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He Died & Found Out Where Souls Really Go | Near Death | NDE

Nov 2023 01
He Died & Found Out Where Souls Really Go | Near Death | NDE

Millions of people have had Near Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Thank you

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    I declare that I am ending the contract. I don't care about the contract either, and I don't respect it. I don't care if I agreed to this or not. I feel that this contract stuff is all faked by God, and I never signed jack-shit!

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    Mother nature gets mad when you try to fool her❤

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    Amazing experience NDE I truly believe in Jesus and your experience in NDE we still have hope when our contract is over on this planet Earth, 🙏 so we try to do good things while we are still alive and maybe Jesus will forgive all of our sins that we committed 🙏 MayGod bless us all regards from Richard Liew from Malaysia

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    I just have a question for when people who have nde’s and say we all go back to heaven but what about people who say they were took to hell

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    So that is the reason we are here, to experience things we can not in Heaven. And so we agreed to come here when we did? I know that because of the "Veil Of Forgetfulness" we would not remember that. I would love to go to the moment my last contract was signed and see what Jesus expected me to learn while I am here. It would probably to learn what hate and evil and everything else you can not experience in Heaven. Is all of this so that we might see why Jesus's adversaries do what they do and how to recognize their deceptions? Also do we all go there? As in there is no terrible place of eternal torture and agony? I would assume that if such a place did exist Jesus would always be fully aware of it and unable to ignore it. He would also feel all of the agony and torture they would since he does not want anyone to suffer like that. Remember that Jesus is a loving, merciful, graceful and forgiving Lord. I don't know if a human walks this earth who knows the seemingly limitlessness of the mercy of Jesus!

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    I wonder why I signed the contract, I am experiencing in this life? Maybe my name, is Job.

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    My experience with the Holy Spirit is yes, the messaging is telepathic.

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    Jesus Jesus Jesus we love you Jesus ❤ come quickly lord Jesus Christ 🎠♥️ yes you plan your life with your soul guides ♥️ I learned this from other testimony,and I had NDE as well ❤heaven is real ♥️ Jesus is God♥️🎠

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    I'm glad souls get to choose to come back. The depravity of this vile world is something I will not return to.
    It was concerning hearing other NDE's that returning to earth as another life is our fate.

    Praise God we have a choice to stay in heaven.

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    God gave you this experience so you could tell others about him it’s hard for ones on earth to believe things but I know what you mean is when I was 15 my mom is very sick so weak she couldn’t sit up by her self. I prayed on my knees Every night asking God to heal her and one night he came by my bedside Jesus and told me I have heard thy cries, and they mother will be up in thy are morning and Jesus, his contract for us is to save as many as possible before his return, because it says greatly is our reward in heaven thank you for the video and telling your story. God bless you.

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    The psychic Sylvia Browne , deceased, talked about soul contracts, that souls choose what lifetime they will experience when they come to earth. All very interesting. Unfortunately, we don’t know what’s true. If there is a God, He likes to keep us in mystery…he apparently enjoys watching us struggle with searching for answers. I’ve been praying, asking for years, never get an answer he seems to like it that way

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    I have watched many many NDE This is not the first time I’ve heard this about soul contracts. Matter fact, I’ve heard this many times. This is not unusual. But actually, it’s happened many times. But anyway. I need to meet you. Reach out to me. Obviously I wouldn’t be asking this if something wasn’t wrong with me and I didn’t need help. just wanna ask a few more questions thank you

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    I believe we do have trials on earth so Jesus can see the role we play hence the contracts . We get help from the holy spirit but the more I think about this it makes me happy! Jesus Christ is my lord and Savior and one day I want to thank him for saving me and giving me breath on the next day we wake up ! I may have alot of physical issues from arthritis back pain hearing loss . But understand we are all just passing through this earth isn't on true home are names isn't are real names . Once we complete are mission Jesus will call us home and gives us new names and new bodies and so on .

    I thank you Jesus for all that you do amen ✝️🙏🏽

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    If reincarnation exist, then Hell doesn't ! So who'se right ?

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    I have never had an NDE myself and, while I do believe in God and in an afterlife, I wouldn't like to try to say what it is like on the other side. Some claim to have had visions of Hell and to have met Elvis, John Lennon, Einstein and others there—this I do find hard to believe. If Hell does exist only God can decide who goes there, and I like to think that no-one is completely beyond redemption.

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    Jesus Christ is King. 👑

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