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Dr. Mumbi Pt 2: #ADOS, Returning to Africa, African Spirituality

Mar 2023 12
We were blessed with the presence of Dr. Mumbi Seraki in London - and you know #GKTV had to catch up with her for an exclusive interview. Stay tune for ShakaRa Speaks exclusive interview where we talk all things Pan-Africanism, ADOS, Spirituality, Africans in the diaspora returning home and much more.... Check out What's NEW at gotKushTV: #ADOS #DrMumbi •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Welcome to gotKushTV, your No.1 Conscious Media Platform providing multi-dimensional content all all things pertaining Black people & culture from Music to Group Economics.... and MORE! Be sure to Subscribe, Like, Comment & Share the video Find “gotkushtv” on: ►......

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity – A Conversation

Nov 2022 29
Panel discussion from Thursday, January 25 featuring Imam Omar Suleiman, Rabbi David Stern, and Saint Michael Rector Chris Girata. The conversation was moderated by Rev. Amy Heller, chaplain of the Episcopal School of Dallas. This video will remain available--on demand--for all to listen, watch again, and learn more as we seek to better understand and bridge our faiths! Join the conversation on Facebook: www.facebook.com/smaadallas ©2018 Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church. All rights reserved. source

Jordan Peterson on Christianity and Islam #shorts

Oct 2022 30
Jordan Peterson's views on Christians and Muslims #jpb #shorts #atheism #jordanpeterson Thank you for watching! Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more content Watch the full conversation: DISCLAIMER - This is for entertainment purposes only. In this video we have to tried to make a fun moment for our viewers. It is not meant to insult or hurt anyone. We respect all speakers involved, and their work. No copyright infringement intended. The respective owners of the content reserve the copyright for it. The channel may use some copyrighted materials without specific authorization of the owner but content used here falls under......

The TRUTH About Black Spirituality #SoulfoodSunday

Sep 2022 10
Black Spirituality in today's society is many times viewed through the lens of Black Christians and Black Muslims. In America, Black Spirituality is less likely to look like Vodun (or Voodoo), Santeria, or other Ancient African Spiritual practices. Why is that?? Why do we feel comfortable enough to worship a savior that the oppressor has told Us about but still cannot serve our own ancestors, Orishas, and God??? BRAINWASH! And I don't mean this in a way to condemn, but I mean this to say that when you are more comfortable with what your oppressor has taught you and run......


Aug 2022 29
African Traditional Religion is an emerging topic, being explored by Black Millennials and Gen Zs that hasn't been embraced by prior generations. On this episode, The Grapevine cast explores their experiences with African Traditional religions compared to the western, more popular traditions of religions like Christianity and Islam. Which serves us better? Check out what the panelists have to say & be sure to keep the conversation going by leaving us comments here on YouTube and on twitter at @thegrapevinetv! Use the hashtags, #hearitfresh & #thegrapevinetv!!! Donate to the Grapevine Instagram: Twitter: Creator / Executive Producer - Ashley Akunna Producer......