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Orisa in the Ghetto: The Black Divine — The Black Church, African spirituality and African Gods

Feb 2023 01
Ending, The Light Series, and beginning the new year with a creative spark, the first installment of docu-series by Kaia Shivers titled, “Pulling Heaven From the Sky,” is a short visual exploring Blackness and divinity. "When I traveled to Nigeria in 2001 and participated in the Akara Festival in Ile Ife and other community rituals, a thought came to me when we were dancing in the streets. Their spiritual system is for the people. It is raw, gritty, accessible and we’re an extension of carrying it out. So I wrote a poem about it called, “Orisa in the Ghetto.” After......

Oshun – Orisha Of Fertility, Love And Beauty (African History) | Yoruba Religion/Mythology Explained

Nov 2022 22
Oshun in the Yoruba religion is the orisha of love beauty and sexuality. she is the youngest orisha in the yoruba pantheon and though she exhibits beauty she is nonetheless one of the most powerful orisha. Devotees of oshun seek her whenever they have problem with infertility and poverty, oshun is also known to as the goddess of the moon. the first interaction between oshun and humanity is believed to have taken place in the Nigerian city of Osogbo then ensued a festival known as the osun festival celebrated by the yoruba people in her honor up to date. Due......

The Orishas Explained (Nigerian Spirituality)

Sep 2022 29
This Video is about the Orishas of the Yoruba tribe. This is the Orishas explained Just a disclaimer for you aunties and uncles that have your nose pointed up, this video is for educational purposes only. This isn’t me promoting or not promoting anything I’m simply talking about something that ancestors followed. And if you’re of Caribbean, African American or south American descent this may have been the religion of your ancestors followed too. The Yoruba tribe is probably the most influential African tribe in history, if you want a video about them alone just drop a like. The orishas......

The TRUTH About Black Spirituality #SoulfoodSunday

Sep 2022 10
Black Spirituality in today's society is many times viewed through the lens of Black Christians and Black Muslims. In America, Black Spirituality is less likely to look like Vodun (or Voodoo), Santeria, or other Ancient African Spiritual practices. Why is that?? Why do we feel comfortable enough to worship a savior that the oppressor has told Us about but still cannot serve our own ancestors, Orishas, and God??? BRAINWASH! And I don't mean this in a way to condemn, but I mean this to say that when you are more comfortable with what your oppressor has taught you and run......