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Geena Davis' Near-Death Experience Inspired the Title of Her Memoir Dying of Politeness

Nov 2022 13
Geena Davis' Near-Death Experience Inspired the Title of Her Memoir Dying of Politeness

talks about the story behind the title of her memoir Dying of Politeness, people believing the films Thelma & Louise and would begin a movement of female-driven dramas and comedies and her taking a tumble.

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’ Near-Death Experience Inspired the Title of Her Memoir Dying of Politeness – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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  1. #1

    2022: Hard to believe indoctrination while at HS Catholic Nunnery w/Sisters who profess legends like Canonized Maria Goretti, (IT.)We were Taught that “Suicide”is best for females before being RAPED.
    “Thelma & Louise”, film is what Hollywood solution expects of Females; before Dir. Weinstein arrest!

  2. #2

    Here is the medical definition of DEATH:
    An individual who has sustained either (1) irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions, or (2) irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain, including the brain stem is dead.
    These people are either willfully LYING or they suffer from some mental disorder.
    There is no good reason to believe in any of these near death testimonies!
    Points to consider:
    1. Only about 20% of people that suffer a medical emergency claim to have experienced a NDE
    2. One hypothesized explanation for near-death experiences is that the body releases the hallucination-inducing chemical such as dimethyltryptamine (DMT) when it is near death.
    3. Any religious experience detailed in a NDE almost always coincides with the person's PRE-EXISTING religious belief system.
    For example, a Christian will claim to have an experience involving God and/or jesus, but a Hindu will claim to have an experience involving THEIR gods.

  3. #3

    Looks amazing for her age!

  4. #4

    This is not an NDE. Stop using that term for entertainment

  5. #5

    Love this women

  6. #6

    She was my favorite guest stars on Greys Anatomy as Dr. Herman. Such a talented actress. ❤❤

  7. #7

    Thanku thanks Geena for naturally aging with beauty,brains,heart. Appreciate it. ✌️

  8. #8

    Hi miss little!😍

  9. #9

    she is so beautiful, still.

  10. #10

    On the one hand I can relate to being passively polite even under those extreme circumstances; on the other hand, I doubt anyone in the oncoming cars would be able to relate as much.

  11. #11

    Interesting interview, but that's not a near death experience. (NDE)

  12. #12

    When I die, I hope to go quietly in my sleep, like my great uncle. Not screaming in terror, like his passengers. 😋

  13. #13

    @3:05 I feel your pain Ms Davis. My co-workers tell me the same thing when I come up w/ crazy ideas. I said I was going to be a sheep artist – my boss told me to "put a pin in it until I make some $ – then we'll talk about you quitting" 😂😂

  14. #14

    She is a total bad ass.

  15. #15

    Love her very much. ❤

  16. #16

    Remove Near Death experience from the title. It’s ridiculous! She did not have an NDE. Is there any trustworthy media left out there these days?

  17. #17

    That's not a near death experience. Ndes happen when the person's heart stops. However I think nde's should be called death experiences

  18. #18

    So the mouse won the ‘Bronx Amateur Theatre Award for a Breakout Performance’ for his juggler schtick, so the NY Public Library invited him to a limited place specialist advanced method acting course for only two people called ‘How to Method the Absolute Living Schitt Out of Any Play by Tennessee Williams Like Good Ol’ Danny Boy and the F Train Schedule If We Can Fit That Section In’. And who should be the guest tutor but good ol’ oxygen-sucker method-maniac himself….Danny Day Louis! The other enrolee in the course is a guy called Finquis Cromarty from the ‘Appalachian Mountains Amateur Tennessee Williams Theatre Co.’ devoted to performing only the plays of Tennessee Williams, and based in Hillsville NC. On day one of the four day course Mouse and Finquis had to study Danny Boy miming being a giant CA Sequoia with emphysema (wtf!) and then they had to improv the Sequoia having a baby….puulease. Anyway, day two they had to perform their interpretation of the usual Macbeth speech. This was Finquis’ attempt:

    Be this a wild polecat I see before me,

    The claws toward my hand? Come, let me shoot thee

    With ma ol’ Winchester ma granpappy gave me.

    I hit thee not, and I can smell thee still.

    Art thou not, fatal polecat, sensible

    To feeling as to sight? or art thou but

    A critter of the mind, a false creation,

    Proceeding from the moonshine-oppressed brain?

    I see thee yet, in form as palpable

    As this which now I draw in charcoal.

    Thou marshall'st me the way that I was going;

    On this here Saterdee hunt with Pa

    And such an instrument I was to use.

    Mine eyes are made the fools o' the other senses,

    Or else worth all the rest; I see thee still,

    And on ma bullet and dudgeon gouts of blood,

    Which was not so before. There's no such thing:

    It is the bloody business which informs

    Thus to mine eyes. Now o'er the one halfworld

    I’s thinks I’s seein’ things. The polecat seems dead,

    and wicked dreams abuse ma curtain'd sleep;

    Coz I wuz moonshine drunk as skunk on New Years!


  19. #19

    Loved her in The Fly-2.She looks fabulous.

  20. #20

    First Jennette McCurdy writes a memoir, then Kelly Ripa and now Geena Davis? These actresses and former actresses really milked it for all it’s worth!

  21. #21

    She has done nothing since League of thier own she now she needs to Trash Murray….Piss Off

  22. #22

    She needs to grow old gracefully…someone tell her she is not in Tootsie anymore

  23. #23

    Geena was really in the forefront within the beginning of women helming the movie. All im gonna say is Long Kiss Goodnite. Anytime I need a little more inspiration to be a bad ass, thats my go to movie😊

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