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Atheist Overdoses; Shown Soul’s Process Of Pre-Life Planning (NDE)

Oct 2023 11

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Today’s story is about a woman named Betty who crossed over to the afterlife after a fatal overdose. Her story of life after death and Heaven is inspiring and beautiful, and if you want to know more about Betty check out her channels here:

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    Hang on…. The word ‘abuse’ will get a channel demonetised?! This makes no sense… what am i missing? 🤔

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    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

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    So we're now not allowed to hear the word "drugs" or "addict" or even "alcohol" but hearing "drug addiction" and "heroin" is OK?

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    When she said Kundalini, I stopped the video. That’s new age bs. Use discernment, people!

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    Ok, so I do believe in NDEs but I’m struggling with the fact that you used opioids for I think you said two decades, or at least well over one. Also you mentioned you were a meth addict. What I’m struggling with is that level of addiction, for that extended period of time, yet your teeth seem fine and they don’t look like veneers or fake in any way. Please understand I’m not attacking you, nor your story. I just want to understand. Glad you made it. I lost a brother to heroin addiction 23 years ago next month. Xx

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    My experience with nde was as follows most everyone's experience a lot of that was in mine but what I was told is the afterlife is a fourth dimension that's why spirits have amazing and incredible they're on a higher level so don't be afraid when you die that it's the and it's the end of this life and it's the beginning to find a placement for you when the next I can't describe how beautiful and amazing the afterlife is it's the next step we all take it take it multiple times some of us even have visions of past vindication reincarnation that is also talked a little bit in the afterlife we're all here for some lessons to be learned whether we wanted to learn them or we're down here to learn them but this is basically a grade to graduate to the life so be as good as you can try to do as good as you can God knows we all fuk up along the way but in the end as long as you've made an effort to try you're going good hands Jesus Christ is my Lord we are All God's children he will take care of you when you get to him.❤❤😊

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    Thank you for sharing your story.
    I have always felt known that I decided to come here at this time with purpose.
    And what you said about choosing your life makes perfect sense to me.
    This affirmation is such a relief.
    I am another yourself.

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    Guess that explains why I hate myself so much.

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    Shes sooo beautiful, inside-out! You can see the happiness all over her. I’m happy for her, thank you for your testimony.

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    There’s nothing wrong with the words you guys bleep out. And we have to piece together the story. These stories are helping me with my prolonged grief. I lost my husband to a stray bullet not meant for him in 2018 and it feels like yesterday so nothing helps but somehow these videos are doing something for me I haven’t had in my grief yet.

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    Your story is so inspiring and I'm so incredibly happy for you that things have turned out the way they did.

    Thank you for sharing your story!

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    Wow I’m so happy you said A course in miracles! It changed my life 16 years ago and I’ve experiencing life as a light and part of god and everyone, and I always wish everyone will experience the course❤️❤️❤️

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    Very similar story to mine. I also had an NDE and kundalini awakening from an overdose and then got clean from methadone in 10 weeks with no withdrawal after “the universe” gifted me a meditation and breathing practice. Nice to hear about someone else with such a similar experience 😊

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    Why would you bleep her story out… thats kinda wrong man….

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    Next go around, dont choose so much adversity. Take a vacation and enjoy life a little bit more.

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    You are completely and utterly beautiful. Your story has touched me. Thank you for sharing your love.

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    I want to die

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    Maaannnn….i got weirded out when she mentioned the little dudes in lab coats with beards and bulbus noses… I've seen them before!!! I was coming down from a trip and i could see them in my mind… They were "fixing" me. You could tell that they've been the fixers for a looonng time. Nothing fazes them and they are so unbothered. This was crazy to hear someone else's experience with them 😅

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    Wow, amazing story, amazing woman! Now I don't understand one thing – if we plan our life before we get to Earth it means we can change very little while we are here? And yet we hear everywhere that we can get whatever we want with the power of our mind, so I am a bit confused…

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    It's definitely not a drug induced psychosis, I've over dosed numerous times and used lots of drugs and I've never had a NDE or trip to heaven like that, so you definitely went!!! Yeah, I think us loving opiates is our way of trying to get back to the awesome love we left behind in the natural realm.
    Yeah you did!!! Dope sickness lasts longer than a few days for sure!!!! Wow!!!! I know the feeling of mourning the drugs as losing my best friend and lover!!! Although I've been " clean" for years I still miss them and still want to get high.

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    This was really annoying to listen to with the gaps

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    Wtf. Horrible editing. Get real.

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    You cant just pick other souls to be youre partners in youre life, before you are born, that implies you are like the main charachter in a videogame and all other people are just NPC. Im pressing X to doubt on this story (X) it does not make any sense at all.

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    Please, stop censorship.

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    As someone that had been on high dose of narcotics. Since 2006 then the drs just stopped. It was tough. And then I stopped smoking. Two months ago that was harder than stopping narcotics

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    How can anyone not be inspired by that "WOW"

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    What, we can't say drugs or addicts? What is this stupid world coming to? Thank God this place is only temporary. I love the Earth and all of God's creations, but the people are lost and ruining everything good and wonderful. Censoring is wrong, perhaps evil. We should be able to hear every word spoken, good or bad. It is essential to our learning.

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    can someone please tell me what the song at the end of each video is?

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    I mean I’m fighting back tears listening to her. Just powerful, amazing, beautiful.

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    Your story is so inspiring! That just mesmerised me, thank you for sharing so powerful!

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    How can you people tell you aren't dreaming?

  32. #32

    Pardon miss, if you read these do you have black hair & green eyes.

  33. #33

    I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO THIS CHANNEL AGAIN. All the censorship of so many words. I mean… what is THAT about? Beyond ridiculous. I can only imagine that someone has convinced you that you should bleep out all these words…. ? So ridiculous

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    Such a similar story… I didnt get to go to heaven tho…so thankful for my life now, I dont have words to express the gratitude ✨🙏✨

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    Stop AI censorship

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    May God bless all of you who are trying hard to get off the drug addiction but you can’t do it alone
    All things are possible with God
    Ask help from Him

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    Don’t understand half of her story due to the censored words every two seconds

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    Known the truth is so important!
    Yes we all die in the physical body, our celestial mind experiences life taken on physical life ourselves, this is our own unique celestial powers, our engrained beliefs

    are our future inheritance in a sense.

    The human cognitive mind is extremely limited in its understandings, time doesn't exist, everything there is exists altogether, it's the lower physical cognitive mind that separates these things into separate dimensions so we can operate in these realms, otherwise our lower cognitive physical minds, would be lost in a physical sea of confusion; what we believe is all we are, that's important too know.

    hmmm, there isn't any solid proof in the scriptures is there?!

    Maybe the scriptures are manmade, I believe mere men are all corrupted, so it isn't a too much of stretch to believe lying mere men are corrupted all the way through

    to the inner core! Think for a second, what would happen if 'Almighty God' stepped into this corrupt physical Universe, the perfection of celestial Almighty God would bring an end too the physical Universe just like a positive terminal coming in contact with this negative terminal our imperfect physical, what affect would happen do you think?

    Can you ponder this situation, don't let the lies and deception of your heart and imperfect mind restrict your opinion?

    What truly is the reality of Almighty God?!

    Almighty God is real on that there's no doubt, what is less well known is this physical Universe had to created so imperfection could live and grow, this physical Universe is in away a sacred place where those found in error can be sacredly admonished!

    We were the 'Celestial Beings' that found Almighty God's disfavor?

    So we are those individuals that somehow seen to transgress in some way against 'Almighty God' higher celestial laws, falling short of the greater celestial Mark?

    This set aside physical Universe had to be created as error hadn't existed before in such away, Almighty God 's wisdom knew this could be a possibility, Almighty God wisdoms is beyond mere mans, isn't it a good job it is!

    Almighty God has never ever in the full sense existed in this physical Universe, this Universe is in a natural fallen state, to accommodate imperfection are in other words fallen 'Celestial Beings' now being admonished only in kindness so error can be corrected and genuinely understood and overcome!

    Modern and ancient organised and none organised religions are sadly man made, 'Almighty God' is in the higher celestial realms, 'Almighty God' can't come down to our lowly physical levels; we have to ascend to the higher celestial realms; to meet our Almighty God, imagine if a celestial Almighty God came into this physical Universe what would happen, it may possibly be like a positive terminal coming in contact with a negative terminal, what would be the results only Almighty God would know, religions are by the tongue of ordinary mere men, to rule over the masses, it's a rough tale but a one that needs saying!

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    Uh, I was born "knowing" this. ❤ I don't know why me. I'm nothing special. I'm not psychic, I can clearly see the intentions of another, but not by mind-reading or anything spiritually that I know of. At a young age I was "told" what my path in life was to be. Not by a voice, more like a "downloaded" random type thought that pops in your head for no reason. Being a kid, I just ran on to play and paid no mind. But the seed had been planted, I guess, and I actually did follow my life path and feel really grateful that I did. ❤

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