy. Pull yourself out of the box. The Lord's prayer even says on Earth as it is in heaven.

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    Sounds made up and pieced together but too much of what he's saying is too different and contradicts too much of what I've seen and heard on this page and many others to believe what he's saying

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    Thank you Kevin, Jeff and Mara. I really enjoyed your interview.

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    the "Creators" created consciousness? Huh? You sure that it's not the other way around?

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    I get it all for what we know as life but not feeling the self aware rocks. Perhaps water is the self aware that brushes the rocks and forms the canyons and helps the earth material and other landforms. All of the Monroe gateway experience material is available on YouTube. It’s trippy for sure, the material written in CIA document’s corroborate it’s mystery esoteric realness.

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    Your Angel or Guides are in your DNA what you think or where they are on the cailing? no in your DNA we humans have 300 Trillion DNA parts and partly Quantum too!

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    I had 2 NDEs after I came back I can see the future in my dreams I can tell when someone will die soon just by looking at them and I can feel people and sometimes read their minds my NDE was in 1980 in Fla am about 60 now

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    The soul leaves the boidy every night when we sleep we go to the Astral Realms or Orion star gate

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    TRhe soul enters the top of the ehad thats why babies have holes on the top opf the head after the baby takes it first breath the soul enters the body.

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    Thoise who don,t go too the LIGHT are Earth bound util they wake up many can be earth bound up to 1000 years see there is not time and sape on the other side we are all little parts of GOD!. All SOULS were created at the same time from the CHRISTOS!, In the beginning they went out inot all the domians and Universe and dimensions many got stuck in matter and lost their way back home.

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    We humans are LIGHT BEINGS and we are sleeping or standing in the LIGHT but we don,t know this because this world is a dream an Illusion! made by our Conciseness

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    I'm gettings LOADS of adverts in this interview, it's ruining the flow of such interesting information…

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    So, if the Light is consciousness, is it a being or a thing? Tom Campbell refers to the Light as the Larger Consciousness System, which makes it sound like a non-living thing or a machine.

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    Who are these guides guiding us in the projections of consciousness? A Course in Miracles says that it's all a hallucination and the body doesn't exist. Consciousness itself is an illusion. Reality lies beyond it's awareness our real nature. There's no consciousness or observer there.

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    Is Mara Jeff's last name or is it another person? Lots of comments thank Jeff AND Mara. Thanks!

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    I've heard over and over that you're never alone when you go. So how are there kids that aren't Fortunate enough to have ppl to help?

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    Jeff its not my business but please grow your hair back This new look is harsh..

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    Great interview and discussion 🌟🌟🌟

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    33:01 LOL AND WTF is GROUP SOUL? dude is dumb af dont know shit about life or death. this is a nice comedy script for a movie definitely lol. Is this channel serious or a parody for NDE experience please tell me yall are just Fu*king around being funny trying to imitate NDE in a comedic sense.

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    29:35 LOL WTF is SOUL TRAVEL? there's no such a thing you are pulling shit out ya Ass now

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    AND at 19:50 HOW TF A SOUL GONNA AGE YOU FU*KING IDIOT time doesn't exist or space. AND more importantly SOUL DOESN'T HAVE A PHySICAL BODY you saying as if a soul is material or a body. THIS IS A BEST EXAMPLE OF YOU GETTING EXPOSED LiYING POS.

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    So there is really no choice..

    what I find deeply disturbing is the fact that this person is just blindly trusting some entities that he doesn’t even know what they are. He is just being told what to do., that’s not free will, that’s slavery.

    If you can’t freely walk away even though you don’t want to be here, that means you aren’t free.. if you don’t enforce your free will, your sovereignty, you are willingly giving yourself away

    I understand that it is very possible that we initially agreed to come here but that doesn’t mean we have to continue participating indefinitely..

    Humans have been so conditioned to accept abuse, to obey without question, and that’s exactly what abuse does to us.. and the abuse we go through on earth is what makes humans submissive to the point of defending their own oppressors.

    I am by no means an expert on this but I have had my own “spiritual experiences” and I always had this nagging feeling that something was very wrong with this system and if you pay close attention without any emotional attachment, you eventually see the whole picture.

    Nobody can free us from our own prison, from the beliefs that we have adopted as truth.. the believe that we are imperfect, unworthy, inferior, lacking something.. until we love and accept ourselves, until we claim our own divinity and stop believing the lies we are being told by these beings., we will be free again.


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