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Why Christianity is perceived as the white man's religion | Olivia Pierce | TEDxEdina

Sep 2022 14
Unconscious bias and lack of racial diversity in visual representation causes damage in schools, communities, workplaces and places of worship across the globe. It creates a divide between those who see themselves as empowered, and those who don’t. What steps can we take to begin to address this issue? A junior at Edina High School, Olivia Pierce likes to write music, run track, read, and paint. Bold without fear on stage, she is also an actor and sees a future for herself as a pediatrician. As a Christian, Olivia tries to live out her faith actively every day and show......

The Forgotten African History of Christianity (Dr. Trevor O'Reggio)

Sep 2022 04
#blackhistory #andrewsuniversity #trevororeggio Instagram Handles @kendraarsenaux @michelleodinmamusic This week on Advent Next, a theological podcast for curious faith discussions, we are exploring the contributions of non-western African Christianity to the foundations of Christian faith. We will also be discussing the African-American religious experience with Christianity during the span of slavery in the United States. This week’s recommended reading is a book by Thomas Oden entitled “How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind: Rediscovering the African Seedbed of Western Christianity.” Our guest today is Dr. Trevor O’Reggio, chair of the history department at Andrews University and a specialist on Reformation History. African......