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Apr 2023 23
The Igbo African Spirits digital art by SIRIUS UGO ART. An in-depth curation of specific venerated Igbo African Gods and Goddesses that have been hitherto obscure. The arts showcases various Igbo creation accounts and gives a very clear view of Igbo alchemy, astronomy, physics, astrology, mathematics, health, and divination. This work is dedicated to all Igbo people, anyone that practice African spirituality, and the entire universe and its people. Ancient Igbo Renaissance Art, Based On The Magnum Opus Of SIRIUS UGO ART, Featuring Various Gods And Goddesses Of The Igbo Cosmology and Cosmogony. NNECHUKWU, NNEMCHUKWU, ELE, AMADIOHA, ALA, IKENGA, AHA......

Inside Nigeria's Deadly Badoo Cult!

Sep 2022 26
A violent, new cult gang has emerged in Lagos, Nigeria - they take the "Badoo" and have killed at least 20 people, including women and babies, in a series of deadly attacks on innocent families. ► Subscribe to BattaBox on YouTube: The Badoo cult operates in the Ikorodu area of the Lagos Mega-City - see map below - but to find out who the Badoo gang are, our BattaBox presenter Timothy had to find eye-witnesses willing to talk, and follow their trail of destruction and murder. The home of the first family killed by the Badoo is now abandoned and......