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After her near-death experience.. #neardeathexperience #neardeath #shorts #grief

Mar 2024 28
After her near-death experience.. #neardeathexperience #neardeath #shorts #griefHer brother came to her in her near-death experience and when she returned to the spot she crashed her car & "died" she found this.. She died and came back with a purpose. Her near-death experience was a wild one to hear and worth listening to with an open mind, at least! Watch full 15 minute video: Listen to full episode 13 from 2020 on Apple: Follow @DEADTalkspodcast on Instagram & @DEADTalkspodcast on TikTok.  Subscribe to DEAD Talks on YouTube, Apple Podcast, Spotify & more.  www.deadtalks.net   DEAD Talks with David Ferrugio engages death a little bit differently. Each new......