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Life After Suicide : Given a Message for Humanity (Near-Death Experience)

Mar 2023 31
*Chris Batts* shares his Near-Death Experience after jumping from a moving vehicle during a suicide attempt. On the Other Side he communicated with Source, was shown Angels, and was given a message for humanity. *SUBSCRIBE to Receive All our Latest Videos* ⇨ *Chris's Links* YouTube Channel ⇨ Book ⇨ *Check us out on SOCIAL MEDIA* Facebook ⇨ Instagram ⇨ #nde #otherside #transformation #neardeathexperience #heaven #death #lifeafterdeath #god source

Chris Batts – A Suicide Attempt Near-Death Experience

Oct 2022 28
ABOUT CHRIS Chris Batts is an author and motivational speaker who had a near-death experience after a suicide attempt. He was born in Southern California, where at 6 months old was thrown into a dumpster by his biological mother. That, and never experiencing love as a child nor having any family who cared about him, became the root of suicidal thoughts throughout life, eventually leading to his suicide attempt by throwing himself out of a speeding car at age 24. After being removed from his mothers care by the courts, he grew up in many foster homes. In his book......