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EYE OF HORUS – African Spirituality

Jan 2023 26
EYE OF HORUS - African Spirituality There are many people who believe that the single eye is evil and demonic because of their lack of knowledge. However, the single eye is what many refer to as the third eye but in Kemetic teachings, it is the eye of Horus, also there is the eye of Ra. What most people don't know is that the Bible was plagiarised from Kemet that is why they do not realize that the symbol of the single eye is written in the Bible in Matthew 6:22. However, you must understand the Bible esoterically to know......

All About African Spirituality: Religion, Principles, Practices, Myths, Advice for Beginners, & More

Sep 2022 02
African Spiriituality has been peeking a lot of interest lately. Many people have questions, and I have a few answers. In this video, we discuss the basic principles and practices of African Spirituality while connecting them to major religions around the world. We also bust some myths about African Spirituality. I and our wellness community members (refer to live chat) offer on the spot advice to beginners while answering questions as well. I hope you enjoy! Much Love! ------------- THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! Like, Share, and SUBSCRIBE!!! ---------------- Join The Wellness Community: ----------------------------------------------------------- Online Shop: _______________________________________ Leave Questions and......