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Are Near-Death Experiences Faked By Malevolent Entities?

Apr 2024 08

“Patterns of Supernatural Phenomena” Episode 18 – The

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Many people have Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and often they seem to see what they expect they would see or for those expecting , what they were surprised to have happen. In this episode Coleman Luck (The Equalizer, Gabriel’s Fire, The Burning Zone) examines several Near Death Experiences for their content and message. Beginning with a couple of stories from Maurice S. Rawlings, M.D., an American Cardiologist who wrote a book called “To and Back: Life After Death – Startling New Evidence” Coleman takes a look at two very different experiences of life after death.

In one of the stories a murderer finds himself in . In the other a man is experiencing on the operating table and only by creating a fake prayer to Jesus Christ is Dr. Rawlings able to calm the man down enough to save his life. Rawlings became a and wrote several books on his patients’ experiences. He reached out to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross but she and other writers dealing with this topic had no interest in stories about Hell. They didn’t want to deal in such negative areas.

Moving on from there, Coleman looks into psychic and spirit medium Jane Roberts who channeled a disembodied spirit entity named Seth. Coleman gets into stories from “Seth Speaks” where Seth goes into detail about how he and his spiritual cohorts, spirit guides or what have you, create illusions for the dying of what they expect to see. This is done for our good, to help us transition out of life and away from naïve and primitive religious beliefs. But what Seth admits to doing is creating lies to fool humans. Is this an explanation for many Near-Death Experiences of ?

Finally Coleman gets into William Dudley Pelley, a screenwriter and author. In May 1928, Pelley gained notoriety when he claimed he had an out-of-body experience in which he travelled to other planes of existence devoid of corporeal souls. He described his experience in an article titled “My Seven Minutes in Eternity”, published in book form in 1933 as Seven Minutes in Eternity: With the Aftermath, originally appearing in The American Magazine in the late 1920s. He wrote that later he met with Jesus, who instructed him to undertake the spiritual transformation of America. Pelley’s religious system was a mixture of theosophy, spiritualism, Rosicrucianism, and pyramidism. He considered it to be a perfected form of Christianity, in which “Dark Souls” (Blacks, Jews, Communists and Papists) represented the forces of evil. He was a racists and anti-semite who idolized Hitler and Nazi Germany. He started a fascist organization called “The Silver Shirts” and was convicted of sedition at the start of World War II. His supernatural experience taught him that the races of mankind were “levels” of enlightenment with Blacks at the bottom and Whites at the top. Reincarnation is a process of “advancement” through skin color. This satanic lie proves that evil demonic forces can fake Near-Death Experiences…unless you want to believe that Pelley was right. We don’t.

Coleman uses the , Scripture and the teachings of Jesus Christ to show how Pelley and these paranormal experiences are lies created by Satan to deceive mankind into believing that there are no consequences for our actions in this life. Pelley’s experience made him into an occultist and racist and literally transformed his whole life.

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To Hell and Back by Maurice Rawlings

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul by Jane Roberts

Seven Minutes In Eternity With The Aftermath by William Dudley Pelley

Written by Coleman Luck
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    @5:56 This begs a question with me. This man who shot and killed two people in a robbery and beat the cross dresser and thought he should have gone to Hell instead of Heaven puzzled if God made some kind of mistake, might he have been a Christian backslider who's parents or who's Baptist pastor one time introduced him to Jesus Christ as a young child in some free grace Baptist only believe gospel? Furthermore if the demons would have turned on him trying to drag or seduce him to Hell on the spot, would he have been better off? Furthermore what if he died and God sent him to Hell? Would he have been any better or worse off? How about you and me? Are we better or worse off because because we never had a near death experience? Well lets take a Bible example of a person sentenced to death by crucifixion whom never had a near death experience. This reminds me of the story of Barabbas who was a murder and was set free instead of Jesus Christ our Savior. Was Barabbas better or worse off because by popular vote Jesus was sentenced to take Barabbas' place? if some crime happens unjust under natural laws or the legal principle, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life and the unjust person ends up in either Heaven or something less than Hell in near death or beyond, was it a good or evil happening? Was God unjust is either case? Did God make a mistake in either case? This whole question is quite unnerving no matter what side you come down on. For if we claim that God was just when the evil person escapes eternal judgment then what then if we or one of our loved ones fell victim to the man's crime? If God was not just and should have burned that man in Hell then what if we are found to be that man? Either way the question of how we can escape our crimes and our sins because of what Jesus did in our place or whether we will be judged according to what we have done when Jesus took our place is most disturbing.

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    Nonsense..hell is a construct by the church …unless you create it yourself..

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    I’ve always felt a lot of these experiences were demonic deceptions.

    Great channel. Just subscribed.❤

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    I watched this video a few days ago, but I'm coming back to comment on it.

    Like some others who watched this video, I was rather intrigued by NDE stories. I got started down this rabbit hole when I learned about the CIA's and Monroe's excursions into the "spirit realm." I was curious if there was truth to these things, since I felt as these NDE accounts and Monroe's excursions in particular contradicted a lot of Biblical doctrine (I've only been a Christian for a year now) so I looked for Biblical answers to stuff like reincarnation. I found the Christian logical arguments against it sound, but still had trouble reconciling what I heard and these stories. I knew they happened. The people who talk about them clearly believe what they saw was real. However, I realized that a lot of the stories sometimes partially contradict each other.

    Your video basically answered every question I had about them. I heard about the whole "demons corrupting NDEs," but I initially felt that explanation was not satisfactory. Your video certainly corrected me on that! To think that William Dudley Pelley, a name I am quite familiar with because of my interest in WW2 history, had a supernatural experience is wild. I think God led me to this video, because this is how I found your channel which led me to binging most of your content. Probably not too healthy, but I rather enjoyed it.

    I think, as you say, sometimes the thing about corrupted NDEs is that they actually speak a lot of true things. I think that's why I had such a hard time with not believing them. They were consistent enough that if you did not think about it too much, you could accept the inconsistencies. And a lot of their moral messaging was close enough to Christianity that I had a hard time believing demons were at the heart of it. But I see that clearly now!

    If you're thinking about doing more videos in this sphere, then covering Robert A. Monroe's books about his experiences could make for a good video.

    Regardless, you are doing God's work here. Keep it up!

    And whilst it is still Easter Sunday here, Christ is Risen!

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    And what about Abraham Hicks here on YouTube. These are spirits/beings that speak through this woman. All enlightening messages. All I could think is “we are legion”

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    If it deviates from God’s Word and it deviates from who Yeshua is and what He did for us then it is a lie!

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    TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH! It's so good to hear your voice of Godly reason and truth. In the worldly swamp of astral projectionist, remote viewers, channelers. Ect your words are an oasis. All the like need to watch your channel. Thanks for your obedience to do this channel.

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    Ecc. 9: 5 to 10 kjv shows dead know nothing. Apostle said if the dead rise not those who are fallen asleep in christ are perished. Absent from the body n present with the Lord? Context is continuation of 1 Cor. …were given a new body at christs return when were present with him. What about paradise? Means state of bliss and garden originaly. Jesus is called the second Adam in bible to renew us to the garden. Etc. lota symbolism. Whats in the body n out of the body mean? In person or not in person. Meaning face to face or by vision only. No such thing as consciousness apart from body in bible. Is heaven a state of bliss? Yes ,but paradise has broad meaning n heaven a narrow meaning. Must take bible ad whole. Jesus said the hour is coming when all who are in THE GRAVE ( not heaven) shall here his voice n come forth. Those who done good unto the resurrection of life and those who done evil……etc. and whats the purpose of a resurrection if youre up there talking to God? None.etc…study scriptures. Its likely you wait the resurrection in unconsciousness.

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    Excellent content!
    I re-posted at my blog.
    Thank you, sir.

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    You know, as well as I do.There's no such thing as spirit guides.The trying not to let people know they are demons and they want to see you in hell as they will be in the Final day

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    The bible teaches reincarnation.

    You are gods who will die as men. Jesus later says when you obtain resaurection from this world you no longer die and become like the angels in heaven. There is much you need to learn before trying to judge others.

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    Delete this channel. NDEs are spoken of in the bible. Stop spreading fear of out of body revelations. When a person goes into spirit they are shown things relative to them and only some are shown revelations that are meant to be shared with others.

    2 Corinthians 12 2-4

    I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know—God knows. 3 And I know that this man—whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows— 4 was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell.

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    Thank You for this. I will repost this on my X-account. Not everything is what it seams to be, and right now a "tsunami" of NDE-experiences, messages in a "New Age direction" and criticism against christian beleifs are put on Youtube. I am a Swedish "non denominational cjhristian". (Formally I´m lutheran but I am active in different chrurches. I choose individual preachers that I believe have the Holy Spirit with them in worship and sermons, mostly in Church of Sweden (lutheran) and the Catholic Church – where the vicar in our town is a very powerful preacher, who actually often preaches "rather protestant" ). Thank You brother.

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    Thats a question i wonder, if advanced entities are somehow interfering in our lives after death. Showing us what they want us to see, thats my biggest fear

  15. #15

    From what I have seen, Billy Graham,Pat Robertson, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston Joseph Smith are all in hell.

  16. #16

    Great info, thank you.

  17. #17

    i concur with a lot of what you've said. god bless.

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    I'm glad I found this I feel all alone then I started to realize what the Bible said it's important for man to die only once and then the judgment .

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    Shalom Aleichem.

    "For such are false emissaries, deceptive workers, masquerading as emissaries of Mashiach.
    And no wonder! For ha shatan himself masquerades as a messenger of light." – 2 Corinthians 11: 13-14

    One must ALWAYS challenge ALL beings whether they're from YaHuah or some god!

    The Creator's True Name is YHWH (pronounced YaHuah), NOT God, god, Lord, the LORD etc). When people call upon God, they're calling upon an ancient astrological demon and blaspheming YaHuah's true Name thus breaking the 3rd commandment.

    Wide is the path that leads to destruction. Only approximately 1% of the population of the eret know of the Almighty's True Name, most reject His Name because they've been taught by the merchant preacher's.

    God was formerly applicable to superhuman beings of heathen myth. On conversion of Teutonic races to Christianity, the word was applied to a supreme being. God was the name of an ancient astrological demon.
    "Christians" worship a God  (Gad, god, the Lord) as taught by the merchant preacher's because they learned at cemetery (seminary) school which is the same lies passed down from generation to generation.
    When you worship a God instead of YaHuah, you're committing blasphemy.
    One must remember the Almighty Creator has ONE Name, YHWH ( יהוה). The adversary  (Ha Shatan) has many, God being one of them. So, when one wordhips God, guess to whom you're really worshipping?

    Jesus – The letter "J" didn't exist in any language until the 16th century, at which time printing styles differentiated the letter "i" when it was used at the beginning of a sentence, or the first letter in a proper name. They gave the "i" a little tail and which made a new letter.
    Consider Iesous, rendered as Jesus in English versions up to now. Example the authoritative Greek-English Lexicon of Liddell & Scott, under Iaso: the Greek goddess of healing reveals that the name Is so is Ieso in the ionic dialect of the Greeks, Iesous being the contracted genitive form!

    In David Kravitz dictionary  of Greek & Roman mythology,  there's a similar form, namely Iasus.

    There were four different Greek deities with the name of Iasus, and Dr. Bullinger, in the Apocalypse,  page 396, says He's was part of the name of Bacchus!!!
    Jesus is the name of a Greek healing deity. Jesus is NOT YaHusha.

    YaH sh ua is Hebrew
    Ie s ous is Greek
    Ie so us is Latin
    Je s us is English.

    Lord – the Hebrew word is BA'AL which was a word used as a proper name for the sun deity by the Canaanites, Phoenicians and Druids. Names containing Bel are references to the Pagan deity and Belial (& Ba'al) are just other name's for Ha Shatan (Satan).

    Also one can trace the word Lord (lord) back to the Roman house – deity, and further back to the name of an Etruscan sovereign, Larth, not forgetting that in those days the sovereigns were deities!
    So this is yet another transgression of the clear command of Scripture.

    So when one worships "The Lord" does one really know to whom they're really worshipping?


    Ratson haba b'shem YaHuah

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    So the reason I leave all these comments is I’m definitely here for the discussion, but this does seem like you’re presenting this information in a specific fashion that’s not necessarily intellectual, but rather fits with your agenda. These were the issues I had with Dr. Rawlings book and everything he spoke about as well. Many people object to Maurice Rawlings documentation because of his faith but that’s not actually the real problem. His fellow cardiologist, who is also a fellow evangelical Christian Michael Sabom pointed out repeatedly a distortion of data. A reading of any of Rawlings’s book will immediately give the impression he resuscitated hundreds of near death experiencers , and he himself said his first book summarized several hundred cases. according to saboms investigation. Despite what is reported in beyond deaths door those several hundred cases were represented only by 21 “heavenly” ndes and 12 “hellish” ndes . On top of that many of these were not from Rawlings own practice, having been excerpted from other public sources,(not immediately) the others were left unidentified.
    The same situation presented with To Hell and Back, Rawlings’ second book. In a 1996 review in the Journal of Near-Death Studies, Sabom noted that of the 32 cases Rawlings claimed, twenty “were clearly lifted and referenced from other sources, and six were personally acquired examples used in his previous books. The remaining six NDEs appear to be new, previously unpublished accounts obtained from his own experience. However, two of these six cases were mentioned only in passing and never described.”
    In other words, by reusing previous accounts and padding from other sources, Rawlings was able to give the impression of a greater number of distressing NDEs than he actually had. Further, his books leave one with the impression that many, many more distressing NDEs would be revealed if only people were interviewed immediately upon resuscitation. Sabom’s research indicated that conclusion also not to be supported by the data.

    “In fact,” Sabom wrote, “the cases he presents actually seem to favor the opposite conclusion: out of 15 ‘hellish’ cases, ten (67 percent) were clearly shown to have been brought to Rawlings’ attention long after the golden ‘first few minutes’ after resuscitation, four were elicited at an unspecified time, and one 7 percent) was clearly noted as immediate.”
    There are too many other problems to detail here. The gist of them all is that Rawlings, who was without question a lovely man, sincere in his beliefs and genuine in his concern for people, was working from a highly personal agenda more than from a desire for unbiased information. What Michael Sabom reported after years of carefully reviewing Rawlings’ work was this:

    [Rawlings] establishes himself before his audience as a cardiologist with impeccable credentials, a near-death researcher, and a committed Christian. Using these medical, scientific, and religious qualifications, he then presents the NDE as a glimpse of an afterlife and directly applies the Christian doctrine of heaven and hell to these experiences. This gridlike approach, however, poses problems to Rawlings in his interpretation of his and others’ research when the type of person (for example, non-Christian) or type of near-death event (for example, suicide attempt) does not jibe with the expected afterlife destination (for example, hell). Rawlings confronts the data of others with authoritative statements substantiated with little or no data of his own and illustrated with anecdotal accounts that, over time, appear to have been altered to fit his own designs…”

    Sabom concluded, “I am a Christian and believe in heaven and hell. Based on current knowledge, however, we have much to learn about the NDE, both distressing and pleasant, before we can say confidently just what the experience means and how it fits into our spiritual beliefs.”
    (I will also add I as the Commenter do not subscribe to the belief in an eternal hell, or a Satan, as just one specific entity, but rather anyone against the message of Christ)
    What this says to us is that before believing any claim about “ultimate truth,” or any researcher’s sincere pronouncement of having a final explanation about NDEs, it is wise, as Dorothy discovered about the Wizard of Oz, to look behind the curtain to find out who is providing the answers, where they are getting their facts, and what other people of substance are saying about them. This is not cynicism but discernment.

  21. #21

    No, you’re either misunderstanding the idea of the races and evolutionary incarnation or you’re intentionally throwing false information out. You are everyone: nothing and no one is better than something or someone else like the rainbow. For example, every color has its own importance, but there is an also an importance to experience the whole spectrum. The same thing with races none is better than the other – they all have their own beauty and differences but also their own knowledge

  22. #22

    Btw Calling other peoples very valid beliefs… Poo, seems to be very fitting for a modern Christian. Js

  23. #23

    I’m not saying that what the man did, who got shot in the chest was good, but what I am saying is that we need to change our idea of correction because it is God‘s love that heals all wounds, corrects all misunderstandings, and removes all darkness.

  24. #24

    When direct experience seems to be contrary to the message of a certain religion or faith, this doesn’t mean that the direct experience was wrong lol, but it means the certain religion or faith was incorrectly Understood, or was wrong.

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    What loving God would allow any kind of that deception? That’s a heinous trick. Bro, I hope and pray you come to know the true God and unconditional love. This is like cognitive dissonance.

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    Amazing, thank you for putting these together., I have come from new age, found Jesus and having such a hard time with deceptions after hearing and researching testimonies from people who crossed over. I struggled because the people really seemed to be honest in their testimony but the accounts many a time were bringing opposing messages.

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    I recommend the book: “A Land Unknown: Hell’s Dominion” by B.W. Melvin. It’s a NDE book where an atheist dies and goes to hell. The author goes into graphic detail on how demons are the masters of deception and can make the damned initially believe they are in paradise when they’re actually in hell. Be careful with the NDE literature, always make sure it lines up with the Bible.

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    I have been trying to share this with people but the mediums and NDE' ers are not interested… I mention the second death and Judgment along with the light bearer called lucifer who can transform into an Angel of light – and the whole demon factor but they still will not hear anything else. glad that there are people out here that believe and know the Truth – Blessed are they who believe and have not seen – what is always missing from NDE's – the whole thing surrounding Israel and it's connection to the kingdom – even to the point of the names of the 12 tribes written on 12 gates no one ever sees anyone related to Israel or the gates of the city as the bible speaks of – it has always been off and not quite lining up with the Christ of scripture who had a ministry on earth that states I came to call sinners to repentance – and that unless you be born again you can not see the Kingdom. in fact most NDE situations tell of visitations to heaven without any conversion of one's life to faith and belief in God and Christ… most know that it does not work like that because it would make God, Jesus – Moses and the prophets and the apostles all liars. Beloved Prove All Things – try the spirits or spiritual experiences by the SPIRIT of the True and Living God.

  30. #30

    Definitely some of the NDEs are false. Such as that there is no judgement or that atheists and non Christians go to heaven.

  31. #31

    There is no hell, except in the mind. This is bull. All of it.

  32. #32

    Fear and reward shouldn’t have to make you holy.

  33. #33

    The thing is, all these NDEs come out of America. Why should anyone in the world believe any of this? Genuine question.

  34. #34

    Jesus, God made flesh, coming back from the dead is not enough to convince us but nobodies from 2000 years later is supposed to? Hard pass.

  35. #35

    I have a question, God has been sending deadly pestilence to the Israelites; because they were gluttons. Yet Jesus liked to eat and was judged to be a glutton by the pharisees.

    In the end Jesus said to heal the sick and destroy the works of the Devil. If illness comes from God, is God than partially a devil that Jesus is fighting against? In Amos we read that God causes all calamity. The Bible also teaches that God creates evil.

    So… Is the Bible infiltrated by an illness creating God? Jesus says to never curse those who curse you, but there is a God who curses people with deadly pestilence for breaking Gods moral law. Jesus also says sickness doesn't come to sinners, but to showcase the miracle of God. This makes it seem that God doesn't punish sinners, but that an other entity is responsible for that.

  36. #36

    Are Paradise and Heaven the same thing, according the the Scriptures and Christianity? (Thanks for any responses. Kindly learning and seeking sincere answers)

  37. #37

    Just discovered your channel through this particular video. Subscribed faster than the speed of light. 😂 ❤ Thank you for your efforts, works, and edits! Stay well.

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