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African Pantheons and the Orishas: Crash Course World Mythology #11

Dec 2022 22
So, today we’re talking about African Pantheons. Now, you might say, that’s ridiculous. Africa isn’t a single place with a single pantheon, and we’d be fools to try and cover all that in an eleven minute video. You’d be right. Instead we’re going to focus on Yoruba religion from west Africa, and the Orishas that populate Yoruba stories. The many, many Orishas cover all aspects of life, and can be pretty specialized. We’re going to focus on a dozen or so. Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at Thanks to the following Patrons......

The TRUTH About Black Spirituality #SoulfoodSunday

Sep 2022 10
Black Spirituality in today's society is many times viewed through the lens of Black Christians and Black Muslims. In America, Black Spirituality is less likely to look like Vodun (or Voodoo), Santeria, or other Ancient African Spiritual practices. Why is that?? Why do we feel comfortable enough to worship a savior that the oppressor has told Us about but still cannot serve our own ancestors, Orishas, and God??? BRAINWASH! And I don't mean this in a way to condemn, but I mean this to say that when you are more comfortable with what your oppressor has taught you and run......

African Traditional Religion, Faith & Beliefs before Christianity, Islam & Colonization Explained

Aug 2022 31
#africanreligion #africa #africantraditions African Traditional Religion, Faith & Beliefs before Christianity, Islam & Colonization Explained. African religion before Christianity. African religion before Islam. African Traditional Religion. The African Religion is a robust system of Religion which is called African Traditional Religion, Faith, or Beliefs. The following are addressed in this video: Ifa Religion, Yoruba Religion, Odu Ifa, Ifa, African Orisha, Orishas, the african religion, african traditional religious, african traditional religion, what are african religions, african religion percentage, central african republic religion, what is african religion, african religion and philosophy, african religion history, list of african religions, history of african religion,......