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Andrew Bird – Near Death Experience Experience (Bing Lounge)

Jan 2023 18

11, with “ ” in the at 101.9 .FM. , OR. Presented by Dick Hannah Dealerships.



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    Can anyone tell me the pedal the guitarist is using?

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    Great performance made lesser by the TERRIBLE audio engineering. I've never heard a violin mixed worse than this. The bass guitar overpowers the violin, whistling, and even the vocals. Check out the NPR tiny desk recording and take notes.

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    All bow to the Bird Man!!!

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    An amazing whistler. The best?

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    You know what? I'm gonna use bing for the rest of this day to show my appreciation for this video.

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    ese disco es mu weno

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    Where can i download this presentation? Its completely amazing.

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    I just love him!!!!

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    finally Bing does something right

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    great performance. some of the best musicians playing today. Real

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    amazing. hes so awesome

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    Well since the song repeatedly conjures up images of plane crashes his hokey slide work seems to me to imbue a sense of falling quite well.

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    I was there. So amazing live.

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    Who's the douche bag playing all the unnecessary hide-lack-of-talent-behind-extra-delay lead bits?

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    Absolutely brilliant

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