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Oshun – Orisha Of Fertility, Love And Beauty (African History) | Yoruba Religion/Mythology Explained

Nov 2022 22
Oshun in the Yoruba religion is the orisha of love beauty and sexuality. she is the youngest orisha in the yoruba pantheon and though she exhibits beauty she is nonetheless one of the most powerful orisha. Devotees of oshun seek her whenever they have problem with infertility and poverty, oshun is also known to as the goddess of the moon. the first interaction between oshun and humanity is believed to have taken place in the Nigerian city of Osogbo then ensued a festival known as the osun festival celebrated by the yoruba people in her honor up to date. Due......

Dinka Mythology gods (Pantheon) | Dinka Religion Explained | African Mythology & Folklore 7

Nov 2022 05
#mythology #africanmythology #dinka #mythologyexplained. Dinka mythology gods - Nhialic, Deng, Abuk, Garang, Candit and Nyaliep. Dinka Pantheon, Dinka tribe gods explained. Dinka religion of South Sudan, African mythology and Folklore. #folklore ALL IMAGES USED IN THIS VIDEO ARE SOLELY FOR EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR OWNERS. Background music by: Orcun Oruk Aykac @ source

Did Jesus really walk on water? African Spirituality Before Christianity

Sep 2022 21
Did Jesus really perform the miracle of walking on water? African spirituality is so much richer than most were ever taught. Christianity stole ancient African concepts and gave them back to the world in a way that disconnects us. We were erroneously taught that Jesus was a historical person and that Christ was his last name. In the ancient African spiritual traditions, Horus/Jesus was a separate concept as was Osiris/KRST. In this presentation, I will dive a little deeper into the science and ancient symbolism secretly coded in the bible than what you normally hear. The research I have done......